Skimm'd while going behind the scenes at the Oscars. Watch here.

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MARCH 02, 2018


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Skimm'd while going behind the scenes at the Oscars. Watch here.


"A year's worth of fruit" – One of the alleged items in the Oscars swag bag this year. Because nothing screams fancy like a fruit basket.


The Story

The Oscars are going down this weekend. Expect this year to be different.

Why's that?

Because Time's Up. After powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment by dozens of women, similar stories about other high-profile men came out. It ignited a national conversation about sexual misconduct and #MeToo. And is why Time's Up – Hollywood's new initiative to help victims of sexual harassment – is a thing. Since then, everyone's been wearing their LBDs on the red carpet. TBD if they do the same at the Oscars.

When and where is this happening?

Sunday, March 4 on ABC. The pregame starts at 6:30pm ET. Show time is at 8pm ET. Here's how it all comes together. Jimmy Kimmel is baaack. Fingers crossed everyone reads from the right envelopes.

Who's winning Best Picture?

Close call between "The Shape of Water" – which got 13 nods – and "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" – which has taken the top prize at just about every other awards ceremony. For the acting gold, Frances McDormand and Gary Oldman seem like a lock. So do Allison Janney and Sam Rockwell.

What do I need to see?

"The Shape of Water"...a mute woman and sea creature fall in love. It got the most noms of any movie this year.

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"...Frances McDormand is the mom whose teenage daughter was raped and murdered. She wants answers...yesterday.

"Call Me By Your Name"...a grad student and his professor's son fall in love during a summer in Italy. One of them is Timothée Chalamet, whose acting chops blow everyone away.

"Lady Bird"...the mother-daughter movie you'll want to watch and rewatch. Greta Gerwig directed. She is the only lady director nominated this year. And the fifth ever.

"Get Out"...Daniel Kaluuya dates Allison Williams and things get creepy. It's Jordan Peele's directorial debut. He did not let you down.

"The Post"...Tom and Meryl recreate the story of the Pentagon Papers. This is your friendly PSA about how important journalism is.

"Phantom Thread"...Daniel Day-Lewis is the bachelor who dresses the British elite in 1950s London – but is thrown off his game when he falls in love.

"Dunkirk"...Christopher Nolan's World War II movie about the dramatic rescue of Allied troops from the French town of Dunkirk before the Nazis take over.

"Darkest Hour"...the other World War II movie. This one has Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill.


Hollywood's had some serious soul-searching to do after the Weinstein allegations. But it's challenged the Academy to let new, diverse movies and voices to take the stage.

PS: Want to be the smartest person at your watch party? Here's your (longer) Skimm on the Oscars.


What to say when you hear Uber is getting into the health biz...

Big money moves. Yesterday, lawmakers in Georgia passed a bill that denies Delta a big tax break. Delta is one of several companies that's cut ties with the NRA since the Parkland, FL high school shooting. Delta's HQ is based in Georgia – a state with a lot of pro-NRA Republican lawmakers. They weren't too thrilled with Delta taking sides. Yesterday, they voted on a tax bill and conveniently left out a tax break that would have saved the company tens of millions of dollars. Next, it goes to the governor's desk. He's expected to sign it. And many are wondering if Delta – one of Georgia's largest employers – will now peace out from the peach state. New York, Virginia and Washington are all saying 'we got room for you.'

What to say when you hear HR McMaster might be on his way out...

Here's something on its way in. Yesterday, President Trump announced he's putting tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. This is part of his "America first" campaign promise to bring jobs back to the US. Trump said the US will put a 25% tariff on steel and 10% tariff on aluminum. Supporters say this will help US manufacturers be more competitive. Critics say it'll raise prices of everything from cars to beer cans and ultimately lead to job cuts. The Dow went into panic mode and dropped more than 400 points by the end of the day. Many Republican lawmakers aren't happy. It also could lead to a possible trade war between the US and other steel-producing countries – including some US allies. Trump said the policy is still being written and he'll formally sign off next week.

What to say to your friend on the job hunt...

Hear about this? Google just got hit with another discrimination lawsuit. A former employee alleges that in recent years, the company discriminated against white and Asian men applying for jobs. And gave preference to women, Hispanics, and black applicants. The employee also says he was fired for complaining about the practice. Google says it hires "candidates based on their merit, not their identity."

What to say when you hear about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding invite to the public...

Russian President Putin's got an announcement too. Yesterday, he took the mic at Russia's state of the nation and said the country secretly developed nuclear weapons that can pretty much reach anywhere. Happy Friday. ICYMI, there's been some nuclear tension going on in the world. See: North Korea. Earlier this year, President Trump said the US needs to bulk up its nuclear arsenal. Looks like Putin took that as a threat…and a cue. He said Russia's new missiles could not only hit any country, but could also dodge any missile defense systems. Some say the announcement was Putin's way of flexing his muscles ahead of Russia's presidential election later this month. Putin also mentioned that a nuclear attack on Russia's allies is a nuclear attack on Russia. Unclear which allies he means. But no need to stress – the Pentagon's not.

What to say to your friend who's not sure if she's a millennial...

Just be glad you're not this one right now.


Oscar is almost here. And if you can't tell, we're just a little excited. So we're pre-gaming by handing out some imaginary golden statues of our own…

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Best Picture...if Skimm HQ had it our way, we'd give it to "Lady Bird." Haven't seen it yet? Rent it and watch it from your couch here*

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