Skimm'd while crashing on the basics of doing our taxes

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APRIL 02, 2018


Learn the Basics on Taxes Here

Skimm'd while crashing on the basics of doing our taxes


"Excellent communication skills" – A requirement for the lifeguard position at a nudist campground. It's all about maintaining eye contact.


The Story

Protests continue over the death of Stephon Clark.

Back up.

Last month, police officers in Sacramento, CA killed the 22-year-old black man in his grandma's backyard while responding to a call about someone breaking into car windows. At first, police said Clark had been facing them when they opened fire, and that they thought he had a gun in his hands. It was an iPhone. After the shooting, both officers put their body cams on mute before the footage ends. On Friday, a private autopsy requested by the Clark family was released. The results show he was shot eight times — mostly in the back. This contradicts official police reports.

What's happening now?

For days, protesters have been calling for police reform, and for the officers involved to be fired. Also...over the weekend at a vigil in Sacramento, a woman was hit by a sheriff's car – which appears to drive away after. Sacramento police say they are investigating.

Anything else?

On Friday, the Baton Rouge Police Department fired one of the officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling in 2016 for violating use-of-force rules. And released more footage of the incident that shows the officer threatening to shoot Sterling seconds into the encounter. Interesting timing, since last week Louisiana officials said they would not charge the officers involved.


Clark's death, and the disturbing new details about the circumstances that led to Sterling's death, are bringing up all-too-familiar questions about race and policing in America.


What to say when you hear about the Chinese space station that just hit earth

Saw it coming. Just like these tariffs. Today, China's imposing tariffs on more than 120 US products, including pork, dried fruit, and wine. Last month, the Trump administration hit pretty much all the countries with steel and aluminum tariffs. The goal being to protect US workers in these industries from foreign competition. Critics said this could turn into a trade war – but President Trump doesn't seem worried. Later last month he told China, 'I'm not done with you.' He accused China of unfairly getting access to US intellectual property. And said he's planning to hit China with major tariffs on things like their tech industry. China isn't down. Yesterday, they said they were raising these tariffs – worth $3 billion – in response to the US's steel and aluminum tariffs. But they haven't responded to the threat of the tech tariffs – worth around $50 billion. Now, they want the US to negotiate so we can all keep trading like we used to. TBD how that works out.

What to say when you see the Sinclair news anchors video...

Tuning out. But tuning into March Madness. Last night, Notre Dame beat Mississippi State and nabbed the school's second women's basketball championship. All thanks to guard Arike Ogunbowale's last-second three. The Irish were down for most of the game. MS State's star center Teaira McCowan was dominating. Until everything was all tied up and Ogunbowale pulled off a buzzer beater. Again. Tonight, the final two men's teams take the court. It's No. 3 Michigan v No. 1 Villanova. Michigan crushed Loyola-Chicago's Cinderella dreams to get here. Sorry, Sister Jean. Villanova dribbled circles around Kansas – and set a record for number of three-pointers in the Final Four. Now the Wildcats are hoping for their second championship in three seasons. Alley-oop there it is.

PS: Don't miss the final game. Our app gives you a heads up when big events like this are going down. Get it here.

What to say to your friend who needs a new wedding guest outfit…

Maybe avoid Saks. Yesterday, a cybersecurity firm said Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor – which are owned by the same company – were hacked. And that the hackers stole more than five million credit and debit card numbers. It gets worse: they also started selling some of them online. They apparently pulled it off by installing a certain software in cash register systems. Looks like it only affected people who bought things in stores, not online. But don't worry, it's not like it's been happening for almost a full year. Oh wait.

What people are talking about…

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Over the weekend, a massive protest along the border of Gaza turned violent. Gaza is a Palestinian-held territory that Israel's blockaded for years. Palestinians planned this protest for the next six weeks to call on Israel to lift the blockade and let them return to homes on Israel's side that they say are theirs. Israel says some protesters got rowdy and threw rocks and Molotov cocktails. Israeli forces used tear gas and gunfire in response, killing at least 15 Palestinians and injuring more than 1,400. It was the deadliest day in the conflict in years. Now the EU and UN are calling for an investigation. Israel's saying 'not necessary.' And that its military mostly shot at members of Hamas, an Islamist militant group that runs Gaza.

What to say when everyone's raving about "Jesus Christ Superstar Live"...

Good stuff. Just like Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt's sweet condo deal.


This year, theSkimm is going deep on topics you told us you wanted more of. Like your health (see here. More to come). And now, your finances. Meet, Skimm Money. This week is all about taxes because that due date is only weeks away. And there's a lot you need to hand over to The Man.

First up, the basics. Tax Day is different this year. So update your cal, and say hello to April 17. Here's what's on your to-do list for that day:

File your tax return: April 17 is the last day to do it. For many people, you're submitting a 1040: your way to settle with the gov who needs to Venmo who, and how much. If you need to hit snooze, file this guy. You'll have six more months to do it – clock starts now.

Contribute to an IRA: April 17 is also the last day to get as much as you can into an IRA for 2017 – a way to save for retirement and push off paying some taxes. Even if you have a 401(k), people like IRAs because they often have more investment choices. But reminder: you have to let it sit. You often can't touch that money for years...unless you wanna pay a fine.

Pay estimated taxes for 2018: If you're self-employed, you have to pay the gov your first round of estimated taxes for 2018. Too. Much. Fun.

- That's not all. We Skimm'd the dates and forms you need to get to filing.


For when you can't concentrate on your bracket and work at the same time…

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