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MARCH 27, 2018


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"Discrimination against my culture" – A French waiter was fired for being rude and is suing. But of course.



The Story

President Trump is sending 60 Russian diplomats back to the Motherland.

What is this about?

Earlier this month, a Russian former spy living in the UK and his daughter were poisoned…using a nerve agent developed by Russia. The UK responded by kicking out 23 Russian diplomats that it says are spies, and cutting off high-level diplomatic ties to Russia. Since then, more than 20 countries followed its lead. Yesterday, the US said 'hold my beer.'

What happened?

The Trump administration is kicking out 60 Russian diplomats accused of being spies. It's also shutting down the Russian consulate in Seattle that's too close for comfort to a US submarine base. The US has kicked out Russian diplomats before – but says this one's the biggest expulsion in the country's history.


Trump has caught juuuust a few side eyes for his apparent reluctance to criticize Russia. This announcement – timed alongside Canada and other allies' announcement – was a major show of force against Moscow.


The Story

The FTC has confirmed that yup, it's definitely investigating Facebook.

Didn't we already know this?

Not officially. This has to do with that political consulting firm that worked for President Trump's campaign – Cambridge Analytica – which got access to 50 million Facebook users' personal data. Thanks to some old Facebook policies, they got almost all of it without people's permission. Now, the FTC is looking into whether this was a breach of privacy. The Senate Judiciary Committee is saying 'hey Mark Zuckerberg, wanna talk?' And nearly 40 state attorneys general are saying 'we need answers now.'


This scandal has been opening the door to how our private data is being used without our consent. Many people are uncomfortable. Facebook's stock has been going through the wringer. And some are hinting at regulation.


What to say when you hear there's a Chinese space station hurtling towards Earth…

Probably not a big deal, but this might be. Yesterday, it came out that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may or may not be visiting China. China has been North Korea's closest ally. But things have been icy between the two countries since China supported international sanctions against the North over its nuke program. The rumors that Kim's going on spring break there started with photos and video that showed an old-style green train arriving to Beijing… the kind of train previously used by his dad. Cue speculation. There was also more security at a Beijing guesthouse where North Korean leaders have previously stayed. Cue more speculation. Earlier today, the train reportedly left Beijing. Unclear who may have been on or where it could be headed. If Kim visited China, it would be his first known trip outside of North Korea since taking power in 2011. And it comes amid preparations for a meeting with President Trump.

What people are talking about…

Linda Brown. Brown — who's known for being the girl in the 1954 US Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education — died over the weekend in Topeka, Kansas at age 76. In 1950, her father tried to enroll her in an all-white school. The school said 'she's not welcome here.' So her dad filed a lawsuit. Four similar cases eventually joined the Brown case and made it all the way to the Supremes. The court ruled that segregated schools were "inherently unequal," and instructed schools around the country to desegregate.

What to say to your friend who wore a hemp necklace in high school…

It's making a comeback. Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he'll push a bill to make US hemp production easier. Important: Hemp is not weed. It's used as a material in a whole bunch of products (think: hemp rope, hemp milk). But it's often associated with weed because the two plants come from the same species. For years, hemp has been on a list of controlled substances that are illegal to grow without a federal permit. Now, McConnell wants US hemp growers to let their hemp freak flag fly by reducing restrictions. He says hemp "can be an important part of our future." Dude, yes.

What to say to your friend who runs at 6 am…

I'll never be like you. Same for these athletes. Yesterday, the women's Elite Eight wrapped up. UConn beat South Carolina by double digits. And Notre Dame edged out a win over Oregon. They are joining Louisville and Mississippi State in the Final Four.

PS: Don't miss out on the last March Madness games. Our app lets you know when and how to watch everything.

What to say when you hear what Wall Street bankers get for a bonus…

Must be nice. This Heineken ad isn't.

What to say when your aunt asks why you're still single…

Because I don't want to marry a tree, like this woman.



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