Skimm'd while working and working out

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APRIL 18, 2018


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Skimm'd while working and working out


"Gisele is going to have some questions" – The Internet thinks the sketch of the man who allegedly threatened Stormy Daniels looks a whole lot like Tom Brady.


The Story

Last night, former First Lady Barbara Bush died at age 92.

What happened?

Earlier this week, a family spokesman said she was in "failing health" and wouldn't seek additional treatment. She was recently treated for heart and lung conditions.

Tell me about her.

Barbara was a witty, candid, no-BS lady who was devoted to her big family. She and former President George HW Bush met at a high school dance in the 40s. They went on to be the longest-married couple in presidential history, and launch a political dynasty. Barbara's nickname was "The Enforcer" at home, where she was a mother to six kids, grandmother to 17, and a great-grandmother to seven.

Tell me about her time as First Lady.

Barbara was hugely popular in the White House and on the campaign trail. Her main focus was literacy. She started a foundation to teach reading skills to families, and wrote children's books – including some from her dog's perspective – to raise money for the cause. Her daughter-in-law Laura Bush later followed in Barbara's footsteps when she became First Lady.

What else was she known for?

She also helped humanize AIDS at the height of the epidemic in the '80s. Back then, people mistakenly thought you could get it just by touching someone with the disease. Barbara was photographed hugging patients.


Last night, George W said "our souls are settled because we know hers was." The lady known as "everybody's grandmother" will be missed.


What to say when your SO throws you a surprise party…

Sneaky. Just like Mike Pompeo. Yesterday, it came out that the CIA director secretly went to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un a few weeks ago. For years, North Korea has been building up its weapons collection, while throwing around threats of nuclear war. The US and its allies have responded with endless rounds of sanctions. Last month, South Korean officials said Kim might finally be willing to say 'goodbye' to his nuclear weapons program. And he's open to direct talks with the US – so long as he gets some things in return, like normal diplomatic ties and security guarantees. President Trump started looking at his calendar. Now, we're finding out that Pompeo (who's also Trump's pick for sec of state), went on this top-secret trip to see Kim. Making it the highest-level contact between the US and North Korea in almost two decades. For now, at least.

What people are talking about…

Southwest Airlines. Yesterday, a flight made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after an engine blew out at about 30,000 feet. One passenger was killed and seven were injured. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

What to say when you catch your co-worker in a lie...

Busted. Yesterday, law enforcement officials busted a multi-state opioid drug ring. Over the last few years, an unprecedented amount of people in the US have been dying from opioid overdoses. Last year, President Trump declared it a public health emergency. Earlier this month, the surgeon general issued a rare public health advisory on opioids. Now, the Justice Department's on it too. It charged nearly 100 people tied to this drug ring, which has been around for more than a decade. It operated in Michigan and West Virginia – one state that's been hit especially hard by the epidemic. Officials found enough fentanyl to kill more than 250,000 people, and say the operation is a "potential game-changer."

PS: Want a deeper dive on fentanyl? Our Skimm Notes has you covered.

What to say when your friends can't decide where to go for dinner...

Need a tie breaker? Yesterday, Justice Neil Gorsuch – President Trump's Supreme Court appointee – cast the tie-breaking vote and sided with the liberal justices on an immigration case. It was about a man who came to the US as a lawful permanent resident when he was 13. He was convicted in multiple burglaries, which were considered "crimes of violence" – and federal law says that could mean deportation. When the gov started the deportation proceedings, he appealed, arguing that the law was too vague. Now, the Supremes agree. Gorsuch based his decision on a similar ruling written in 2015 by his predecessor, Justice Scalia.

What to say at your friend's bachelorette party…

End of an era. Just like in Cuba. President Raúl Castro is getting ready to pass the baton to VP Miguel Díaz-Canel. It'll probably be official by tomorrow. This would be the first time in more than 40 years that a non-Castro becomes prez of the Communist country. But Castro's expected to continue pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes.

What to say to your friend who left their taxes until the last minute…

The universe just gave you a Mulligan.



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