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FEBRUARY 07, 2018


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Skimm'd from The really, that's the name of our new podcast. Listen here.


"Gently used" – A Craigslist ad for a SpaceX rocket. Not the one that launched yesterday. To infinity and beyond your budget.


The Story

The UN is calling for a ceasefire in Syria after airstrikes killed dozens of people this week.

Back up. Remind me.

Syria's been dealing with a civil war for almost seven years. Rebel forces (with help from the US) have been fighting against pro-government forces that support Syrian President Assad (with help from Russia). Assad's regime has been accused of crimes against humanity like chemical attacks, and has blocked aid to millions of people. Hundreds of thousands have been killed since the war started. Millions of others have been displaced or fled from the country.

What's the latest?

Pro-gov forces have amped up their airstrikes after rebel forces shot down a Russian plane over the weekend. More than 50 people were killed on Tuesday alone. Now, the UN wants a month-long ceasefire to help fix the "extreme situation" in Syria. Three major areas are reportedly being blocked from getting aid, and millions of people are still in need. Some places haven't gotten aid deliveries since November. Meanwhile, UN investigators say they're looking into reports of chlorine gas bombs recently used against civilians in Syria.


The UN has called this war the worst man-made disaster since World War II. And at this point, Syria's civil war has been going on for longer. TBD on whether this ceasefire helps get aid to the people who need it.


What to say when you hear Kim Jong Un's sister is packing her bags for the Olympics

That's huge. So is this. Earlier today, it came out that two of Germany's political parties finally came to a coalition agreement. Last year, Germans took to the polls and voted in Chancellor Angela Merkel to a fourth term. But her party didn't win a governing majority there – meaning it had to buddy up with another party to establish a new coalition gov. These talks have been going on for a while, but stepped up in recent days. Now, Merkel's conservative party is shaking hands with the country's Social Democrats center-left party. But the Social Democrats' hundreds of thousands of members have to give the thumbs up on the deal. If they don't, a minority gov could take over – or German's might have to hit up the polls again. Stay tuned.

What to say when you hear Trump is planning a military parade...

Give me the 411. Speaking of numbers, yesterday the Dow Jones closed more than 500 points higher after dropping it low earlier this week. The Dow serves as an average for how hot the market's doing by tracking the performance of 30 major US companies. For months, the Dow's been on the top of a hill, setting a record just last month. Then it went low and lower, and hit its worst single-day point decline on Monday. Snap is also on a ride. Yesterday, it filled everyone in on its quarterly earnings. The company – which has been ghosted by good news since it became public last year – came out with its best report card yet. Score.

What people are talking about…

Poland. Yesterday, the country's president signed a bill that pretty much bans people from saying the country was involved in the Holocaust. By the end of WWII, millions of Poles – half of which were Jews – were killed. Now, the prez wants this new law to make sure people recognize that Poland was a victim in the war, not a perpetrator. This new defamation law would make it illegal for people to accuse Poland of being pushovers to the Nazis during the war. It also bans terms like "Polish death camps." If you break the law, you could face a fine or jail time. Israel and the US responded 'ever heard of free speech?' Israel also says Poland is trying to rewrite history with the new bill. Poland's prez says he'll ask the country's constitutional court to look at the bill – meaning it could still be changed.

What to say when your poker face doesn't work…

I fold. Yesterday, billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn stepped down as CEO of Wynn Resorts, which he founded. Yes, this has to do with sexual misconduct. Last month, a report came out about misconduct allegations from dozens of Wynn's former and current employees. They accused him of things like pressuring employees to have sex with him and demanding massages while he was naked. Wynn – who was also serving as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee at the time – denied the allegations. And blamed his ex-wife for somehow orchestrating all of this. Then he stepped down from the RNC. But gambling regulators and his company's board launched investigations into his alleged behavior. Now, he's stepping down again – this time from his role as CEO of his entire resort. He says he can't do his job well because he's been hit by "an avalanche of negative publicity." Don't let the avalanche hit you on your way out.

What to say when you hear "Game of Thrones" is going to a galaxy far, far away...

You know nothing, Han Solo. Just like these cops.


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