Skimm'd while picking up the check

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FEBRUARY 14, 2018


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Skimm'd while picking up the check


"Cha Cha is looking for a Valentine!" – Mariah Carey, posting a personal ad for her dog. Mariah, you get one holiday. One.



The Story

Israeli police say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be charged with the small things like bribery and fraud.

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Netanyahu has been in charge for almost a decade. For months, police have been investigating him over multiple allegations. Including that he agreed to help a newspaper take down its competition in exchange for good coverage. And accepted expensive gifts in exchange for favors like backing policies that exempted his donors from paying taxes. Investigators say they have enough evidence to recommend charges. Netanyahu says none of this is true. The attorney general has the final say in whether to officially charge him. But his decision isn't expected any time soon.


Netanyahu has been at the heart of Israel's right-wing coalition for years. And no one's waiting in the wings to take over if he's charged or forced from office over the scandal. So how this shakes out could put the whole government in jeopardy.


The Story

Yesterday, South African President Jacob Zuma's political party told him to get out, right now.

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Zuma has been the face of Nelson Mandela's party since the end of apartheid in the '90s. But his political career has been defined by scandal and corruption. Including using state money to HGTV his home. Late last year, his party voted to replace him as its leader and some started calling for Zuma to step aside as prez.

What's the latest?

Yesterday, his party ordered him to leave office ASAP. Zuma said 'fine' but only if he gets a couple months to transition. His party said 'don't think so.' Now Zuma could face a vote of no confidence in parliament, which would force him to step down. Meanwhile, earlier today police raided a home that belongs to a business family that may be tied to corruption allegations against Zuma. They arrested three people.


South Africa is one of Africa's largest economies and has been struggling under Zuma's leadership. His party's hoping to press the reset button. But it's unclear whether Zuma will give up power or hang on as long as he can.


ICYMI, the Olympics are happening. And Skimm HQ is really into it. So over the next two weeks, we're bringing you just a few of the athletes you need to know.

Jong Jin Kim: Chloe Kim's dad. Not an athlete. But he does have a better sign than you.

Shaun White: The US snowboarder who went big and got gold last night in men's halfpipe. For the third time. He won in 2006 and 2010. Not bad bro.

Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim: The husband-wife duo that repped Team USA in figure skating pairs last night. They advanced to the free skate. And melted hearts everywhere.

Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson: The US hockey forward who broke the Olympic record for fastest two goals by one player. She scored them in six seconds. Nice, nice, baby.

PS: We don't want you to miss any of the big deal Olympic events. So we made you a calendar. And all this week, our in-app audio series Skimm Notes is about crazy Olympic moments, from Tonya Harding to the Miracle on Ice. Download theSkimm app here. (Android, we're coming for you)


What to say when you hit the 2pm slump…

Low on energy. Iceland knows the feeling. It says it's on its way to a power shortage. Thanks to bitcoin mining. Your friend who bought bitcoin early is still feeling smug. As in values have been on fire and big companies like Expedia let you pay with digital currency now. One way to get bitcoin is by mining for it – think: one giant computer game you can make money from if you're good at it. But it takes a lot of computer and server power to run these transactions. So companies have been setting up data centers in Iceland, where there's cheap, renewable energy. But now Iceland says its power supply might not be able to keep up with demand. And electricity could run out. Just mining in the dark.

PS: We have a full audio breakdown of bitcoin in our app. Get it here.

What to say when you hear Russia is still meddling in US elections...

Not going away. Neither is this Rob Porter story. Yesterday, FBI Director Christopher Wray took the mic to clear up a few things about the former White House staff secretary. Last week, Porter resigned after two ex-wives accused him of domestic abuse. He says he didn't do it. Part of Porter's job was getting sensitive info to President Trump's desk. Even though he never got full security clearance. And was susceptible to blackmail. The White House said they only learned the extent of the allegations last week. Now Wray's saying 'not true' and that the FBI gave them a heads up starting last March. Also yesterday, Trump's personal lawyer said he paid $130,000 out of his own pocket to a porn star who says she had an affair with the president. Trump denies the allegation. The lawyer was looking to settle down Qs about whether the Trump campaign dished out the cash and possibly violated campaign finance rules. Now the lawyer's saying 'don't worry, the money was mine.'

What to say when the date isn't going well...

Check please. Iraq is asking its allies for a roughly $88 billion check to help it rebuild post-ISIS. Back in 2014, ISIS took over large parts of Iraq. Iraq – backed by the US – spent years fighting the terror group and finally declared victory last year. But the war left major cities like Mosul in ruins, with homes leveled, and schools and other buildings destroyed. Iraq's holding a conference this week with allies like the US and friends to try to get them to write a hefty check. US Sec of State Rex Tillerson is there, and said getting Iraq back on stable ground is crucial to keeping ISIS at bay. He also said the US would only be giving $3 billion in credit. And it doesn't look like Iraq's other allies are going to cough much up either. So it's unclear if, or how, it'll ever get the money it needs to recover.

What to say to your friend who ditches Galentine's drinks for her new SO...

Ryan Murphy's ditching FX for Netflix.

What to say to your friend giving something up for Lent…

Looks like Omarosa had to give up the White House car service.


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