Skimm'd while figuring out how to get free pancakes

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FEBRUARY 27, 2018


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Skimm'd while figuring out how to get free pancakes


"I wouldn't know what to do" - Oprah apparently doesn't know how to pump her own gas. Wish we could say the same.



The Story

The Supreme Court is staying out of the fight over DACA.

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DACA is the Obama-era program that protects hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the US as kids from deportation. Last year, the Trump administration moved to get rid of the program, giving Congress until next week to find a fix. Cue the lawsuits to keep it in place. Last month, a federal judge ruled that DACA can stay for now. The Trump administration appealed. And asked the Supreme Court to step in. But yesterday, the Supremes said 'we'll pass.'


Now, DACA can stay while it goes back to the lower courts. This could all go out the window if Congress comes up with a plan. But it doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon.


The Story

The Supremes will decide whether all public-sector workers have to pay union fees.

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Back in the '70s, the Supreme Court ruled that it's up to the states to decide whether public sector workers who don't join a union still have to pay dues. Unions say these requirements make sure there aren't any 'free riders' getting the benefits without paying up. Critics say workers shouldn't be forced to pay for something they disagree with.

Why are we hearing about this now?

An Illinois public sector worker sued the state, saying that forcing non-members to pay fees to unions whose views they may not share violates his free speech rights. Now, the Supremes are hearing the case and it could affect millions of workers in dozens of states.


The Supremes heard a similar case in 2016, but the court was split on the issue while then-President Obama's Supreme Court nomination was held up by the Senate. Now, President Trump's appointee Neil Gorsuch is on the bench and he'll cast the deciding vote.


What to say when your coworker trash talks you to your boss…

Won't stand for this. Thousands of teachers in West Virginia are expected to shut down schools in their fourth day of protests today. Teachers there are almost the lowest paid on average in the country. Last week, the state passed a law that would up their salary 4% in the next few years. But teachers said 'not good enough.' And that they want better salaries and better health care ASAP. So teachers from every school across the state didn't show up to work on Thursday. Or Friday. Or Monday. The walkouts have impacted more than a quarter of a million students. But the governor's expected to meet with teachers around the state on all this. TBD on how that all goes.

What to say when some Georgia Republicans want to kill a tax break for Delta...

Taking sides. Yesterday, a federal appeals court decided that companies can't fire employees for being gay. In 2010, a skydiving instructor filed a lawsuit for allegedly being fired after telling a client he was gay. Now, the court's taking the instructor's side. The judges say he's protected under Title VII – part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that says employers can't discriminate based on things like race, religion, or sex. And that sexual orientation falls under sex. Unclear if the employer will appeal to the Supremes. Meanwhile, yesterday it came out that the first transgender recruit joined the US military. This comes as the Pentagon missed its Feb 21 deadline to release details on its transgender military ban.

What to say when you get cut off in a meeting...

Not finished yet. Yesterday, more details came out about allegations against Ryan Seacrest. Last year, his former stylist at E! accused Seacrest of sexual misconduct. Seacrest denied the allegations and said he'd cooperate in the investigation. Earlier this month, E! said after looking into it that there was "insufficient evidence to support the claims." Now, a media report dropped additional info. The woman reportedly alleges she dealt with years of sexual abuse by Seacrest including that he groped her and rubbed against her in his underwear multiple times. Her employment reportedly ended shortly after discussing the situation with HR execs in 2013.

What to say when you have the winter blues…

You might want to see a doctor about that. Some doctors are recommending that people older than 12 years old get checked for depression at least once a year. Only about half of all young people who have depression are diagnosed before they become adults. And this comes at a time where suicide rates are really high among teens. Some of the goals with these new guidelines are to help get rid of the stigma around mental health and help diagnose people who have depression at a younger age.

What to say when Iceland's feeling the heat…

Rome could use some of that.


Avo box

The trendy new way of proposing. People are putting engagement rings inside avocados. Where the pit usually is. Yes, we've officially reached peak millennial.


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For when you're on a health kick…

Our Skimm'r of the Week Racine Tucker-Hamilton (Washington, DC) has your back. And heart. She works at WomenHeart – a coalition that teaches people about heart disease and advocates for women living with or at risk of the disease. That's 48 million women. Learn more here.

PS: We'll be featuring a Skimm'r of the Week every week. And at the end of 2018, we'll pick our Skimm'r of the Year. Everyone's in the running. Have someone you want us to consider? Tell us.

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