Skimm'd with a space heater

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JANUARY 16, 2018


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Skimm'd with a space heater


"Maternity leave was lit today" – Mindy Kaling after getting some baby swag from Jimmy Fallon. Relatable.



The Story

It looks like Congress's efforts to fix DACA are going nowhere.

What's going on?

The Trump administration said it's ending DACA – the program protecting hundreds of thousands of people brought to the US as kids from deportation. It gave Congress until March to replace it. Now, Dems want a fix included in the spending bill or they might oppose it. And Congress has until midnight Friday to vote on that bill to avoid a shutdown. No pressure. Last week, lawmakers met with President Trump to discuss a bipartisan DACA plan. Trump rejected it. And over the weekend, said the program's "probably dead."

Anything else?

There's also more fallout from Trump's alleged "sh*thole countries" comment. Over the weekend, Trump denied that he said it. Senators agreed to disagree on what actually happened. And some world leaders are pretty outraged regardless.


Congress is in crunch mode to find a DACA fix before this week's shutdown deadline. But Trump's alleged comment is still dominating the conversation.


The Story

People in Hawaii had a scary weekend after a missile alert went off. But JK, it was a false alarm.

What happened?

On Saturday, an emergency operations employee pushed a wrong button during a routine test of Hawaii's emergency warning system. That triggered an all-caps missile alert to people in Hawaii. More than a half-hour later, a second alert went out saying it was a false alarm. Now, the person with the trigger finger has been temporarily reassigned. Great. This incident shows that there are major problems with these emergency alert systems. So the federal gov says it's looking into it.


In the past, small misunderstandings like this have brought the US to the brink of nuclear war. Now with amped up tensions with North Korea, there's very little room for error.


What people are talking about...

Aziz Ansari. And this wider conversation about consent. He said he was "surprised and concerned" that a woman he had a sexual experience with last year didn't see it as consensual. Meanwhile, more than two dozen people have accused photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber of sexual misconduct. Weber is accused of things like forced touching and unnecessary nudity. Male assistants and models also accused Testino of groping and masturbating in front of them. Weber's rep denied the claims and Testino's disputed the accounts. But Condé Nast – which owns Vogue and other top mags – said it's cutting ties.

What to say to your friend who used to send you mixtapes...

RIP Dolores O'Riordan. Yesterday, the lead singer of Irish rock band The Cranberries died suddenly at age 46. There aren't many details on how she died. The Cranberries put out the Celtic, alt-rock songs that are on all of your '90s mixtapes. And O'Riordan was behind the group's hits "Dreams," "Linger," and "Zombie." They sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and even released a new album last year. She's in our hearts...and our heads.

What to say when you hear Venus and Sloane Stephens are out...

Competition is fierce in the NFL too. It's the NFL Playoffs. And over the weekend, the Minnesota Vikings pulled off a stunning win against the New Orleans Saints, with this crazy TD by Stefon Diggs in the last seconds of the game. The Jacksonville Jaguars also pulled off a major upset against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were already prepping to play the Patriots. The New England Patriots crushed the Tennessee Titans. And the Philadelphia Eagles embraced their underdog status and won against the Atlanta Falcons. The winners all play this weekend to figure out who's going to the Super Bowl. Hut, hut, hiiiike.

PS: Our app lets you know when big games are happening, and can sync with your cal so you don't miss out. Cue end zone dance.

What to say when you hear CVS is cracking down on photoshopped ads...

People are also telling Victoria Beckham to do better.

What to say when you hear about Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers...

I see your odd couple and raise you one.


Tide Pod Challenge

Teenagers are apparently daring each other to eat Tide Pods. Which is obviously dangerous and stupid. Just don't.



For when you still have no idea how to Excel...

Go back to school. These online classes - on everything from photography to marketing and design - will have you getting an A on the job.*

For when you need to relax after a stressful day at work…

HQ is win(e)ding down with season two of "The Wine Show." It has Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys (ahem, "The Crown" and "The Americans.") Sip, sip, hooray.

For when you watch Netflix before bed…

Okay fine but be kind to your eyes. This app helps filter out blue light from your screens so you can sleep easy. 'Night.

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