Skimm'd with James Corden and leftover Chinese food

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JANUARY 29, 2018


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Skimm'd with James Corden and leftover Chinese food


"Still drooling over a handbag" – Madonna, posting a pic of herself with her Louis Vuitton bag. While topless. She's a material girl.


The Story

This weekend, thousands of Russians across the country protested the upcoming presidential election.

What's this about?

These protests were organized by opposition leader Alexei Navalny – a major critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin's been trying to silence him in hopes of avoiding another mass uprising like the one that happened during the last presidential election. Navalny planned to run for president, but was convicted last year on charges that conveniently disqualified him from the process. Now, he's calling on his supporters to boycott March's election, which he says is rigged. And saying that the gov cherry-picked other candidates to make the whole thing seem legit.

What's the latest?

Navalny was arrested – and later released. And his supporters came out to protest in cities all over the country. Even in places that were below-freezing.


It was a young crowd at this weekend's protests, and some don't know Russia without Putin in office. With Navalny leading the anti-gov charge, his supporters will probably hit the streets again before the March election.


What people are watching…

Afghanistan. This morning, suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a military academy in Kabul and killed at least 11 soldiers. ISIS claimed responsibility. It's part of a string of attacks there, including this weekend's suicide car bombing at a police checkpoint that killed more than 100 people. The Taliban claimed responsibility for that attack. These attacks aren't unusual at this point in Afghanistan, but this recent wave has many people concerned about the Afghan gov's failure to keep people safe.

What to say when someone tries to cut you in line…

Sit down, be humble. That hours-long concert you watched last night was the Grammys. Bruno Mars cleaned up with six awards – including Album of the Year. Kendrick Lamar and Kesha delivered the performances of the night. Kendrick beat out Jay-Z for best rap album, but gave a shoutout to Jay for prez. It wasn't Jay's only political moment yesterday. Blue Ivy had to remind her parents to be cool. Camila Cabello was there for the Dreamers. And many stars wore white roses in support of the Time's Up movement against sexual misconduct.

What to say when you move into a new apartment...

IKEA run? Over the weekend, the company's founder Ingvar Kamprad died at 91 years old. The business mogul started the Swedish company when he was 17. He came up with flat-pack furniture, which, as we learned in college, has people setting up their own furniture or cry trying. He's known for being frugal with his billions. And for his membership in a Swedish pro-Nazi movement in the '40s. He later said sörry. Now, IKEA has more than 400 locations around the world, and brings in billions of dollars every year. Plus, those meatballs.

What to say when you have a bad hand…

I'm out. Over the weekend, billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn stepped down from his position as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. Last week, a report came out about dozens of people accusing Wynn of things like pressuring the casino's spa and salon employees to have sex and demanding massages while he was naked. Now, some are calling on the RNC to give his money back. Meanwhile, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got backlash after a report came out that she ignored sexual harassment accusations against one of her advisers. This was during her 2008 presidential campaign. The adviser reportedly didn't deny the accusations. Hillary said she was "dismayed."

What to say when you hear Tiger Woods is back…

Roger Federer and Caroline Wozniacki are feeling pretty good, too. Both took home the singles titles for the Australian Open. It was Federer's 20th. Not bad.


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