Skimm'd while sipping tea and watching this show

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APRIL 05, 2018


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Skimm'd while sipping tea and watching this show


"Dilly Dilly" – Words you are apparently not allowed to say at the Masters Golf Tournament.



The Story

Facebook ran the numbers. Turns out, 87 million people – not 50 million – may have had their data shared with political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Starting Monday, you can find out if you were one of the millions. The company also put out some new policies to be more transparent about the data it's collecting from you. Fun stuff.


CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify in front of Congress next week about all of the above. Interesting timing for the status update, Mark…


The Story

Investigators are learning more about the woman who shot and injured three people at YouTube HQ this week. She was allegedly a YouTuber who was angry with recent policy changes – like making it more difficult for smaller channels to get ad revenue.


Police are still investigating the attack. But the suspect's social media presence is now front and center.


The Story

Thousands of Google employees are calling on the CEO to stop helping the Pentagon with its program to use artificial intelligence to help analyze drone videos. Google says that the project has nothing to do with combat situations. Google's employees say that's fine, but it could down the road.


There's a lot of uneasiness over the dangers of AI and what it could be used for. Now, some Google employees are trying to draw a line in the sand.


What to say when the party starts winding down…

Should I stay or should I go. Yesterday, the White House said that the US will continue to fight ISIS in Syria...but it wants out soon. In 2014, the US started a large international coalition to fight the terror group in the region. The US has been conducting thousands of airstrikes in Iraq and Syria and has deployed about 2,000 troops to Syria to help fight ISIS. Last week, President Trump said the US is on its way out the door. He also froze more than $200 million in recovery funds for Syria. Now, Trump is saying the US will keep fighting there until ISIS is defeated. But reportedly thinks it's on Arab allies to clean up the mess. Unclear how long that means US troops will stay. In other news, Trump is sending the National Guard to the US-Mexico border to crack down on illegal immigration. The administration is still working out the specifics of how many troops will be sent or how long they'll be there.

What to say when you hear bowhead whales are the jazz singers of the Arctic

Very cool, just like these black holes. A new study shows there could be thousands of black holes near the middle of the Milky Way. Reminder: black holes are a massive amount of matter squeezed reeeally tight together, like putting Spanx on a star. For years, scientists knew there was a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. And had a sneaking suspicion it was surrounded by friends. But they had no proof. Now, thanks to X-ray emissions, they've found a dozen new black holes that make them think their estimate is right.

What to say when you hear about flying veils

Very strange. Speaking of, this week, a filmmaker filed a lawsuit against the creators of Netflix's "Stranger Things" for allegedly stealing the idea for the show. In 2012, he came out with a short film called "Montauk"...that involves a missing kid and government experiments. Interesting. The filmmaker claims that he met the creators of "Stranger Things" at a party in 2014 and pitched them his story. The creators claim they never saw the film or met with the filmmaker.

What to say when you run into one of President Trump's lawyers...

Read the fine print.

What to say when you're packing for a trip…

But do you have a matching sweater?


You asked us to go deep on topics like your personal finances. So this week, we're talking taxes. Every once in a while, the US tax code gets some edits. Thanks, Congress. Last year, it got a whole new revamp. Here's where you'll spot some differences...

Your paycheck: You're prob already getting a little extra cash money in that paycheck thanks to the new tax brackets – how the gov decides how much to tax you based on your salary. Most people are expected to get a bump. And yours may have happened as early as February.

Your mortgage: If you bought a new house after December 14, 2017, you can't write off as much from the interest on your mortgage debt as you previously could. Womp womp.

Your health care: No health care, no problem...starting next year. The part of Obamacare that says you have to pay a fine if you don't have insurance goes away next year. But for now, you'll still need coverage to avoid that tax fee.

- New tax code, new you. Here's what to expect.

- Hear the pros and cons of the new tax code from some of the biggest names on Capitol Hill. Hint: Ryan, Cruz, Warren. Watch here.

- Want to go deeper? We Skimm'd the history of taxes for you in our app. Get it here.


For your friend who wore overalls before everyone else...

Ahead of the curve. Just like the main characters in "Howards End." It's a new limited series about two progressive sisters living in early 20th century England. Warning: might make you realllly want a British accent. Download the STARZ app here for a free weeklong trial and then tune in on Sunday at 8PM.*

For your friend who owns a lot of polos…

This is fore you. Take him or her to a golf tournament in Florida. How does the Player's Championship sound? Behind-the-scenes tour, flight, hotel, and sunglasses included. Enter here.

For when you can't decide what movie to watch…

How about these? This Insta account shows you scenes from movies and how they were written in the screenplay. Watch here.

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