Skimm'd while painting the town…

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APRIL 09, 2018


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Skimm'd while painting the town…


"A crash course in humility and charm" – How Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly prepping for his date with Congress this week.


The Story

This weekend, dozens of people were killed in a suspected chemical attack in Syria.

The What

The country's civil war has been going on for seven years. And rebel groups have been steadily losing ground to President Assad's forces. This alleged chemical attack happened in the last rebel-held town near the capital. Dozens were killed. And hundreds are thought to be injured. Symptoms point to a chlorine gas attack. Aid groups on the ground blame the Assad regime. The regime denies it. No one can confirm what happened since Assad forces are blocking access to the area.

Give me more background.

There have been horrific chemical attacks like this before. And endless attempts to end the violence. Less than a week ago, Iranian, Russian, and Turkish leaders met to brainstorm ways to speed up the end of the war.

What's the Trump administration saying?

President Trump called out Assad for the attack – plus Russia and Iran for supporting him. And said there'd be a "big price to pay." Last year, Trump ordered a missile strike in response to another chemical weapons attack in Syria. It was the first time the US directly intervened against Assad in the war.

Anything else?

Last night, Syria claimed an air base there was hit with a missile attack, and that the US was likely behind it. But the US said 'wasn't us.' Now, Syria and Russia are pointing the finger at Israel — and Israel said 'no comment.'


The US has never had a clear policy on what to do – or not do – about a war that's killed hundreds of thousands of people. Just last week, Trump said he wants the US to get out of Syria asap. This might change things.


What to say after you finish your coffee...

Ok, I'm ready to talk. So is North Korea. US officials say North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is willing to talk about turning over his nukes when he meets with President Trump next month. Something the country has never said to the US directly before. This comes after talks between North and South Korea went down around the time of the Winter Olympics. It also comes after Kim's little visit to see Chinese President Xi last month. Unclear what has Kim feeling so chatty lately. In other geopolitical news, the Trump administration announced sanctions on some members of Russian President Putin's inner circle late last week. The reason: to punish Russia for bad behavior, including its interference in democratic elections all over the world. The sanctions on Putin's crew – including his son-in-law – will freeze their assets in the US and forbid American citizens from doing business with them. Brr.

What to say when Monday is hitting you hard...

Not on Rex Manning day. Yesterday, American Patrick Reed felt the boost and won the Masters tournament — his first major championship title. The 27-year-old "Captain America" beat Rickie Fowler by one-shot and held off Jordan Spieth – who was on the verge of a huge comeback. Reed said 'not so fast.' And picked up a new green jacket.

What people are watching...

Flint, MI. The state announced it's done giving out free bottled water to the city of Flint. A few years ago, officials there switched the city's water source to save money. But the water wasn't treated properly, exposing people to dangerous levels of lead and damaging the pipelines. The mayor declared a state of emergency and the governor brought in the National Guard. The city — which switched back the water source — has been working to replace the water pipes. Now, the governor says the water quality is "well within" government standards. And that lead levels haven't exceeded federal limits for two years. So it's gonna stop giving out bottled water once the current supply runs out. But some residents have major trust issues. Especially since not all the pipes have been replaced. Reasonable.

What to say when your SO has "read receipt" on their phone...

Not into this. That's what India and Pakistan are feeling about cryptocurrency. They're officially cracking down on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. India has previously linked the use of digital currencies to Ponzi schemes. Late last week, India's central bank announced that entities under its regulation — including the nation's banks — would have three months to cut ties with any service using cryptocurrency. That same day, Pakistan's central bank said that cryptocurrencies were not legal. So banks can't help customers that want to do transactions using cryptocurrencies. Sorry.

What to say when you hear about Cardi B's baby bump reveal...

Andie Anderson's been taking care of her love fern too.


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