Skimm'd while comparing parental leave policies

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MARCH 09, 2018



Skimm'd while comparing parental leave policies


"Rosé is like white shoes after Labor Day" – Martha Stewart, giving you permission to go wild and do both all year round.


North Korea

The Story

Yesterday, President Trump RSVP'd 'yes' to a meeting invite from North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.

Wait, back up.

For years, North Korea has been building up its nuclear program. And freaking out countries in the process. This week, South Korean officials met with their neighbors to talk peace. And it seems the two countries have made some diplomatic headway.

I'm listening.

Earlier this week, the South said that Kim wants to meet up with the US to chat. And that he might be down to give up his nuke program – if he gets things like normal diplomatic ties and security guarantees. Big deal since Kim's been low-key obsessed with testing out his arsenal. The White House says Trump's on board for the talks – which are supposed to go down by May.


If this happens, it'll be the first time a sitting US president has met with a North Korea leader. Ever.


The Story

Yesterday, President Trump had an import-ant announcement.

What's happening?

The US is increasing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. But not every country has to pay up. Canada and Mexico get a pass while the three countries renegotiate their trade agreement. And the rest of the world has the option to pick up the phone and negotiate their way out of this. A big change from the 'no exception rule' Trump talked about when these were first announced. The tariffs go into effect in 15 days.

What are people saying?

The Trump admin says this will protect the US from foreign competition. Critics say this could escalate into a trade war. Either way, if you buy things with steel or aluminum – anything from cars to beer – this could shake up costs.

Anything else?

Yesterday, 11 countries signed a new free trade deal...without the US. A big sign that trade partners are ready to take steps of their own.


This tariff idea was a bold move that PO'd the international community and fellow Republicans. TBD if they turn into a trade war or a useful negotiation tactic.


What to say after your friend puts a down payment on a house…

Not the only one making a big purchase. Yesterday, health insurer Cigna said it's coughing up $52 billion to buy Express Scripts. This deal would combine one of the country's biggest health insurance companies with the country's biggest pharmacy benefit manager. Aka a company that negotiates drug prices for insurers and employers. But it's not the first deal of its kind (looking at you, Aetna and Amazon). And if it goes through, they say it'll help lower drug costs for clients. In other healthcare news, hundreds of doctors in Canada are saying 'thanks, but no thanks' to a pay bump. You read that right. They're signing a petition to make the gov take the cash money from their raises and put it toward things like paying nurses more and get patients more access to certain services. It may or may not be the most Canadian thing ever.

What people are talking about…

Central African Republic. Yesterday, Doctors Without Borders said that hundreds of women have been treated as rape victims in the country since the beginning of the year. Central African Republic has been unstable for years. In 2013, a mostly Muslim rebel group ousted the president. Ever since, those rebels have been fighting against mostly Christian militia groups. Cue chaos. The UN sent in thousands of peacekeepers but that hasn't fixed the problem. Now, Doctors Without Borders is saying a group of women were attacked by militia fighters last month. But didn't specify which militia group was behind this. Some women reportedly waited weeks to get treatment because they were afraid of the rape stigma in their communities. Unclear when the violence will stop.

What to say to your friend from the South…

Hear about this? Yesterday, Mississippi lawmakers passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the country. The state's law already bans abortions after 20 weeks into a pregnancy. This new law cuts that down to 15. It doesn't apply to women whose health is at risk or if the babies couldn't survive out of the womb at full-term. But the bill would apply to women who are raped. The governor said he wants to make his state "the safest place" for unborn babies. He's expected to sign off on this next week.

What to say when you hear the Obama family might be coming to Netflix...

The Soprano family is back in the game too.


We've spent this week Skimm'ng some areas of women's reproductive health. Stay tuned for more on things like mental health and breast health later this year. Yesterday, we got into what it's like having a baby. Today, we're in recovery mode. Here are some things to know...

Parental leave: First things first. There are different norms all around the world. Here's your Skimm.

The swelling: You might've just pushed a body out of your body. There could be swelling and soreness. Maybe stitches. It takes weeks to physically recover from childbirth.

The bleeding: Your body's getting rid of excess blood and tissue from the uterus. You might have trouble peeing. And leak a bit when you cough or laugh. Fun.

The baby blues: This is pretty common in the days after birth. Your hormones are on a rollercoaster and you're tired AF. It should go away in a week or two. If it's more extreme it might be postpartum depression. This is more common than you think – more than half of Skimm'rs say they know someone who has gone through postpartum.

There's more Skimm…

* Here's more on parental leave around the world

* Watch our interview with outgoing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards


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