Skimm'd while getting the Olympic 411 with Katie Couric

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FEBRUARY 09, 2018


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Skimm'd while getting the Olympic 411 with Katie Couric


"There was literally no end to the delivery" – A Norway Olympic team chef, after accidentally ordering 15,000 eggs thanks to a Google translate error. Brunch is on them.


The Government

The Story

While you were sleeping, the government shut down again.

Remind me.

For months, Congress has been hitting "snooze" on passing a long-term budget deal. Last month, the gov shut down for a bit. Lawmakers agreed to a short-term deal to keep it open until last night. Earlier this week, Senate leaders shook on a deal to fund the gov for two years. Last night, the Senate was expected to vote. Enter Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

What happened?

He wasn't happy with the spending increases attached to the bill. And vented about it until after the midnight deadline. The Senate took back the mic and voted on a six-week deal that paves the way for funding over two years. So did the House. They're waiting on President Trump's signature to officially put the 'open' sign back up.


This was the second shutdown in a month. Not normal. Now, it looks like Congress has finally agreed on a longer-term budget. Closer to normal.

The Olympics

The Story

It's here. The Winter Olympics are going down in PyeongChang, South Korea. NBC has your back.

Tell me about the drama.

Host South Korea is playing nice with neighbor North Korea. Their athletes are walking together under one flag during tonight's opening ceremony. And competing on the same team for women's ice hockey. North Korea's sister is making an appearance. Meanwhile, Russia's in the penalty box for a state-sponsored doping scheme. They don't get an official Olympic team this year. Their athletes have to compete under a neutral flag. Shame.

Tell me about the sports.

Team USA's crossing its fingers for figure skater Nathan Chen. Plus the "Shib Sibs" for ice dancing. And Maame Biney for speedskating. Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn are the alpine skiers who shred. Snowboarder Chloe Kim's the halfpipe queen. For hockey, the men of NHL are a no-show. It's up to the women to take down Canada. And then there's luge, bobsled, curling, skeleton, and biathlon. Which, btw, involves cross-country skiing while shooting a rifle.

That's a lot to keep track of...

Yup. That's why we made you a special Olympic calendar on theSkimm app. It'll tell you when all the big events are happening so you don't miss out. We're also going deep on the Olympics in Skimm Notes, our in-app audio series. Get in on all of it here.


While these athletes are ready to take center stage, there is real geopolitical drama between the US, Russia, and North Korea playing out behind the scenes. Winter is coming.

The *: Want more? Us too. So we asked Olympic VIP Katie Couric to Skimm the Games for us. Watch it here. Plus, we Skimm'd everything you need to know for the 2018 Winter Olympics.


What to say when autocomplete doesn't have your back...

Time for a correction. That's where the Dow Jones is now. The Dow takes stock prices from 30 major companies (think: Apple, Walmart, Verizon) and averages them. It's a clue to how the US stock market is doing as a whole. Last year was its best in years and it recently hit a record high. But now, the Dow-nturn. It shed more than 1,100 points on Monday – the worst single-day point drop. Ever. Yesterday was a close second. Now it's in correction phase, aka when the Dow shoots back down a certain amount from a recent high. Once that happens, it could mean the stock market's in trouble. Or could just be that stock prices got too excited and need to calm down a bit. We'll have to just wait and see.

What to say when you hear that Amazon's delivering Whole Foods now...

Good news. Twitter has some, too. Yesterday, it announced that in Q4 it turned its first quarterly profit. And even had some revenue growth. For almost 12 years, Twitter's been losing cash left and right. Which had people scratching their heads, considering it has hundreds of millions of users. So it started cutting costs. And tried to make itself more engaging by doing things like letting users tweet more characters. Moves that helped attract advertisers. Meanwhile, the New York Times has something to tweet about. It brought in its highest-ever subscription revenue last year: $1 billion. That's thanks in large part to growing digital subscriptions. In other media news, HBO signed a Crooked deal. They're bringing "Pod Save America" to the small screen for some TV specials. HBOhmypod.

PS: The New York Times is a minority investor in theSkimm.

What to say when you see what Jason Kelce wore to the Eagles parade...

That's different. Yesterday was the NBA deadline to trade players, and the Cleveland Cavaliers traded out six. In an hour. LeBron James and the Cavs have not had a good season. And with LeBron's contract expiring this summer, the team wants to keep him happy. So it's shaking things up. They turned Isaiah Thomas — who has been traded many times before — over to the Lakers and sent Gabrielle Union's hubby Dwyane Wade back to Miami. And saying hello to four promising new players.

What to say when you hear Kylie has the most-liked Insta ever…

"Fifty Shades Freed" could use a little love.


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For when life is too stressful…

Soothe your mind with these weirdly satisfying soap videos.

For when you want to work out like the pros…

This playlist from Team USA's Haley Skarupa could maybe help.


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