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FEBRUARY 15, 2018


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Skimm'd with takeout


"Chief Flamingo Officer" – A real job opening in the Bahamas. CFO goals.


The Story

Yesterday, a gunman killed at least 17 people at a high school in Parkland, FL.

What happened?

The gunman set off a fire alarm to draw students out of their classrooms just before the end of the school day. He opened fire, killing at least 17 and injuring more than a dozen. He was armed with a semiautomatic rifle. And was at large more than an hour before being taken into custody.

Who did this?

A 19-year-old former student who was expelled for disciplinary reasons.

What are people saying?

President Trump said "No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school" and that he is working closely with Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL). Rep. Jim Himes and Sen. Chris Murphy, both Dems from CT who were in office when Sandy Hook happened, pushed back. Himes said, "people will wish everybody thoughts and prayers and sympathy for the victims, and then the Congress of the United States will do absolutely nothing."


Speaking of Sandy Hook, this is the deadliest school shooting since that day, when 20 first-graders and six adults were killed.


The Olympics are happening and Skimm HQ can't stop watching. We're bringing you a few of the key players you need to know.

Lindsey Jacobellis: The world champion snowboarder whose Olympic gold medal slipped away in the snowboard cross in 2006. And in 2010. And 2014. She's hoping the fourth time's a charm today.

Norwegian curling team: The ones who take Olympic street style to a whole new level. Hearts for Valentine's Day. Groundbreaking.

Mikaela Shiffrin: The queen of the slopes. Last night, she took home a gold for giant slalom. And is hoping to pick up four more before catching her flight out. Because goals.

Genevieve Lacasse: The goalie who helped Team Canada clinch the win over Team USA in last night's hockey showdown. Fans are hoping the rivals will face off again in the medal round. Team spirit, on.

PS: We don't want you to miss any of the big deal Olympic events. So we made you a calendar. And all this week, our in-app audio series Skimm Notes is about crazy Olympic moments, from Tonya Harding to the Miracle on Ice. Download theSkimm app here. (Android, we see you)


What to say when channeling your inner Marie Kondo…

Time to let go. Yesterday, South Africa's President Jacob Zuma resigned. He'd been in office almost nine years, and has been the face of the ruling party since the end of apartheid in the '90s. He's also repeatedly been accused of corruption. Example: Using public funds to put a swimming pool in his home. Or allegedly taking bribes from a weapons deal in the '90s. He was supposed to step aside after he finished his second term next year. But his party – which has recently been falling in the polls – was ready for an early shakeup. And has been looking to reform the party to regain voters. In December, it elected a new party leader, who was expected to take over after Zuma. Then earlier this week, the party told Zuma 'actually, you should go now.' Yesterday, it threatened to carry out a vote of no confidence, which would've forced Zuma out. But Zuma agreed to step aside, even though he's not happy about it. Now, the new party leader takes over as acting prez. And is expected to be voted in by parliament as prez today.

What to say to your friend who raves about adult coloring books…

Here's one for you: Pennsylvania's congressional map. It's supposed to be finalized by today. Back in '11, Republicans controlled the state legislature and the governor's office. They decided to take a pen to the congressional map and split up Pennsylvania voters into districts that gave the GOP more political power. Last month, Pennsylvania's Supreme Court said that map violated the state's constitution because it was partisan and needs to be redrawn. Republicans drew up a new map, but the governor – who's a Democrat – refused to sign off. He said it still favors Republicans. The lawmakers and governor are supposed to agree on a map by today. If they don't, the court gets to decide Pennsylvania's new map – which could have major implications for who wins in midterm elections this year. Oh, s-map.

What to say when someone's in crisis mode...

Who can we call? Brazil is reportedly planning to declare a state of emergency by its northern border. Brazil is trying to control an influx of refugees from neighboring Venezuela. Venezuela has been in crisis for years, since a global downturn in oil prices turned its economy upside down. Inflation is so bad that food and essentials are totally unaffordable. Hundreds of thousands have fled in the past two years, with a spike in recent months. Brazil says the crisis is straining public services. Colombia is saying 'same.' Both countries are now tightening their borders. It's increasingly unclear where struggling Venezuelans can turn.

What to say to your friend who's careless with the company credit card…

The Veterans Affairs chief has a similar habit.

What to say when you get an email with a strange link…

Scam. The IRS is telling you to watch out for this one, too.

What to say when your coworker friend gets back from vacation...

Welcome back. Same to Bill Walton and Kanye West.



The Swedish version of 'I woke up like this.' It's when you have a positive morning. Attire for good gökotta: good PJs. These are our favorite way to reach gökotta status. They're silky smooth and keep things the right temp all night long. And Skimm'rs get something off the price tag. G'morning.



For when you forgot a V-Day present yesterday…

Get you a gift that can do both. This cutting board is a win and lets you multitask while cooking. Belatedness, forgiven.*

For when last night's making you reach for the Advil...

How does this sound instead? Spoiler: it's a match made in hangover heaven.*

For when you want something nice to listen to this morning...

Frank Ocean's new cover of "Moon River" has your back.

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