Skimm'd while pregaming for the Olympics

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FEBRUARY 05, 2018


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Skimm'd while pregaming for the Olympics


"I just kind of jumped in there" – The Super Bowl selfie kid.


The Story

Last night, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 to win the Super Bowl for the first time. Ever.

What happened?

Pink sang the national anthem on a sick day. Bradley Cooper was there for "Silver Linings Playbook 2." It was a record-breaking game. The Eagles were the underdogs. They managed to stay ahead for almost the whole thing. But things were veryyy close. Eagles QB Nick Foles got a TD and proved he's the real MVP. The Pats almost made a comeback. Then QB Tom Brady's last-second hail mary was a fail. He is now eating nightshades alone in a dark room.

Tell me about halftime.

Speaking of the dark…Justin Timberlake got dressed in it. But he tried to bring sexy back. Prince painted the town purple. Janet wasn't there. But this kid and his phone were.

What about the ads?

ICYMI, the Olympics are happening. So is "Westworld" season two. Tide was the ad MVP. Tyrion Lannister and Morgan Freeman had a lip sync battle. Budweiser turned beer into water. NBC had a blackout. Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr had the time of their lives. Cardi B and Gordon Ramsay are better at being Alexa than Alexa. Dodge tried to use an MLK speech to sell cars. It didn't work.


This game made history in more ways than one. The odds were very much in the Pats' favor. Instead, a backup QB who was thinking about retiring a few years ago led his team all the way to the W.


What people are talking about…

Amtrak. Yesterday, an Amtrak train hit a freight train and derailed in South Carolina. Two Amtrak employees – an engineer and a conductor – died. More than 100 people were injured. The train was going from New York to Miami when the crash happened. It's unclear what caused it but it looks like the Amtrak train was on the wrong track. Amtrak says the freight train company was controlling the signals at the time. Investigators are looking into it. This is the third Amtrak crash in less than two months. Back in December, a train derailed in Washington state, killing three people. And last week, a train crashed into a garbage truck in Virginia, killing one person. The incidents have raised a lot of Qs about train safety and calls to upgrade train tech.

What to say when the package you've been tracking finally arrives…

It's here. The House GOP memo dropped Friday after President Trump said 'good to go.' It accuses the FBI and Justice Dept of anti-Trump bias. The memo says they used research funded by Dems to get the OK from a court to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. He's suspected of being a Russian agent. The issue: it says they didn't disclose that the research was funded by Dems. Trump says this "totally vindicates" him in the Russia probe. The FBI says the memo is inaccurate and asked Trump not to let it be public. No, it is not normal for a president to go against the FBI's recommendation. Dems say the memo mischaracterizes the facts and have prepped their own counter memo to prove it. The House is expected to vote on whether to make it public today.

What to say when you accidentally ruin a surprise…

Secret's out. Over the weekend, it came out that Egypt and Israel have been secretly working together to fight ISIS in Egypt. The two countries share a border. And have never exactly been BFFs. But in recent years, ISIS has been wreaking havoc in Egypt (see: this and this). Now, we're learning that Israel's been lending Egypt a hand. Think: things like airstrikes. In return, Israel gets to sleep better at night knowing its neighbor is keeping ISIS in check. It was all on the DL reportedly because Egypt sides with Palestinians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and didn't want to stir the pot. Meanwhile, a new report says that ISIS may not be as defeated as we thought. Thousands of ISIS fighters and their families have reportedly been able to escape American-led military attacks in Syria. Some are reportedly hiding out in the country and others are joining al Qaeda. This comes as the US has been saying that ISIS has been destroyed in the area. Guess not.

PS: Want a deeper dive on ISIS? Our Skimm Notes has you covered.

What to say when your younger cousin gets their first cellphone…

Feeling ancient. Researchers have found tens of thousands of ancient Mayan structures in Guatemala. Mayan civilization existed thousands of years ago in what is now Central America. Now, researchers say they've found a "megalopolis" (say that five times fast) underneath Guatemalan jungles. That includes evidence of things like highways, forts, defensive walls, and palaces. As in the Mayans had built interconnected cities and were prepped for war. Researchers say the discovery shows that Mayan civilization was more complex and populated than they thought. Yes, that's an "Atlantis" flashback you're having.

What to say when This Is Us finally gives you some answers...

Kylie is ready to answer a few Qs as well.


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