Skimm'd while dining out

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FEBRUARY 12, 2018


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Skimm'd while dining out


"The girls aren't going on tour" – Posh Spice, saying 'zig-a-zig nah' to those reunion rumors.


The Story

President Trump's been voicing his support for former White House aide Rob Porter.

What is this about?

Last week, both of Porter's ex-wives publicly accused him of domestic abuse. One of them had photos. He resigned soon after but denied he'd been abusive. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly vouched for him at first, and later said he was "shocked" by the allegations. But it seems like he may have known for months. That's because Porter couldn't get full security clearance, because the FBI found out about the allegations during his background check. Problem, since Porter's job was to handle information that crossed Trump's desk.

Now what?

On Friday, President Trump weighed in. He said Porter has "a great career ahead of him," and "we certainly wish him well." On Saturday, Trump tweeted that "lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation." This came as another White House staffer resigned over domestic abuse allegations. Trump didn't have any thoughts for the women that were allegedly abused.


This all comes as accusations of sexual misconduct are bringing down powerful men. This weekend, Trump seems to be here for the men. This also signals an issue with security clearances because Porter was handling sensitive information despite not having been cleared.


Skimm HQ likes the Olympics. A lot. So over the next two weeks, we'll be here with info on the athletes you need to know about.

Red Gerard: The 17-year-old snowboarder who won USA its first gold. He was in last place but crushed it on his third run. And is now the youngest Olympic snowboarding champion, ever. Bruh.

Mirai Nagasu: The figure skater who became the first American woman — and third overall — to land a triple axel in the Winter Olympics. History, made.

Adam Rippon: The 28-year-old figure skater who made his Olympic debut with the help of Coldplay. He slayed and Twitter went wild.

Chloe Kim: The 17-year-old world champion snowboarder who missed the 2014 Sochi Olympics because she was too young. She's going for the gold in the halfpipe today.

Simen Hegstad Krueger: The Norwegian skier who fell and broke a pole at the start of the skiathlon… and wound up winning a gold medal.

Kim Yo Jong: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister. She's the first member of North Korea's ruling family to come to the South since the Korean War in the '50s. This weekend, she passed on an invite for South Korea's prez to visit the North. If South Korea's prez accepts, it would be the first meeting between those countries' leaders in more than 10 years.

North Korea's cheerleaders: They're there and they're making an impression.

PS: We don't want you to miss any of the big deal Olympic events. So we made you a calendar. Download theSkimm App and get it here. (Android, we're coming for you)


What people are watching…

This plane crash in Russia. Yesterday, a Russian plane crashed near Moscow, killing 71 people on board. It was heading southeast to another city in Russia but went off the radar shortly after takeoff. It crashed 25 miles from where it took off. Investigators are looking into what caused the crash.

What to say when your commute's been delayed...

There's a hold up. Yesterday, New York's attorney general sued The Weinstein Company, delaying a potential sale of the company. Reminder: Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by dozens of women, dating back decades. He was fired from The Weinstein Company – which he co-founded. And there were reports that his brother was planning to sell the company to an investor group for hundreds of millions of dollars. But the AG threw a wrench in the deal, accusing the co's management and board of covering up for Weinstein. Which could mean fines. The AG said that any sale of the company needed to make sure Weinstein's victims would get compensated. Looks like they can't say 'it's a wrap' just yet.

What to say when your roommate starts getting passive-aggressive...

Not good. Over the weekend, things got heated between Israel and Iran. Reminder: Israel and Iran do not get along. But Iran and Syria's Assad regime do – and Iran has supported him in the Syrian Civil War. Israel has mostly stayed out of it. Usually Israel and Syria have an unspoken rule to not eff with each other. But this weekend, Israel said an Iranian drone entered its airspace from Syria. So it shot it down. Then retaliated by striking the target in Syria it came from. Syria is believed to have shot down one of Israel's warplanes in the process. If true, this would be the first Israeli jet shot down in decades. After that, Israel hit several targets in Syria, some of which it said were Iranian.

What to say to your coworker watching the Olympics at work…

Don't advertise it. This weekend, drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma said it was going to stop telling doctors to prescribe OxyContin. That's the powerful painkiller that's a big part of today's opioid crisis. For years, Purdue has been encouraging doctors to pass the addictive drug on to patients for things like chronic pain. Many of those patients have gotten addicted to opioids. Cue dozens of lawsuits. Now, the company is saying, 'let's cut back on marketing.' It's still selling OxyContin – but is cutting its sales staff by more than half, and having them focus on promoting other meds.

What to say after you split the bill…

Let's settle up. Uber reached a settlement with Waymo, Google's self-driving car company. They've been fighting over whether or not Uber illegally got trade secrets from Waymo, while coming up with its self-driving car. They went to court last week and then said, 'let's settle.' Which means one less court headache for Uber's CEO before he tries to bring Uber public next year. Under the settlement, they agreed that Uber wouldn't use technology from Waymo and would also give Waymo a small piece of Uber's company, worth $245 million. Road rage, over.



The German word for eating your feelings. Because calories don't count when you're sad. Das truth. PS: Want to kummerspeck and not regret a thing? This credit card gives you all the good feels from all the good restaurants. More food means more cash back.


For when you go for the garlic bread…

Brush it off. This electric toothbrush will keep you fresh. Even after a second piece. It'll also help you brush the right way (hint: every tooth individually to get to all the nooks). I love smiling, smiling's my favorite.*

For when you feel like you're forgetting something…

Valentine's Day is coming up. You should probably get flowers for your SO, mom, or yourself. No shame. These are HQ's favorite. Spoiler: they're better than those grocery store bouquets. Get them here.*

For when you want to talk about it...

Skimm'r of the Week Emily Torchina (Charleston, SC) says 'let's do it.' The organization she founded – The Invisible Illnesses – works to break stigmas on a wide range of mental health issues. Donations go toward free mental health workshops for students and lessons in suicide prevention. Provide support here.

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