Skimm'd while making quesadillas

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MARCH 01, 2018


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Skimm'd while making quesadillas


"Inside was a massive ostrich egg" – Apparently some Australians are having a shopping problem. The drunk kind.



The Story

Corporate execs are under pressure to choose sides in the gun control debate.

Remind me.

In the two weeks since the Parkland, FL school shooting, the surviving students have seized control of the national gun policy debate. They are calling for tighter background checks, and a ban of high-capacity magazines and semiautomatic weapons. In response, companies like Delta and MetLife have cut ties with the NRA. And now others are making moves.

Like who?

Dick's Sporting Goods. Yesterday, the sporting retailer said it's done selling assault-style rifles. And won't sell guns to anyone under 21 years old. Walmart said 'we'll set an age limit too.' But the companies could face backlash for taking a stand. Meanwhile, there are plans to boycott Apple and Amazon for continuing their ties to the NRA.


Younger generations of consumers are starting to show that if companies want their dollars, they also have to share their values. Tough, since everyone has different values.

Jared Kushner

The Story

People are taking a closer look at bank statements for Jared Kushner's family business.

What are you talking about?

Yesterday, it came out that Kushner – President Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law – reportedly met with some finance execs while he's been in the White House. And that his family business got hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from these companies after the meetings.

Why should I care?

Because it could be a possible conflict of interest. A rep for Kushner Companies says 'no way' did his job affect these deals. Add this to the list of 'why Kushner is having a bad week.' Earlier this week, it came out that he – and dozens of other White House staffers – got downgraded from top secret security clearance.

Anything else?

Yesterday, one of Trump's longest-serving staffers Hope Hicks – the White House Communications Director – called it quits. It comes a day after she told the House Intelligence Committee that she sometimes tells "white lies" for Trump. But only the small kind...not the Russia investigation kind.


This is pretty much the case in point for why people usually cut their business ties before accepting a job at the White House.


What to say when you hear Exxon Mobil left some projects with a Russian oil company…

Not good for business. A new report says the US is losing a key ally – Kurdish fighters – in the fight against ISIS. Reminder: the Kurds are an ethnic minority group and one of the US's most dependable allies in the region. But Turkey – another US ally – sees Syrian Kurds as a terrorist group, and has been attacking some of them in northern Syria. Now, Kurds from across Syria are heading in as backup. Meaning: the US is losing support in its fight to hold off ISIS. Meanwhile, Syria's gov started a ground offensive in eastern Ghouta. It's a different tactic for the Syrian gov – which is trying to take back one of the last rebel-held regions in the country.

What to say when you change your Insta settings...

Making it public. Yesterday, Spotify filed to go public. Except they're doing it a little differently. Usually, when a company makes it stock market debut, it hires an investment bank to handle the nitty-gritty. But Spotify's flying solo with a direct listing – which will save it some serious cash. The NYSE only recently changed the rules to let bigger companies go public this way. And Spotify is taking advantage. Other companies – like Uber and Airbnb – are watching on the sidelines to see if they should jump on the direct train. In other business news, yesterday Facebook said it's letting dozens of countries in on its job posting tool. Last year, it rolled out the feature in the US and Canada. It's basically Facebook's version of LinkedIn, and now it's going global.

What to say to your aunt who loves "The Big Bang Theory"…

Hear about the cosmic dawn? Scientists are really psyched because they got signals from some of the universe's first stars. In short: stars started lighting up the universe a cool couple hundreds of millions of years earlier than people thought. Far out.



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