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MARCH 21, 2018


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Skimm'd from the couch with our mentor


"Not as large as my collar and glove collections" – RBG is trying to mix up her Supreme Court wardrobe with scrunchies.


The Story

The FTC is lifting the hood on Facebook.

Why's that?

Cambridge Analytica is a data analytics firm that the Trump campaign used to help with targeted political ads. Back in 2015, the firm got permission from some Facebook users to access their private data through an app tied to the firm via Facebook's login feature. The firm collected info on not just those users, but their 'friends' who hadn't given permission. About 50 million people had their data swiped.

Is that allowed?

It used to be. Then Facebook changed its rules. And says Cambridge promised in 2015 that the data would be deleted. Surprise: it wasn't. And Cambridge used the info for targeted political ads.

Why is Facebook in trouble?

Because apparently Facebook knew about this...but didn't really do that much about it until last week when it kicked Cambridge Analytics off its platform. Right before the story broke. Now, the FTC's getting involved.

Is that it?

Nope. Facebook officials are expected to meet with lawmakers in DC this week to talk about WTF is going on. And eventually they're hoping to hear from Zuck himself, who's been mum on all this. Also, Cambridge Analytica's CEO was suspended after he was caught on tape talking about entrapping politicians with bribes and sex.


There are still a lot of Qs and uncertainty around how the billions of Facebook users can trust the company with their info. And people want answers yesterday.


What people are talking about…

Texas. Earlier today, the suspect behind the recent bombings there reportedly died during a police confrontation. This month, there have been a number of explosions there, including one at a FedEx distribution center in San Antonio yesterday. The bombs have killed two people and injured a few others. Late last night, another device went off in Austin, but police said it's unrelated. Now authorities reportedly say the suspect's dead, though it's still unclear how.

What to say when your co-worker says she's expecting…

Lawmakers are prepping for their own announcement…a $1.3 trillion spending bill. Congress is supposed to agree on a budget every year to keep the lights on. But that rarely happens. Instead, they've been passing short-term spending bills that force lawmakers to revisit the issue every few months. The next one is due Friday or — yes — the government shuts down. For the third time this year. There aren't a ton of details out yet, but it includes a major budget boost for the Pentagon. The House is hoping to vote as early as today before sending it to the Senate.

What to say to your friend who has JD in their title…

President Trump might be looking for legal advice. Yesterday, a former Playboy model — who claims she had an affair with Trump over a decade ago — sued the company that paid for her story but didn't publish it. She's hoping to now speak out about what allegedly went down. Also, a polygraph that Stormy Daniels took once may support her claims of allegedly having an affair with Trump. Also, a former "Apprentice" contestant got the green light on her defamation lawsuit against Trump after a judge denied a motion to dismiss it. Trump has denied all allegations.

What to say when you catch your SO Netflix cheating...

Shut it down. Yesterday, a federal judge temporarily blocked a new Mississippi abortion law. Mississippi already bans abortions after 20 weeks. Earlier this month, state lawmakers cut that down to 15 — in what would be the most restrictive abortion law in the US. There are some exceptions – but rape and incest don't count. Earlier this week, the state's governor signed the law. The state's only clinic that provides abortions said 'I don't think so' and quickly sued. Now, a judge hit the brakes and put a temporary restraining order on the law.

What to say when you give someone relationship advice...

They'll probably ignore it, just like Trump may have ignored an all-caps warning.


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