Skimm'd from the red carpet

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MARCH 05, 2018


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Skimm'd from the red carpet


"I want to apologize for running a little late, as Jared could not get through security" – President Trump at a DC dinner over the weekend. He's got jokes.


The Story

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Oscars and got right down to business.

What do you mean?

He tried to keep it short. He set the record straight about Envelopegate. He called out Harvey Weinstein. And the agents that messed up Michelle Williams' paycheck. Also, you can thank Mike Pence for "Call Me By Your Name."

Who won?

The fish movie. "The Shape of Water" took home best picture and best director. Gary Oldman aka Winston Churchill got his first trophy. Frances McDormand had the speech of the night. Allison Janney did it all by herself. Sam Rockwell thanked anyone who's ever looked at a billboard. Jordan Peele got a little love. Oh, and Kobe Bryant has an Oscar now.

Who won the red carpet?

Rita Moreno brought the '60s back. Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino had each other's backs. Tiffany Haddish paid homage to Eritrea. Timothée Chalamet had a moment with Matthew McConaughey. Everyone from Wakanda.

Who didn't?

Ryan Seacrest.

What else happened?

Bonnie and Clyde got it right this time. J-Law and Jodie Foster took over for Casey Affleck. Lupita Nyong'o and Kumail Nanjiani repped the Dreamers. Daniela Vega made history. And Kimmel and some cool kids crashed an actual movie.


The Oscars used to be #SoWhite, and put Harvey Weinstein front and center. But now Time's Up – and the Oscars are trying to step it up.

PS: We were on the red carpet last night. Still recovering. Here's what happened


What to say when you hear South Korean officials are sitting down with North Korea's Kim Jong Un…

Not the only countries shaking things up. Yesterday, Italians headed to the polls. The country's politics are badly fragmented. Late last year, President Sergio Mattarella dissolved parliament to open the way for a national election for the first time in five years. Voters in the country are unhappy over things like the economy, migrants, and the electoral system. Which is why two groups picked up serious support: an anti-establishment party and a conservative bloc that includes anti-immigrant, far-right parties. Now, it's looking like the conservative bloc will pick up the most seats, leading to a hung parliament. Italy, the EU's third-largest economy, has been politically unstable for a long time – looking like that will continue. In other news, Angela Merkel can stay on as Germany's chancellor. Yesterday, she got the coalition support she needed to keep doing her thing.

What to say when you hear about London's women's march…

Standing up. Just like West Virginia's teachers. The state's public school teachers are still on strike. Last month, the governor signed legislation to give them a 4% salary bump over the next few years. The teachers wanted more. So they decided to not show up to work in protest. Last week, the governor negotiated with the teachers to give them a 5% raise this year. But it was up to state lawmakers to make it official. The House signed off. This weekend, the Senate agreed – but only to a 4% increase. The teachers say that won't cut it. Now, West Virginia's public schools are heading into their eighth day without them.

What to say when you hear Bill Cosby's having his day in court...

This could be big. So could these new details about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. He's reportedly looking into whether the UAE tried to buy influence over the Trump campaign. His investigators have reportedly questioned a Lebanese-American businessman with ties to UAE leadership. Apparently, this man has regularly visited the White House. And now Mueller's team seems to be looking into whether the Emiratis bought political influence by helping finance Trump's presidential campaign. It seems that Mueller's investigation – focusing on contacts between President Trump's campaign and Russia – is growing. Speaking of, reports came out yesterday suggesting Mueller is closing in on Trump's inner circle. They got hold of a subpoena that asked a witness to turn over communications with Trump and several of his advisers.

What to say when your friend and her SO start fighting in front of you…

Get me out of this situation. Companies are reportedly pulling ads from Alex Jones' YouTube channel. He's the conspiracy theorist behind InfoWars known for saying things like 9/11 was an inside job and the Sandy Hook shooting was staged. Not the type of content brands usually like to advertise on. Last week, Jones got flak for spreading fake news after he claimed Parkland, FL student activists were just actors. But YouTube didn't take down his channel. Now, companies are reportedly taking a hard look at their ad process with YouTube to make sure this doesn't happen again.

What to say when you hear Khloe Kardashian is having a girl...

Wonder if it'll make Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel's group text.


Shaquem Griffin

The linebacker who made waves at the NFL Combine this weekend. That's where rookies show off their skills to teams before next month's draft. Griffin ran a 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds. And can bench press 225lbs. Also, he only has one hand. Top that.


For when your birth control alarm goes off…

Ever wondered about the pill's backstory? Pop in your earbuds – here's your Skimm Notes on the history of the birth control pill. Btw, in 2018 we'll be Skimm'ng some areas of women's health. We're starting with reproductive health this week – stay tuned for that, and much more later this year.


Thanks for playing last week. Congrats to Tiffani Lewis-Lockhart (Brighton, MA) for knowing your movies and taking home the $1,000. Drinks on you.


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