Skimm'd after watching Katie Couric and Brooklyn Decker sip Skimm HQ

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FEBRUARY 02, 2018


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Skimm'd after watching Katie Couric and Brooklyn Decker sip Skimm HQ


"I felt like I was hugged by an angel" – A woman who found herself next to Beyoncé.


The Story

Whip out the guac. This Sunday is Super Bowl LII. (Psst...That's Super Bowl 52).


The New England Patriots v the Philadelphia Eagles. Aka the regulars v the underdogs. TBD whether things get political. Kickoff is Sunday at 6:30pm ET on NBC. Watch here.

I'm 'eh' on sports.

Do you. But JT is performing at halftime for the first time since he flashed Janet Jackson's boob. And then there's the ads. If that doesn't get you, at least check out Puppy Bowl beforehand.

I'm in.

Great. Here's who else is front and center:

For the Patriots:

Tom Brady…GOAT. Mr. Gisele Bündchen has won more regular-season games than any other QB ever. And if the Pats win, he'll have the most Super Bowl wins ever. His throwing hand got injured last month and he had to get stitches. But he hopes to bring his A game Sunday.

Bill Belichick…GOAT. One of the best football coaches of all time. The Pats have five Super Bowl Ws…and they've all been with him. There may or may not be some trouble in paradise between him and Brady.

Rob Gronkowski...that tight end. Gronk's strength and size are part of what makes him one of the Pats' key players. He suffered a concussion at the AFC championship but says he's "ready to roll."

For the Eagles:

Nick Foles...QB. He's subbing in for star QB Carson Wentz, who was crushing it but got injured late in the season. Foles was traded off the Eagles a few years ago, but now, he's back in the game.

Doug Pederson...Coach P. Or Doug E Fresh. He's still pretty new as head coach. But he was the team's QB back in '99.

Alshon Jeffery...wide receiver. The one who's been doing the end-zone dances. That's because he got eleven TDs for his team this season. Not too shabby. Now, he's rounding out his first season with the Eagles at the Super Bowl.


The Eagles lost to the Pats in '04…and are hoping this time is different. Clear eyes, full hearts, someone has to lose.

PS: Want more balls? Here's our full guide to Sunday's showdown.


What to say after tech earnings drop…

Waiting for this memo to do the same. The White House is expected to approve the release of a controversial memo about the Russia investigation. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee put it together. It's expected to accuse the FBI and Justice Dept of anti-Trump bias. And claim the FBI relied in part on opposition research funded by Democrats when it asked a court for permission to spy on a Trump adviser – who met with a Russian spy accused of trying to recruit him. The adviser hasn't been charged. Dems say the memo cherry-picks its facts and is misleading. The FBI has "grave concerns" about its accuracy and asked the Trump admin to keep it under wraps. But the Trump admin's expected to say 'release the Kraken.' It could come out today.

What to say when you hold the elevator...

Here's an assist. Yesterday, India dropped a budget proposal that includes funding healthcare costs for hundreds of millions of poor families. An official called it the largest gov-funded healthcare program in the world. Big deal, since India's a developing country, and spends waaaaayy less on health programs than a lot of other countries. Access to basic healthcare is limited and and some people have to sell their belongings to pay for hospital services. Now the gov's trying to up its game. This plan would give poor families nearly $8,000 a year to cover costs. Parliament still has to give it a nod of approval. A healthcare program intro'd back in 2016 was never funded. So prognosis unclear.

What people are talking about…

Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart. Yesterday, Fidel Castro's oldest son killed himself at age 68 after being treated for depression for months. Diaz-Balart (nickname: Fidelito or Little Fidel because of how much he looked like his dad) studied nuclear physics in the former Soviet Union. He'd been serving as the scientific adviser to Cuba's State Council and previously led the country's nuclear program. In 2008, his uncle Raul Castro took over the top job in Cuba, and has said he's stepping down this year. Diaz-Balart's dad Fidel - who led the country for decades and brought a socialist revolution to the island - died in 2016.

What people are watching...

The US Olympic Committee. Multiple reports say that the committee ignored allegations of sexual abuse by Larry Nassar. Reminder: hundreds of women have accused Nassar – a former USA Gymnastics team doctor – of sexual abuse over decades. Last week, he was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison related to some of those cases. The scandal has raised a lot of questions about who knew what, and when. Now these new reports say that the USOC – which oversees USA Gymnastics – knew about allegations against Nassar as early as '15. And did nothing. That's roughly a year before the media broke the story. This comes days after the USOC said it's launching an investigation into how it handled the scandal. And pushed the entire USA Gymnastics board to resign.

What to say when you hear Fiona the Hippo is now in the prediction business

Punxsutawney Phil's got competition.



For when your friend asks for your best joke....

Katie Couric and Brooklyn Decker walk into Skimm HQ. Oh wait. Not a joke. Our childhood idol hosted an episode of 'Sip 'n Skimm' with actress and entrepreneur Brooklyn Decker. Watch the video here to see them talk about everything from sexual harassment in Hollywood to Brooklyn's new startup, Finery.

For when you're out late by yourself...

Skimm'r of the Week Yasmine Mustafa (Philadelphia, PA) has your back. She cofounded ROAR for Good, a company that makes a wearable emergency button. Put it on your bag or wear it like a necklace. Pressing it sends a message to your emergency contacts with your location. Thanks Yasmine.


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