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MARCH 06, 2018




"I walked into a glass door" – A caller to a 911 dispatcher after walking into one of the many glass doors at Apple's new HQ. Geniuses, they're just like us.


The Story

Republicans are not on board with President Trump's new tariffs.

Remind me.

Trump campaigned on economic policies that he says would protect US workers from foreign competition. One of those policies was tariffs on imports. Last week, he moved to make it happen, announcing massive tariffs on steel and aluminum.

What are supporters saying?

Supporters – like US steel and aluminum companies – say the tariffs will bring jobs back to America. And that China is being put in its place for flooding the US with cheap steel imports.

What are critics saying?

Critics – like the stock market and US allies – say this is a really good way to start a trade war. And many Republicans said 'agreed.'

What do the Republicans think?

Yesterday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) criticized the proposed tariffs. He said "the new tax reform law has boosted the economy and we certainly don't want to jeopardize those gains." Trump said "we're not backing down." But that he might make exceptions for Canada and Mexico if they negotiate better terms for NAFTA.


This tariff plan isn't going over well around the world. And it's not good news for Republicans in an election year where they really want to be talking about their big successful tax law.


What to say when your coworker friend says she's going to quit…

Time to tell everyone off. This guy did. Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg said he's been subpoenaed for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation – but "screw that," he's not going. The aide worked for the Trump campaign but was fired in '15 for apparently posting racist stuff on Facebook. Now, he says that Mueller may have incriminating evidence against President Trump. The White House said he has a "lack of knowledge." He's apparently supposed to show up in front of a grand jury on Friday. And yesterday, he made it very well known he's not interested. But now he's reportedly saying 'ehhhh maybe I'll cooperate after all.' In other yes-there's-more-Russia news, a former Russian spy who defected to the UK was exposed to an unknown substance and is now in critical condition. Don't drink the vodka.

What to say when you hear Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) is resigning...

Making some changes. Just like Florida. Yesterday, the state's Republican-controlled Senate passed gun control measures meant to prevent another attack like last month's high school shooting in Parkland, FL. The bill would raise the minimum age to buy a firearm, ban bump stocks, and require a waiting period to buy a gun. But does not ban assault-style weapons – something that Parkland survivors asked for. Now the bill goes to the state's House for the official thumbs up. Meanwhile, Washington became the first state to pass a law protecting net neutrality. Net neutrality is an Obama-era rule that prevents Internet service providers like Verizon or Comcast from charging websites for a faster connection. Last year, the FCC voted to repeal it – that officially goes into effect next month. But some states are pushing back. And now, Washington passed a law saying 'aye' to protect net neutrality.

What to say when you hear about Brooklyn's world-famous BBQ...

Lost my appetite. So did Google. Yesterday, the company reportedly agreed to sell Zagat to your favorite food Insta, The Infatuation. Google bought Zagat back in '11 but couldn't turn it into Yelp. Earlier this year, Google said it was ready to sell Zagat. Now, it looks like The Infatuation's buying. Unclear how much cash the company's putting down, but The Infatuation says it's planning to keep Zagat as a separate brand. In other saucy news, OpenTable's in hot water. An OpenTable employee has been accused of using competitor Reserve to make hundreds of fake reservations in Chicago. Steamy.


We've spent a lot of time Skimm'ng the national healthcare debate. And we've gotten a lot of Qs from Skimm'rs wanting more information about the things closer to their everyday lives. So this week, we're getting into some areas of women's reproductive health. We'll also tackle things like mental health and breast health later on this year. First up, birth control. Here are some of the most popular methods...

The pill: Most stimulate hormone production to stop the reproductive system from ovulating. Out of all of you who told us you take the pill, only 36% said you feel "very knowledgeable" about how it actually works. So here's your Skimm.

Barrier methods: Condoms, sponges, diaphragms, oh my. Depending on the type and how they're used, they're about 76-88% effective.

IUD: A device that hangs out in the uterus for years. About a tenth of the women on birth control get an IUD, but it's gotten more popular recently. It's more than 99% effective.

Here's much more on these and just about every other option out there.

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