Skimm'd while trying to spot the wild card

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MARCH 14, 2018



Skimm'd while trying to spot the wild card


"Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen" – A producer of "The Crown." Turns out, Matt Smith got paid more than Claire Foy for the first two seasons. Time to kneel.


The Story

President Trump told Sec of State Rex Tillerson 'you're fired.' And has his replacement lined up.

How'd it happen?

Apparently by tweet. Yesterday morning, Trump told America to welcome a new sec of state. Subtle. White House officials say Rex knew this was coming. But a member of his staff – who's since been fired, too – says Rex found out he was fired through the tweet.

Can we pour one out for Rex?

Here's his legacy: he wanted to cut the dept budget by almost a third and fire more than two thousand employees. It hasn't happened – but many top posts remain empty, 14 months into the administration. He often wasn't on the same page as Trump on major issues like the Iran Nuclear Deal, Russia, and North Korea. Big deal, since Trump has undercut Rex's statements on North Korea pretty much every step of the way. And is now planning to meet up with its leader. Also, Rex didn't deny calling Trump a moron.

Who's the new guy?

CIA Director Mike Pompeo – if he gets confirmed by the Senate. He's a hardliner when it comes to Iran and North Korea. He'd be replaced by CIA vet Gina Haspel. If confirmed, she'll be the first woman to fill the post. Haspel once ran a prison in Thailand where two terrorism suspects were waterboarded. Expect this to come up during confirmation hearings.


This is no small shake-up. And is just the latest in a string of shake-ups in the Trump admin. It comes as the president crams for an unprecedented meeting with North Korea – when diplomacy is needed more than ever.


What to say when someone tries to explain black holes to you…

RIP Stephen Hawking. The world-famous physicist and bestselling author died early this morning in England. He was known for going deep on how the universe works, especially black holes. And came up with the idea that they aren't entirely black after all, but instead radiate particles. Hawking's theory was a major breakthrough in trying to combine quantum mechanics – which studies the (really) small things in life – with Albert Einstein's theory of relativity – which handles the big picture. He's the subject of "The Theory of Everything," which Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for. And happens to have done a lot of his groundbreaking research and writing while suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, aka ALS. Which severely limited his physical movements. When he died, his family shared something Hawking once said: "It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love." RIP.

What to say when you finalize your March Madness bracket…

Decision made. Yesterday, some PA voters hit the polls in a special election – but it's still too close to call, even though the Democrat candidate claimed victory. This local election made national headlines because a Dem was doing surprisingly well in a super red district. As in President-Trump-won-by-double-digits red. Both parties put a lot of money and effort into the election. Trump, VP Mike Pence, and former VP Joe Biden all went to PA to rally for their parties' candidates. All that work for…not that much. That's because, one: the congressman will only be in office until the November midterm elections. And two: the district is gonna look a lot different later this year because of redistricting rules. Enjoy it while it lasts.

What to say when you get an Insta ad for something you were just talking about…

Coincidence? Earlier this week, a Russian exile linked to a critic of Russian President Putin was found dead in London. Police say he died from an "unexplained" cause. It's unclear whether there was foul play, but it's not the first time people on Putin's sh*t list have been suddenly found dead. This comes days after a Russian ex-spy and his daughter were poisoned in the UK. Many – like President Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May – are pointing the finger at Russia for the poison attack. Police say there's prob no connection between these two cases.

What to say to your aunt who reads Architectural Digest…

Hear about this? Famous architect Richard Meier is reportedly taking a six-month leave from his company after multiple women said he sexually harassed them. Meier's behind big-name buildings like Los Angeles's Getty Center. Yesterday, five women came forward accusing Meier of things like exposing himself and groping them. He says he remembers the incidents differently, but apologized "to anyone who was offended." In other news, the media world is getting some shake-ups of its own. Vice Media is getting a new CEO. Yesterday, it came out that Vice CEO and co-founder Shane Smith is handing over the reins to former A+E Networks exec Nancy Dubuc. Smith will stay on as executive chairman. The move comes months after Vice made headlines for its history with sexual harassment allegations. And some reportedly not so impressive revenue results. Now, it's bringing on Dubuc to help transform the media company from 'industry rebel' to 'industry power-player.'

PS: Nancy Dubuc is on the couch with us for this week's podcast. Listen here.

What to say when your favorite lunch spot closes…

Breaking my heart. Just like Gigi and Zayn.



A rom-com with a bloody twist. Think: "You've Got Mail" meets "The Walking Dead." Skimm HQ's favorite zomcom - "Santa Clarita Diet" - is coming back (from the dead) for a second season next week and you can catch up here. Sweet dreams.


For when you can't get up in the morning…

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For when you want to feel like a boss...

Listen to this one. "Skimm'd from The Couch" is new this week with Nancy Dubuc. She just left A+E Networks and is taking over as CEO at Vice Media. Listen here to find out why she's in such high demand.

For when you're feeling uninspired…

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