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JANUARY 25, 2018


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We had a tech glitch, sorry if you got a duplicate this AM. It's early.


"I'm so proud of me" – 50 Cent, who forgot he had bitcoin. It's apparently now worth more than $7.5 million. Still making cents of it.


The Story

Larry Nassar is going to prison for a long time.

10 seconds. Remind me.

Nassar was the team doctor for USA Gymnastics for decades. Back in 2016, a woman filed a criminal complaint against him, saying he sexually abused her as a teenager. Since then, more than 150 women have come forward with similar stories. Many are athletes, including US Olympic gymnasts. Last year, Nassar pleaded guilty to several counts of sexual assault. Over the past week, almost all of his victims let him have it at his sentencing hearing.

What's the latest?

Judge Aquilina (your new fave) sentenced him to 40 to 175 years in prison. That's on top of 60 years he already got on child porn charges. And next week he's up for more sentencing for other charges.

Now what?

USA Gymnastics faces a reckoning over how and why Nassar was able to assault so many athletes under its watch for decades. Three board members resigned this week. The US Olympic Committee is calling on the remaining members to clear their desks. Several companies have pulled out as sponsors. And the NCAA said it's investigating Michigan State, where Nassar also worked and treated athletes. Michigan State's president resigned.


When one man can abuse more than 150 girls for decades, the problem runs very deep. The women are getting justice, but this isn't the last you'll hear of this.


What people are watching...

Italy. This morning, a train derailed and crashed near Milan, killing at least three people and seriously injuring at least 10 more, with dozens more slightly injured. The details of how this happened are still being investigated.

What to say before the movie starts…

Here come the teasers. President Trump's going to reveal the details of an immigration plan next week. This could end months of questions over what happens to Dreamers, the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as kids. Last year, Trump made moves to end the program and kicked the issue to Congress. Congress hasn't settled on a fix. The gov shut down for a few days over it. Now, it's back. But Democrats are pushing for an immigration deal, ASAP. Yesterday, Trump said he's a man with a plan. And that plan is to give Dreamers a pathway to citizenship, as long as it comes with funding for his border wall. Then the White House said 'scratch that' and clarified that the citizenship idea was still just a "discussion point." K then.

What to say when a co-worker asks about your ex...

It's complicated. Protests have been breaking out in India over a Bollywood movie that's set to come out there today. The movie is about a legendary Hindu queen who kills herself to avoid getting captured by a Muslim ruler. India is mostly Hindu, and there's a history of persecution against the country's Muslim minority. Protesters are angry about a rumored romantic scene between the queen and the Muslim. The filmmakers say there isn't one. But protesters have been vandalizing movie theaters, reportedly setting fires, and hundreds of women have reportedly petitioned the government asking for permission to commit suicide over the movie. The filmmakers already had to delay the movie's release because of threats. Now the protests are ramping up again. Today, police are sending out extra security to theaters. Fan-daaang-though.

What to say when you need to be reimbursed...

Getting the receipts. Yesterday, the Justice Dept put sanctuary cities, states, and counties on notice, demanding that they hand over proof that they're complying with federal immigration laws. Or else face a subpoena. Sanctuary cities like NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago generally refuse to hand over undocumented immigrants to the feds. The Trump admin has been going after these places as part of its tougher immigration stance. Last year, President Trump issued an executive order denying them federal grant money unless they fall in line. Some of the cities sued, and a judge blocked the order. Now the DOJ is clapping back. Yesterday, several Democratic mayors responded by pulling out of a White House meeting on infrastructure.

What to say when the friends you set up hit it off…

My work here is done. Cecile Richards is stepping down as president of Planned Parenthood. She's been the face of the reproductive health provider for more than a decade. Meaning, she's had more than one public scuffle with conservative groups and lawmakers who've tried to cut the org's federal funding. It's unclear why she's leaving now.

What to say when you hear about the TV salaries spreadsheet

Wonder what Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating are getting paid for the crossover.

What to say when you hear Meryl is moving to Monterey...

Murphy Brown is coming to the small screen too.



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