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MARCH 23, 2018


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Skimm'd while binging a zomcom


"It's part of the drama" – A CBS producer on why the network shows kids crying during March Madness. Reeeeal nice.


National Security Adviser

The Story

President Trump is making some staffing changes. Again.

What's going on?

Last night, he said he's swapping out National Security Adviser HR McMaster for John Bolton. McMaster – a three-star general – was seen as a moderating force over Trump's national security team. But they didn't always click on things – like the Iran nuclear deal or what to do in Afghanistan. This comes weeks after rumors started he was next in the Trump admin to get the boot. And days after it was leaked Trump ignored the national security memo that read "DO NOT CONGRATULATE" Russian President Putin on his re-election win. Details.

So...who is John Bolton?

He's a Fox News contributor known for some pretty aggressive foreign policy opinions. Like that the US should help overthrow the Iranian regime. And preemptively attack North Korea. He also had a short run as UN ambassador under George W Bush. But resigned after a year because the Senate refused to confirm his appointment.


These are just some of the people that have either been fired or resigned in recent weeks: FBI deputy director, communications director, top economic adviser, secretary of state, Trump's top attorney...and now, national security adviser.


The Story

China is threatening to hit back at the US – hard – with some new tariffs.

What's going on?

Yesterday, Trump said he's ready to impose tariffs on up to $60 billion in Chinese products coming to the US. Everything from your shoes to your electronics could get more expensive as a result. Trump's also planning to block Chinese companies from investing in American technology.

Why now?

This is all in response to a government investigation that found that China stole US technology and trade secrets.

What are people saying?

Supporters say it's time for America to defend itself against unfair trade deals. Critics say this could start a trade war. The Dow said 'I'm scared.' And China says 'we'll raise you one.' It's now threatening to retaliate with tariffs on 128 US products. The biggest potential target...soybeans.


If a US-China trade war kicks off, workers in all areas from farming to tech could feel the effects of it. And chances are you might feel it in your wallet too.


What to say when you finish a project right before the deadline...

We did it. Congress just passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill, working to avoid a government shutdown. For months, lawmakers have been passing short-term bills to put a band-aid on the issue. But now they finally have a bill to keep the gov going through the end of September – when they have to do this song and dance all over again. The bill is more than 2,000 pages long. And includes billions of dollars for the Pentagon, the opioid crisis, and infrastructure projects. It lets the CDC study gun violence...something Congress hasn't give the thumbs up to in decades. What's not included: a DACA fix. And the billions of dollars President Trump wanted for his border wall – though he still more than $1 billion to get the wall started. Now, it's on to President Trump's desk, who's expected to sign it.

What to say when your co-worker asks what you're up to this weekend…

This may be on your radar. Tomorrow is March for Our Lives, where people in DC and around the world are rallying for stricter gun control legislation. The protest was planned by surviving students from last month's high school shooting in Parkland, FL. As many as 500,000 people could attend the rally in DC. And there more than 800 events happening worldwide. We talked to Emma González and David Hogg – two students behind the movement – ahead of the march. Watch some of our interview here.

Who people are talking about…

Stephon Clark. Earlier this week, the 22-year-old black man was killed when police fired about 20 shots at him while he was in his grandparents' backyard. Police in Sacramento, CA were responding to a 911 call reporting a man in a hoodie breaking car windows. They spotted Clark and moved in on him. The officers say they shot him because they thought he had a gun. It was an iPhone. A couple days later, body camera and helicopter footage were released. Before the body camera footage ends, one of the officers says "Hey mute" and then there's silence. The incident is under investigation and the officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

What to say when you're in a spring cleaning mood…

So is Best Buy. The nation's largest consumer electronics retailer will stop selling Huawei products over the next few weeks. The Chinese company is the world's third-largest smartphone maker. Earlier this year, US intelligence agencies warned that the Chinese gov could use Huawei products to spy on Americans. Not good since Huawei was trying to make it in the US market. Now, Best Buy is keeping them on the struggle bus. BTW, Amazon has a patent for a drone that understands screaming and flailing arms. So, yeah.

What to say to your friend who hasn't broken Lent yet…

Crushing it. Just like Loyola-Chicago.

What to say when you can't figure something out…

Don't worry, Clarissa is back to explain it all again.


For when your parents say they're bored in the suburbs...

Not all suburbs are a snooze. Meet "Santa Clarita Diet." Season 2 is baaack today. Sheila Hammond (aka Drew Barrymore) still has some v questionable habits. And her hubby Joel is still by her side. You can watch here on Netflix, or add it to your queue for later.*

For when you wake up before the alarm…

It's a miracle. But this really is. "Anatomy of a Miracle" by Jonathan Miles is a novel that reads like a true story. It's about a US veteran whose paralysis from the War in Afghanistan is miraculously cured. Cue a media frenzy and you finishing this story in days. Get into it here.

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