Skimm'd while setting an early alarm to deliver lots of books

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JANUARY 18, 2018


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Skimm'd while setting an early alarm to deliver lots of books


"How do I get to this timeline where I've slept with Enrique Iglesias" – Anna Kendrick, after being mistaken for Anna Kournikova. Hate when that happens.



The Story

Apple is writing the US economy a $350 billion check.

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Yesterday, Apple said it has a big five-year plan. That includes building another campus and adding 20,000 jobs. It's also saying 'thanks new tax code' and bringing most of its funds held overseas – a reported $245 billion – back to the US. Combined, the plan's expected to put $350 billion into the US economy. Oh, and the Fruit's also giving many of its employees a $2,500 stock bonus.


This is just the latest example of how the overhaul of the tax code is changing the way US companies do business. Don't be surprised if Apple's competitors start opening their pocketbooks too.

Saudi Arabia

The Story

Saudi Arabia is giving Yemen's central bank a $2 billion assist.

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Yemen has been in a civil war for years. Saudi Arabia backs Yemen's government forces while its regional rival Iran backs the Houthi rebels. The conflict has killed more than 10,000 people, forced millions to flee home, and pushed Yemen to the verge of famine and collapse. In recent days, its currency took a plunge and the cost of basics like food skyrocketed. Yemen's prime minister sent a distress signal to the country's allies. Saudi Arabia raised its hand.


This is not the first time Saudi Arabia has given Yemen a wad of cash. But it's only a short-term solution for a country going through the world's worst humanitarian crisis.


What to say when a co-worker gets fired…

You're out. The Trump admin is banning people from Haiti from being able to get temporary, low-skilled worker visas. As in for seasonal and farm jobs. This comes about a week after President Trump reportedly asked why the US accepts people from "sh*thole countries" like Haiti during an immigration meeting. The admin says Haitians have a high rate of overstaying these visas, among other reasons. People from Belize and Samoa are also being cut.

What to say when you hear Katie Couric is back with NBC for the Olympics

Together again. Yesterday, North and South Korea said their athletes will walk under the same flag at the opening ceremony at next month's Winter Olympics. Big deal, since the North and South have technically been at war since the '50s. The North's recent weapons testing hasn't helped thaw the relationship. But South Korea's new president has been wanting to talk it out. And earlier this month, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said 'I'm down.' Last week, the two countries met for the first time in more than two years, and announced that North Korea would send athletes to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Now, they're taking it one step further by uniting under the same flag. They walked under the same flag back in the early '00s too. But relations went back on ice. This time around, it looks like the athletes will compete separately...except for a women's ice hockey team. For some reason.

What to say after looking at your holiday credit card statement…

Charged. Earlier this week, the Justice Dept arrested and charged an ex-CIA officer for illegally holding onto classified info. Back in 2010, China reportedly started arresting or killing a spy network of more than a dozen CIA informants. The US gov suspected a mole tipped China off to their real identities. A couple years later, they found out that this former CIA officer – who lives in Hong Kong – had kept books with info like the real names and phone numbers of both informants and agents. It's unclear why the feds waited so long to arrest him, but now officials suspect that he's the mole. The collapse of this spy network is considered one of the US gov's worst intelligence failures in decades.

What to say when you finally win HQ Trivia…

Victory. Yesterday, American YouTube star Chrissy Chambers won a historic civil "revenge porn" lawsuit. A few years ago, Chambers' ex recorded them having sex without her consent. He later posted the videos online. Since they were posted in the UK, she sued for damages in UK court – and it became the first lawsuit of its kind in the country. And now, the first win. Chambers celebrated by getting engaged. Mazel.


Six minutes

The amount of sunlight Moscow had in December. Not a typo. And you thought you were having a rough winter.



For when you're in a rut...

Switch some things up. Starting with your phone plan. This one will give you unlimited talk, text, and data. Plus a free pair of speakers. Hear that? It's the sound of your phone game getting upped.


For when you're about to move in with your SO…

Breathe. And read this.

For when your sweet tooth kicks in…

HQ is daydreaming about these cookies.


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