Skimm'd with tissues and the Pearsons

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JANUARY 10, 2018


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Skimm'd with tissues and the Pearsons


"You cannot wear big glasses anymore" – Kanye, giving Kim very important fashion advice in an email.


The Story

A federal judge is temporarily putting DACA back in play.

What are you talking about?

Last year, the Trump administration said it was getting rid of DACA – the program that protects hundreds of thousands of people brought to the US illegally as kids from being deported. It expires in March unless Congress can come up with a replacement. Multiple states, organizations, and individuals sued to keep DACA in place.

And now?

This judge ruled that DACA stays put while lawsuits make their way through the courts. It means the gov has to start accepting DACA renewal applications again.


No word from President Trump yet. But the decision comes the same day he held a bipartisan meeting on immigration reform...and suggested he's in favor of protecting DACA.


What people are watching…

Southern California. Yesterday, heavy rain there led to mudslides that killed at least 13 people. This is the same area that was hit by the largest wildfire in the state's history last month. The ground was burned so badly that it can't absorb as much water. This was the first heavy rain in months. The mudslides destroyed homes and forced thousands of people to evacuate. More mudslides could be on the way. Meanwhile, a really strong earthquake hit off the coast of Honduras last night. It set off warnings of a tsunami in places all over Central America that were later canceled. Tsunami crisis, averted.

What to say when you hear Hulu's new numbers...

Yesterday, we also got a peak at testimony from a Fusion GPS co-founder. Fusion GPS: a research firm hired to look into President Trump during the campaign. And made ex-British spy – Christopher Steele – the point on the research. You know Steele for writing the reports in THAT 'dossier.' His memos allege that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to tip the election. And he went to the FBI with some concerns before the US went to the polls. Last year, the firm's co-founder testified to a Senate committee in a closed door meeting. And Fusion GPS has been calling for that testimony to be made public ever since. Now, it is. In it, the firm's co-founder says Steele made a pit stop at the FBI because he believed Trump was at risk of blackmail. And that Steele said the FBI took him seriously because they already had a source...inside the Trump campaign.

What to say when the food's ready…

Time's up. James Franco is feeling it now, too. The New York Times canceled a talk with the actor after several people, including actress Violet Paley and Ally Sheedy from "The Breakfast Club," either accused him of sexual misconduct or insinuated he was part of the problem. Franco denied doing anything wrong last night on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert." But the talk is still canceled.

What to say when you hear AT&T is dropping its deal with Huawei...

Not for us. Yesterday, federal judges threw out North Carolina's congressional map for partisan gerrymandering. It was the first time a federal court's blocked a map on those grounds. Gerrymandering is when lawmakers redraw electoral maps to benefit their party. The judges said NC's map gave Republicans an unconstitutional advantage. Now lawmakers have a few weeks to redraw the lines in time for 2018 midterms. They plan to appeal.

What to say when you hear Joe Arpaio's running for Senate

Steve Bannon is free to run his campaign.



A new cryptocurrency from that photo company you haven't heard of since you used a disposable camera. Only photographers can get it on it. TBD on whether they snap it up.



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