Skimm'd under a blanket with cider

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MARCH 22, 2018


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Skimm'd under a blanket with cider


"Shaggy" – On the lineup for the Queen's 92nd birthday. The party will definitely be boombastic.


The Story

The real Mark Zuckerberg finally stood up.

What are you talking about?

Since last week, Facebook has been going through a major crisis. Yesterday, the company's CEO finally spoke out.

Remind me what's going on here.

Cambridge Analytica is a political consulting firm that helped the Trump campaign with targeted ads. Back in 2015, a psychology professor gave the firm access to the info of 50 million people based on personal data from Facebook. Some of them had given the researcher permission to access their data...most did not. None of them gave Cambridge Analytica permission to use it. So all of this was a big no, no.

What did Facebook do?

It told Cambridge Analytica to delete the data – which didn't happen. Instead, it was used for targeted political ads.

What are people saying?

That it's pretty F'd up that Facebook knew this data was being wrongly used, but didn't do a whole lot about it. Now, people are wondering how else their data is being used without their knowledge. Some say it's time to #deletefacebook.

What does Zuckerberg have to say?

That he's "really sorry." That he's open to regulating Facebook and to testifying before Congress. That privacy is a big deal. And that he's taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again.


Your friends have been moving off the platform for years. Now, its stock is down, a shareholder is suing, and users are losing trust.


What people are watching…

Boko Haram. Last month, the Islamist militant group kidnapped dozens of girls from their school in Nigeria. Yesterday, most of them were released. Along with a reported warning: "don't ever put your daughters in school again." Boko Haram has been tormenting the country for almost a decade. The group made international headlines in 2014 when it kidnapped almost 300 schoolgirls – about 100 of them are still being held. The Nigerian government says it's since defeated the group. Apparently not. Last month, 110 girls were taken from their school. The government says 104 of them have been let go. Some think the government paid a ransom to avoid getting similar criticism it faced back in 2014. But the government says they were released "through back-channel efforts."

What people are talking about…

Austin, TX. Yesterday, the suspected "serial bomber" blew himself up when police closed in on him. This month, the city of Austin, TX has been on edge after multiple bombs have gone off in the area. Authorities say the suspect was 23 years old and unemployed – but they're still investigating his motive. Police are also warning people to be careful because there may still be other devices out there.

What to say while negotiating a new salary...

How about a little higher? The Federal Reserve's hiking things up too. Yesterday, the US central bank bumped up interest rates. Again. Reminder: interest rates dropped to basically zero during the '08 financial crisis. The goal: make it easier for people to borrow money so they could still drop cash on big-ticket items. And help give the economy that little boost it needed. But the economy's been on the up and up for the last few years. So the Fed's been slowly creeping those rates back up. This new hike is the sixth one since 2015. But wait, there's more: expect to see two more hikes this year. Partayyyy.

What to say when your co-worker sends a post-mortem report...

Let's take a look. That's what the NYC buildings regulator is saying after launching investigations into more than a dozen Kushner Co. properties. Earlier this week, a report came out that the real estate developer regularly filed paperwork saying it had zero rent-regulated tenants. The number was apparently more like hundreds. Problem, because it means the co might've been able to push these tenants out in favor of higher-paying renters on the down low. And Jared Kushner – President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser – was in charge when all of this would have gone down. That wasn't the only thing keeping Kushner up last night. Yesterday we learned that the Saudi Crown Prince reportedly said Kushner was "in his pocket." And that he passed on to the prince the names of Saudis who've been disloyal to him. Kushner reportedly says 'wasn't me.'

What to say after you're finally caught up on "This Is Us"…

Good timing. March Madness Sweet 16 is starting up tonight. Want to know when and where to watch? Download theSkimm app here.

What to say to your friend who's trying to be an influencer...

Take, er, read a page out of Bill Cunningham's memoir.


Last month's mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, FL was one of the worst in modern US history. Since then, some surviving students have organized a movement to change national gun policy. theSkimm sat down with Emma González and David Hogg, two leaders of the movement, ahead of the March For Our Lives on Saturday. Here's some of that interview...

David: I think there are two main things that made [the national reaction to the shooting] different this time. The fact that a lot of the students that are a part of this movement are journalists...and because we're extremely white, we're extremely privileged, and we come from an affluent community. Every single day, in Liberty City, in Chicago and Compton, and places of color and low socioeconomic status, there are children being murdered as a result of gun violence.

Watch more of the interview here.


For when you're refilling your Nalgene...

Heads up: it's World Water Day. Our Skimm'r of the Week Nora Shauna Jackson is a first grader who gave $8.15 of the $12 she had saved to charity: water. That's the non-profit making sure people in developing countries have access to clean, safe drinking water. Take a page from Nora's book and consider donating $8.15 today. Here's how.

For when your friend tells you she's pregnant…

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