Skimm'd with a glass of Riesling

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MARCH 19, 2018


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Skimm'd with a glass of Riesling


"$19,000" – How much Blue Ivy Carter bid on a piece of art before Jay-Z made her put the paddle down. Guess he didn't want her spending her allowance in one place.


The Story

President Trump has been openly attacking special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

What's going on?

On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. He was two days away from retiring with full benefits after 21 years. Sessions says this was in part because McCabe leaked info to the press. McCabe says this is part of a bigger Trump administration effort to discredit Mueller's Russia investigation. Also, just like former FBI Director James Comey, McCabe took notes on his convos with Trump – and apparently handed these memos over to Mueller.

What does Trump say?

That the memos are fake. And Mueller's investigation is biased against him because it's made up of "Crooked Hillary supporters." Unclear if he's counting Mueller, who's a Republican. Trump's lawyer also said it's time for the investigation to end. Last night, a White House lawyer said no one's firing Mueller just yet.

Anything else?

Over the weekend, Facebook suspended a data analytics firm that the Trump campaign used after it obtained hundreds of thousands of users' info in a way that violated the Book's rules. The firm also told Facebook it deleted the info...when it didn't. And apparently met with Russian business execs who wanted to know how the firm's data was used to target American voters.


If Trump wanted to fire Mueller, there are a lot of steps he'd need to take first – and a lot of people he'd be going up against. Both sides of the aisle made it clear this weekend that they want Trump to leave the investigation alone.


What to say when your friend stands you up again...

Not surprised. Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was re-elected. By a landslide. He was first elected in 2000. He didn't run in 2008 because of term limits, but was tapped as prime minister and basically ran the show behind the scenes. In 2012, he ran again and won. By a lot. Ever since, Putin has re-positioned Russia as the main adversary to the West, invading part of Ukraine and boosting Syrian President Assad in the country's civil war. And there was that time US intelligence officials said he OK'd the attack on the 2016 election. This time around, Putin ran against a handful of minor candidates and his biggest opponent was banned from the race. There are also reports of ballot stuffing and forced voting. So, this isn't really a surprise. Now, the country is giving Putin another six years to try and bring Russia to global superpower status.

What people are talking about...

These Austin explosions. Yesterday, two men were seriously injured after an explosion in Austin, TX. It comes after three package explosions in the city this month. Two people have died. This fourth explosion happened hours after police increased the reward for information to $100,000. It's still unclear who is behind the attacks or what their motive is.

What to say when you watch a sad movie alone...

Pass the Kleenex. March Madness fans are saying 'same' after a weekend full of upsets. The No. 16 seed UMBC crushed no. 1 seed Virginia. By double digits. And it definitely messed up your bracket. But yesterday, Kansas State ruined UMBC's Cinderella dreams. Another no. 1 seed was defeated when Florida State beat Xavier by five points. Oh and no. 11 Syracuse kicked no. 3 Michigan State to the curb. Texas A&M beat the tournament defending champs. And Nevada made a crazy comeback. BTW, UConn women broke some records. Next up: Sweet 16. Which starts on Thursday. Download our sports cal so you don't miss any of the big games.

What people are watching...

Syria. Yesterday, Turkish forces seized control of the Syrian city Afrin. Afrin has a heavy Kurdish population – an ethnic minority group in places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. Reminder: Turkey and Syrian Kurds are important US allies in the fight against ISIS. An issue for Turkey – who says Syrian Kurds are terrorists. So earlier this year, Turkey started attacking the Kurdish-populated city. Now it looks like it's taken control of it. Tens of thousands have fled the region in recent days. And this is all happening as Syria is starting its eighth year of civil war.

What to say when you get a birth control refill…

Some guys may be doing that soon.



Taking yourself out on a date. Like to the movies or dinner. Treat yo'self.


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For when you eat cereal for dinner…

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