Skimm'd while running the numbers on where millennial women stand in the workplace

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APRIL 10, 2018


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Skimm'd while running the numbers on where millennial women stand in the workplace


"That's just my mom" – One student's reply-all to a school-wide email warning about cougar sightings. Hope his mom has a roaring sense of humor.


The Story

President Trump has set a timer for when he'll respond to this weekend's suspected chemical attack in Syria.


More than 40 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in what seems to have been a chlorine gas attack. This happened in a rebel-held town that Syrian President Assad's forces have been trying to take back for weeks. Assad has allegedly carried out similar attacks before on his people – and many suspect he's to blame again here. Last year, President Trump ordered a missile strike on a Syrian air base after a different chemical attack. Now, everyone is wondering what, if anything, he'll do this time. He's giving himself 24 to 48 hours to mull it over and says "nothing is off the table."

Anything else?

Yesterday, an attack on a Syrian air base reportedly killed 14 people – including some Iranian fighters. Syria and Russia are pointing the finger at Israel. Which has been mum on all this.


Tensions in the Mideast are high as international players are discussing ways to end the Syrian civil war. Now, all eyes are on Trump to see what his next move is.


What to say when you hear the US deficit is getting bigger, faster...

Same for the investigation around President Trump. Yesterday, the FBI raided the home, office, and hotel room of Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen. It's unclear why. But people close to the investigation say Cohen's being investigated for bank fraud, among other things. The FBI made off with lots of Cohen's records – including those related to a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels (the porn actress who said she allegedly had an affair with the prez). The investigation apparently came after a tip from special counsel Robert Mueller, who's been looking into whether Trump's campaign team colluded with Russia to interfere in the 2016 US election. Trump is calling the raid an "attack on our country."

What to say when your favorite band's coming to town...

Check the tour dates. Today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's bringing his apology tour to Capitol Hill. He's set to testify about the policies that led to a political consulting firm getting access to up to 87 million Facebook users' data. Also, how Russians used the platform to troll the 2016 US election. The apology tour continues tomorrow. Meanwhile, child advocacy groups are asking the FTC to crack down on YouTube – and its parent company Google. There's a law from the '90s that makes it illegal for websites to gather data on young kids without parental consent. The groups say that even though YouTube publicly discourages kids from using its platform, it collects their data and sells targeted ads off of it. Now they want the FTC to investigate. And maybe fine YouTube billions of dollars.

PS: GV (formerly Google Ventures) is a minority investor in theSkimm.

What to say when your friend needs help but won't get it...

In denial. Just like the Democratic Republic of Congo's government, which reportedly says it doesn't need anyone's help or money. In the late '90s and early '00s, the country experienced a civil war that left millions of people dead. Violence subsided for a while. But in 2016, the country's president refused to step down after his two-term limit. Since then, rebel militias have been gaining traction and terrorizing local communities. In recent weeks, thousands have fled their homes. And people are in danger from disease and starvation. The UN considers the situation in Congo a humanitarian crisis as bad as in Yemen or Syria. Now, it's trying to raise money for aid like food, sanitation, and shelter to the millions of Congolese people who need it. But the government apparently isn't on board. It reportedly denied there's a crisis and said the fundraiser is just demonizing the government. The move may threaten whether countries decide to put up money.

What to say when you hear tomorrow's HQ Trivia game has a big prize...

Harry and Meghan have ideas for how to spend it.

What to say to the coworker who takes the first vacation of the year...

Breaking new ground. Just like new mom Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL).


In case you missed it, it's an election year. And Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is on the ballot. She got a beer with Skimm HQ and talked #MeToo, the Russia investigation, and whether she's got any White House plans. Watch here.


For your friend trying to get up the nerve to ask for a raise…

You'll find this interesting. Today's Equal Pay Day. And surprise: millennial women still don't feel equal to their counterparts in the workplace. theSkimm ran the numbers with Vanity Fair's the Hive and SurveyMonkey. Here's what we found.

For when you realize your razor costs more than the men's one…

For Equal Pay Day, we put together a list of products that either fight the pink tax or support female entrepreneurship. Check it out. And if you need a refresher on what the pink tax is: Watch this.

For when you want to make the most of that paycheck…

Invest it. Here's one way to do it. You can get a personalized portfolio in under 10 min. And it's made by women, for women, with portfolios that allow you to invest in companies that support women. Secret weapon, revealed.*

For when you want to help people out…

Skimm'r of the Week Shannon Coats Quintanilla has an idea. She donates to The Unmentionables – an organization that helps refugees get access to things that help them with reproductive health (think: feminine hygiene products, condoms). Learn more here.

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