Skimm'd after cleaning out our closets

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MARCH 20, 2018


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Skimm'd after cleaning out our closets


"Selena Gomez flaunts post-breakup ukulele" – A real headline. Who needs Justin Bieber, anyway.


The Story

The city of Austin, TX is on edge as police warn they're dealing with a "serial bomber."

What's going on?

This month, there have been four bombings in Texas's capital. Two people have been killed and four have been injured. The first three attacks were caused by packages left on people's doorsteps. But the most recent attack involved an explosive left on the side of the road, and triggered by a tripwire. Police say this shows "a higher level of skill." Yesterday, they put the neighborhood on lockdown. And have asked that anyone with security footage please speak up.

Do we know the motive?

Not yet. Police are looking into whether the serial bombings are domestic terrorism. Or possibly a hate crime – since the first few victims were black or Hispanic.


Police have no suspect, no motive, and reason to believe the bomber is changing up their tactics. Until this person is caught, Austin residents should be on high alert.


What to say when you need a minute…

Pause. Yesterday, Uber said it's pushing pause on testing self-driving cars after one of its vehicles hit and killed a woman in Arizona. Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft have been trying to make self-driving cars the norm. They're supposed to better follow traffic laws, eliminate distracted drivers, and have technology to stop them from hitting pedestrians. But earlier this week, this Uber car hit a woman. There was a backup driver behind the wheel, but the car was on 'auto mode.' Uber's now taking its self-driving cars off the road across the US. Facebook also had a rough Monday. It came out that its chief information security officer is planning to say 'bye' to the company. The Book's been getting a lot of heat for spreading misinformation from Russian-linked accounts during and after the 2016 US election. And being pretty slow to acknowledge the problem. This exec pushed for making more info about Russia's campaigns public, but reportedly got pushback from other company leaders. He's expected to pack up his desk in August.

What to say when you hear Mississippi has a tough new abortion law...

President Trump's getting tough too. Yesterday, he announced a new plan to fix the opioid epidemic, but it's raising some eyebrows. Reminder: opioids are painkillers that come in legal (like OxyContin and Vicodin) and not-so-legal forms (like heroin). The epidemic has killed tens of thousands of people in the past couple of years. Last year, Trump declared it a public health emergency. Which didn't do much besides acknowledge that there's a problem. Now part of his new plan is to crack down on drug traffickers – as in give some of them the death penalty. Critics are saying 'hi, Rodrigo Duterte 2.0' and that this could get held up in court. Supporters say drug traffickers are responsible for killing thousands of people, and that the Justice Dept already OK's the death penalty for some major drug-related crimes. Other parts of Trump's plan include cutting down opioid prescriptions and expanding treatment for addicts.

What to say when you hear Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt's mashup

The UK and EU are working on a little something too – how to pull off a smooth Brexit transition. Yesterday, they agreed on some of the details. Back in 2016, the UK voted to break free from the EU. The two have been in talks to hash out the terms ever since. And this is the biggest breakthrough so far. Here's what we know: Brexit is expected to start on March 29, 2019. There'll be a 21-month transition period, then the UK will be flying solo starting December 2020. They also settled on how the UK will handle trade deals and immigration in the meantime. What's not officially settled: Ireland. It's part of the EU, but Northern Ireland is part of the UK. The two areas have had some beef, and there've been a lot of questions about what'll happen with the border between them post-Brexit. The EU thinks that Northern Ireland should still get access to parts of the EU's single market. The UK has mixed feelings about that. The transition deal goes to the heads of the EU later this week.

What to say to your friend who just got their residency…

Hear about this? There's apparently a breakthrough in stem cell research that could help some people get their sight back. Two people with an eye disease reportedly got a stem cell patch on the damaged part of their eyes. And scientists reportedly say the patients regained enough sight to read and even recognize faces that used to be blurs. The treatment may be available for others in just a few years. In other cool stem cell news, scientists say they might've found a treatment for a type of multiple sclerosis (MS) – the disease that causes your immune system to destroy your nerve endings and can lead to disabilities. The treatment uses chemotherapy to wipe out a patient's immune system and then reboots it with stem cells from blood and bone marrow that aren't affected by MS. Researchers say it majorly reduced the chance that people with this type of MS relapsed.

What to say when you hear Miranda Hobbes is running for NY governor

Claire's is running towards bankruptcy.

What to say to your friend who's always the last one to finish eating…

This woman has tips.


The Wiggle

Not a dance. It's a way to brush in the AM and PM, one tooth at a time, that involves wiggling your brush around each tooth. No debris left behind. This electric toothbrush is your best dance partner for the wiggle. And it looks good too.


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