Skimm'd while answering your Qs on how to turn a side hustle into a business

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MARCH 29, 2018



Skimm'd while answering your Qs on how to turn a side hustle into a business


"Does anyone know Darian?" – Carnival Cruise wanted a word with the person whose Snapchat handle is @CarnivalCruise.


The Story

Atlanta's government computer files have been held hostage. For a week now.

Excuse me?

One week ago today, Atlanta's government computer system was hit by a malware attack that encrypted a big chunk of the city's files. To unlock everything, the hackers demanded a $51,000 ransom in bitcoin, which could be due around now. The city's government has been in chaos ever since. It might be one of the biggest cyberattacks against a major US city, ever.

Who did this?

Unclear. Experts are pointing fingers at an anonymous group of hackers called SamSam that apparently pulls this stuff pretty regularly.

So this has happened before?

Yup, in places like Texas and Colorado. Last year, hackers got into Dallas's tornado warning system. And freaked everyone out in the middle of the night by blasting a fake – and loud – tornado warning. Earlier this year, Denver's transportation department was also hacked. The dept managed to decrypt its files without paying up. But then got hacked again – and didn't pay up again.


Governments aren't exactly known for being high-tech. But the fact that they're getting hacked and held for ransom on a somewhat regular basis may mean it's time to throw out the Windows 95 computers and start acting like it's 2018.


What to say when you keep getting interrupted in the meeting…

Enough. Yesterday, all 22 female US Senators said it's time to get a move on that sexual harassment legislation. Last year, everyone found out that some senators had been settling sexual harassment claims with taxpayer dollars. Oh, and Congress also requires an accuser to undergo counseling, mediation, and a "cooling off" period before filing a lawsuit. Last month, the House unanimously passed a bill that would stop alleged harassers from using taxpayer money to settle claims. Big deal since the House rarely does anything unanimously. It went on to the Senate. And stayed there. Many thought it would be tacked on as part of the recent spending bill that passed. But it wasn't. Now, the female senators sent a letter to the Senate's leaders saying 'what's the holdup?'

What to say when you hear the Trump emoluments lawsuit can move forward

The Veterans Affairs Secretary cannot. Yesterday, President Trump kicked out David Shulkin. He was under fire for several things. Like that time he went on a 10-day eurotrip with his wife – who flew with him on America's credit card. There have been a lot of senior positions vacated in recent weeks, including communications director, secretary of state, and national security adviser. Now, Trump wants his personal doctor to take the VA job. In other things Trump doesn't like, special counsel Robert Mueller is baaaaaack. Earlier this week, Mueller filed court documents claiming that Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates were in touch with someone with ties to Russian intelligence. This happened during the 2016 campaign, and Mueller says Gates knew about the ties. Fun fact, Gates already pleaded guilty to conspiracy and making false statements and is cooperating with Mueller's investigation. Manafort is not.

What to say when you hear scientists discovered a new organ

Mind blowing. Yesterday, scientists said they've found a galaxy that doesn't seem to have much dark matter – if any. Stay with us. Dark matter: a material you can't see that scientists think makes up most of the universe. Scientists know it exists because it has its own gravitational pull that interacts with things we CAN see, like stars. Except this galaxy has very little room for any dark matter. Dun, dun, dun. This challenges what we know about how galaxies are formed.

What to say when you hear Ecuador cut off Julian Assange's Internet...

Too bad he can't read Donald Glover's "Deadpool" script.

What to say when you ask someone to give you some space...

Why are you still here? Looking at you, R Kelly.


Turns out, you don't need a degree to turn your idea into a reality...but you might need a couch (and a lot of caffeine). We've recently been sitting down with women who've inspired us from the beginning for some real talk in our first podcast, Skimm'd from The Couch.

Now we're talking to you about how to make the most of your careers — whether that means working your way up, changing paths, or taking a big idea to the next level. First up: how to turn your side hustle into something bigger. Listen to our bonus podcast, Founder Chat, here. And stay tuned. There's more SkimMBA where that came from.


For when someone says 'sleep on it'...

Doing all sorts of work in my sleep. This face serum from Estée Lauder helps repair your skin while you zzzz, reducing damage from UV rays, pollution, stress, etc. So you can wake up looking like you got more sleep than you actually did. It'll get under your skin. In a good way. Get it here.*

For when you want to send Easter flowers to your family…

These ones will do the trick. They're easy to order online, eco-friendly, and come in fresh spring arrangements. Somebunny will thank you. Get them here.*

For when you're getting ready for family time this weekend…

So is Skimm HQ. We're observing Passover and Good Friday, which means no Daily Skimm tomorrow. We'll see you back here on Monday, after your Peeps and matzah coma.

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