Skimm'd while getting into the madness

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MARCH 12, 2018



Skimm'd while getting into the madness


"Thanks, mom" – Sally Field's son, who finally met Adam Rippon after she tried setting them up. Dating is like a box of chocolates...


The Story

Your office, group chats, and favorite bar are about to get real heated. Welcome to March Madness.

What's happening?

The college basketball tournament. Yesterday was Selection Sunday. It decided which men's teams get to compete, who plays who, and who's a top seed. Tonight, the women's teams find out. The men's games kick off tomorrow.

How do I watch?

Here's the men's games schedule and here's the women's. If you're watching at work, stream the games here. We won't tell.

But I don't follow college sports…

You're not alone. But for the next few weeks, you might feel like you are. Last year, more than 20 million people tuned in for the men's champ game. Which the NCAA doesn't hate, considering it's making billions. This means every year, there's debate about whether the athletes should get a cut of the profits. We Skimm'd that for you here. PS: NCAA teams also have some questionable recruiting tactics, which the FBI noticed. And has been investigating. TBD if that has anything to do with USC and Louisville getting snubbed.

How should I fill out my bracket?

The million-dollar question. But heads up: the only predictable thing about March Madness is that it's unpredictable. That's what makes it so Maddening.

Which teams should I watch?

Virginia (no. 1 seed)...the Cavaliers haven't won the championship before but their defense is. On. Point. Thanks to players like Isaiah Wilkins, who's up for National Defensive Player of the Year.

Villanova (no. 1 seed)…the Wildcats have only lost a few games this season. And with two titles under their belt, this could be the season they take it back.

Duke (no. 2 seed)...the one with the star players. Power forward Marvin Bagley III is the name everyone's talking about. Other players like Grayson Allen and Wendell Carter Jr have also been stepping it up. Everyone's watching to see if Allen will go for another booty bump.

UConn…the women's team that's been undefeated this season. No surprise to anyone since they once went a record 111 games before somebody beat them. Aaaand the first women's team to win four NCAA championships in a row. UConn't touch this.

Mississippi State…last year's women's runner-up is back in it to win it. They've won 32 games in a row since the beginning of the year.


March Madness is a money-making machine. But it's also the time of year for brackets, trash-talking, and people wearing jerseys to work. Get ready.

PS: Here's your Skimm on the controversy over whether college athletes should get paid. We have episodes like this in our app every week. Get it here.


What to say when your coworker throws some shade…

Excuse me? An interview released this weekend showed Russian President Vladimir Putin suggesting that Jews, Ukrainians, or Tatars – a Turkic ethnic group – might be to blame for interference in the 2016 US election. The US intelligence community agrees that Russia attacked the election. Putin's denied it. Last month, special counsel Robert Mueller – who's investigating all of this – indicted 13 Russians for allegedly using social media to troll voters and help President Trump's campaign. US agencies believe that Putin was the one who authorized the whole thing. In an interview released this weekend, Putin denied involvement. Again. And said he "couldn't care less" about the interference. He suggested the 13 people Mueller indicted may have Russian citizenship but may not be ethnically Russian. And that Jews – and other minorities that Russia has historically persecuted – could be behind it. Classy.

What people are talking about…

Gun control. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is suing Florida. The gun control debate has been top of mind ever since last month's school shooting in Parkland, FL. This is thanks largely to the student survivors, who've been protesting for stricter gun-control laws ever since. Last week, the state passed a law that included gun-control measures like raising the minimum age to buy guns and banning bump stocks. Big deal since the Sunshine State is one of the most pro-gun states in the country. And Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) has been pro-NRA. Now, the NRA is saying 'not into this.' In other news, President Trump proposed some school safety ideas. Yesterday, the Trump administration suggested arming school staff and focusing on the mental health system. The prez also backed a bipartisan Senate bill to improve background checks.

What to say when you come across your old calculus books…

The limit does not exist. Same for China's presidential terms. Yesterday, China's legislature voted to get rid of presidential term limits. The limit was created to prevent another decades-long and bloody rule like that of former Chinese dictator Mao Zedong. Now the country is opening the door for President Xi Jinping to stay on as prez indefinitely. Supporters say this will help Xi with his mission to make China a key player on the world stage. Critics say 'mo power, mo problems.'

What to say when you hear "frost yourselves" can be taken literally

Do we still need to go to Mars next year, Elon?



Not that kind. It's when a low-ranked team in the NCAA beats a top team. They make it farther than anyone imagined...and maybe – but probably not – live happily ever after.

PS: Don't miss any of the Cinderella teams this year. Our sports calendar will keep you posted on when to push record.


For when you're groggy in the AM meeting...

Thanks, Daylight Saving Time. You lost an hour of sleep yesterday. Make every hour worth it with this Casper mattress. Its fancy memory foam will help you get a good night's sleep so you feel ready to get sh*t done the next day. Sans grogginess. Psst…for today only, Skimm'rs get something special off the price tag. Get into it here.*

For when you're almost already sick of basketball...

Brack up. Watch this to get excited about the tourney and all the bracket talk in the office. It's ballsy.

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