Skimm'd while choosing a carry-on

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APRIL 13, 2018


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Skimm'd while choosing a carry-on


"Guess we need a new WiFi password" – The Boston Red Sox. It was "baseball."



The Story

President Trump's texting "miss u" to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Remind me about the TPP.

It's the free-trade deal the US negotiated with 11 other countries that border the Pacific Ocean. It was meant to open up trade within the group – and compete against China. Trump campaigned on leaving the deal, arguing that it hurt US workers since it would make it easier to buy things overseas. He followed through. Last month, the other 11 countries signed a deal without the US. Now, Trump's having second thoughts.

Why's that?

Bets are on the fact that the US and China have been threatening each other with tariffs for the past few weeks. Being part of a big trade bloc like the TPP could give the US more leverage in trade talks. Yesterday, Trump also met with lawmakers from farming states. They want in on the deal because it helps farmers sell their stuff abroad. Now, Trump's telling his advisers to look into re-joining.


Trump's trade issue with one country (cough, China) could be pushing him back into the arms of a deal he once used as a verbal punching bag.


The Story

President Trump won't say when he's attacking Syria.

What's this about?

Last weekend, the Assad regime is suspected to have carried out a chemical weapons attack outside of Damascus that left dozens of people dead. And may have included a nerve agent. When a similar attack happened last year, Trump responded with a missile strike on a Syrian air base. It was the first direct US attack against the regime. This week, Trump said 'expect another.' Now, he's saying an attack could come "very soon or not so soon at all."

Why's that?

Russia's been threatening to retaliate against any US strike in Syria – a conflict Trump's defense secretary wants to avoid. What might not help: yesterday, Trump's pick for sec of state said during his confirmation hearing that the US killed "a couple hundred Russians" in Syria. This happened a few months ago, when US-backed forces came under attack there.


The US and allies are trying to draw a red line on chemical weapons. But it's hard to reinforce principles when that could lead to a major escalation between global powers.

PS: We talked to former Sec of State Madeleine Albright about some of today's biggest foreign policy issues. Watch here.


What to say when your landlord has some new building rules…

Getting tough. Yesterday, House Republicans announced new legislation on stricter rules for getting food stamps. This comes after the Trump administration is thinking of some ideas of its own. More than 40 million low-income people in the US get food stamps, which are gov-issued vouchers. Some Republicans want to change the rules around who's eligible. As in many have to work part-time or get job training to get them. And if you're new to the program, you would have one month to follow the rules. Republicans say this will help break the poverty cycle by encouraging people to work. Democrats say this could seriously cut down the number of people who rely on the system. The House is expected to vote on the legislation next week. It's unclear if it'll get the thumbs up – but if it does, it'll start in 2021.

What to say when you're not up for going out…

Let's reschedule. The Seattle Seahawks apparently postponed their date with Colin Kaepernick. You know him as the former San Francisco 49ers QB who started the #TakeAKnee movement, and he's been a free agent since 2017. He's apparently chatting with the Seahawks, and was supposed to pump some iron with the team this week. But when the team asked if he would stop kneeling next season, Kaepernick said 'no promises.' Now, the Seahawks are reportedly asking for a raincheck. Meanwhile, 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster still has a job. Even though he was charged for punching his girlfriend multiple times and having an assault weapon.

What to say when you hear you don't have to sign on the dotted line anymore

Interesting. So is this: an environmental nonprofit wants to launch a satellite into space to try and reduce global warming. Methane is a major contributor to climate change. And this new satellite would scope out methane leaking from things like oil and gas facilities around the world. The nonprofit hopes getting this info will nudge governments to take action on lowering emissions. It says that cutting down on methane is the fastest way to pump the brakes on climate change. And aims to launch the satellite by 2021.

What to say after you hear "Broad City" is coming to an end

Every end is a new beginning. Hi, Khloé's baby.


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