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FEBRUARY 26, 2018


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Skimm'd while playing a game. Keep reading…


"Modesty is a big part of the culture here" – A sports commentator in Norway promising that the country won't rub it in too much after taking home the most Olympic medals. Humble brass.



The Story

China's ruling party seems to be clearing the way for President Xi Jinping to be in charge...indefinitely.

What's going on?

Since coming to power, Xi has laid out a plan to boost China's dominance on the world stage and make it a modern global power by 2050. That includes things like building up its military, continuing to open its doors to foreign businesses, and improving its infrastructure. Last year, the Communist Party added his policies to the country's constitution – effectively making him the most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. Now, the ruling party is paving the way for Xi to be in charge for as long as he wants. Over the weekend, it proposed scrapping a line in its constitution that calls for presidents to serve only two terms in a row. Xi is almost done with his first.


The two-term limit was created to prevent another all-powerful leader like Mao. But with China changing its rules and Xi being added to the constitution, many say he's basically Mao 2.0.

North Korea

The Story

North Korea may be ready to have a little chat with the US.

Remind me.

North and South Korea have technically been at war since the '50s. The North has made a habit of making its neighbors nervous with various weapons tests. Last month, just before the Winter Olympics in South Korea, both sides agreed to come to the negotiating table for the first time in years. They even had their athletes walk together during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and compete together in women's hockey. The US has been watching skeptically.

What's happening now?

Yesterday, South Korea's president said that the North is willing to have a convo with the US to improve relations. The US says 'well see' and that it all depends on whether the North is ready to calm down on the weapons tests.


President Obama told President Trump when he transitioned the office that North Korea was the most pressing threat to the nation. This story doesn't make headlines every day, but it's a really big deal.


What people are talking about…

The Weinstein Co. Yesterday, it said it plans to file for bankruptcy. Starting last year, dozens of women came forward with decades of sexual misconduct and assault allegations against co-founder Harvey Weinstein. He denies the accusations. The company fired him and put up a 'for sale' sign to try to keep itself in business. Then earlier this month, New York's attorney general filed a civil rights lawsuit against the company, and said Weinstein's victims should benefit from any sale. Now it looks like the deal the company was about to shake on has crumbled and it's going to say 'we're bankrupt.'

What to say when you do a social media purge…

Cutting ties. Just like some companies with the National Rifle Association. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have revived the gun control debate, arguing for a ban on semiautomatic weapons like the one that killed 17 people at their school. Over the weekend, companies started responding to consumer backlash for working with the NRA – the powerful gun lobbying group pushing back against this kind of gun control. Big names like Delta, United Airlines, Hertz, and MetLife are ending discount programs and ties with the NRA. The NRA said that these companies are punishing its members who had nothing to do with the Parkland shooting. BTW, Congress is back in session this week. Some lawmakers are already working on gun control legislation, such as raising the age requirement to purchase a rifle.

What to say when you hear Michelle Obama is coming out with a book

These House Dems just came out with a memo. It was in response to this GOP one. ICYMI, there are a few investigations – including one from the House Intelligence Committee – into whether the Trump campaign worked with Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. Earlier this month, the GOP members of the committee released a memo that claimed there is evidence that the FBI and Justice Department are biased against President Trump. To which the Dems said 'we have a memo too' and that this wasn't the case. Trump blocked the release of the Dem memo and called for them to edit out some of the classified info. This weekend, they put out the redacted version. It defends the FBI and DOJ in how they handled the investigation. Memo, dropped.

What to say when you hear the NY Rangers traded Rick Nash…

Shaking things up. Over the weekend, a media report dropped new documents about an investigation into corruption in NCAA college basketball. Last year, federal prosecutors charged ten people – including four college basketball assistant coaches and a senior Adidas exec – with fraud and corruption. Including allegedly accepting bribes to convince athletes to work with certain agents or advisers once they go pro. And allegedly paying off athletes to play at schools that Adidas sponsors. Now, new docs allegedly show that more than 20 top men's basketball programs – like Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, and Kansas – may have done things like bribed players and their families to get them on the team. And another report says FBI wiretaps show the Arizona head coach apparently discussed paying $100,000 to lock in a recruit. This is all coming two weeks before March Madness and the NCAA has a lot of work to do.



Corporate social responsibility. The acronym board rooms are thinking about as they have to take stances on everything from human rights to the environment. People are starting to expect that the companies they support also align with their values.


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