Skimm'd while keeping track of our teams

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MARCH 13, 2018



Skimm'd while keeping track of our teams


"Beyoncé coming to rob me of my tax refund" – One person's reaction to news that there will be another "On The Run" tour. Who run the world, debt.



The Story

Some Pennsylvania voters are hitting the polls for a special election today.

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A House seat is open after it came out that Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) allegedly asked his mistress to get an abortion. Yep. Former prosecutor Conor Lamb is the Democrat. State Rep. Rick Saccone is the Republican. This is a district that President Trump won by double digits. It's so red that Dems didn't even bother running for this seat in the last election. Now, it's a close race to the finish.


No matter who wins, it might only be temporary. The district is expected to get a major facelift in November, thanks to redistricting in the state. So the millions being thrown at this race are mainly for bragging rights going into midterms.


The Story

Yesterday, there was some more weird sh*t from Russia.

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Yesterday, UK Prime Minister Theresa May said it's "highly likely" that Russia was behind a poison attack on a Russian ex-spy and his daughter. Meanwhile, Dem lawmakers are calling for President Trump to extradite 13 Russians that special counsel Robert Mueller accused of attacking the 2016 US election. This comes days after Russian President Putin suggested that Jews and other groups could be to blame for the attack. Also, the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee says its investigation into the Russia stuff is over, there was no collusion, thank you and goodnight.


Putin is getting a stronger power grip on one of the world's superpowers just days before he's pretty much guaranteed to be re-elected.


What to say when your idea gets shut down in a meeting...

Overruled. Yesterday, President Trump blocked two tech companies from possibly merging into one, ending what could have been the largest tech deal in history. Broadcom – a Singapore-based company that makes things like computer chips – wanted to snatch up US-based chipmaking competitor Qualcomm. Broadcom offered $117 billion. Qualcomm hadn't agreed to the deal yet, and sent it along to US gov officials for review. Last week, the gov said 'hold up, wait a minute.' It warned that the deal could pose a national security risk, and said it would investigate. That's in large part because Qualcomm's pretty important – it's been working hard on 5G mobile phone networks. And there's worry that if the US fell behind in developing 5G, China could swoop in on that market. Yesterday, Trump officially hit the brakes, ordering an end to it on national security grounds.

What people are watching…

The plane crash in Nepal. Yesterday, a plane carrying 71 people from Bangladesh crashed while landing in Nepal's capital. At least 49 people were killed, with others injured. The plane was making unusual moves before trying to land and missing the runway. It's unclear what went wrong – some blame the pilot, others blame air traffic control. Nepal's prime minister said the government will investigate.

What to say when you hear Dropbox had to take it down a notch…

Rough times. Not for Apple. Yesterday, The Fruit said it's buying up Texture – aka "Netflix for magazines." It lets subscribers access more than 200 digital publications, including Vogue, The New Yorker, and National Geographic. Apple didn't say how much it was paying. It's the latest example of the company buying up content-related services (hey, Shazam). In other news making Apple feel like a Golden Delicious, Apple Music reportedly has 38 million paid subscribers. Even though that's not close to Spotify's 71 million, it's still reportedly up two million since February. iMpressive.

What to say the next time you put on your LBD…

Merci, Givenchy. Fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy died over the weekend. He was 91 years old. Givenchy launched his own company in the '50s. He put Audrey Hepburn in a little black dress in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and styled her in a bunch of other movies. He also styled fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly. Putting him in the category of designers known by one name. RIP.

What to say when your friend says she's starting a vlog…

Just what we need. The Church of Scientology also launched its own TV network.


It's time to go balls to the walls. The first of the March Madness games are going down tonight. Here are some terms to know so you can talk a big game…

First four out: The four teams that juuuuust missed the tournament. Consolation prize? Playing in the National Invitation Tournament (hint: not March Madness). Womp-womp.

$1 million: How much Warren Buffett is offering his company employees if their brackets are still perfect by Sweet 16. Every year. For the rest of their lives. Good luck.

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