Skimm'd after hip-hop yoga

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APRIL 19, 2018


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Skimm'd after hip-hop yoga


"Is time linear?" – Kanye West is writing a philosophy book. Live, on Twitter. It gets real deep real fast.


The Story

Puerto Rico lost power again.

Remind me.

The US territory is home to more than three million US citizens. Almost seven months ago, Hurricane Maria knocked out power to the entire island – making it the largest blackout in US history. Earlier this week, about 40,000 customers were still in the dark. The official death toll from the storm was 64 – but some estimates put it much higher. On top of all that, Maria hit just months after Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy.

What's happening now?

Yesterday, the entire island lost power after a bulldozer got too close to a power line, and somehow caused it to fail. Things should be up and running by today. Fingers crossed.


This latest power outage shows once again just how fragile Puerto Rico's infrastructure and its electrical grid are – weeks before the new Atlantic hurricane season begins.


What to say when you pick the Saturday brunch spot...

Decision, made. Yesterday, the Cuban government picked Miguel Díaz-Canel as the next in line to be president. Cuba has been controlled by Castros since Fidel took over in the 1959 Communist Revolution. He was president for more than 40 years before passing the baton to his brother Raúl. Now, Cuban officials have tapped Díaz-Canel to take over. Even though this seems like a transfer of power, it isn't really. Raúl will stay on as the head of the Communist Party. Which is the most powerful position in the country. The musical chairs should all become official today.

What to say when you and your work rival start getting along...

Guess we're being civil. So are Amazon and Best Buy. Yesterday, the retail rivals said they'll work together to sell Amazon smart TVs. Reminder: Best Buy is the brick-and-mortar brand that used to be the next big thing in retail. Until Amazon. Lately, Amazon's been stepping offline and into physical stores (hi, Whole Foods). Now – plot twist – it's making nice with Best Buy. Amazon's smart TVs will go on sale on Best Buy's website and in its stores, giving customers the chance to check it out IRL. And in return, Best Buy is getting a spot on Amazon's website for the first time – giving it access to Amazon's online customers. Which, we just found yesterday, includes over 100 million Prime members.

What people are talking about…

Syria. Yesterday, a UN security team was shot at while on its way to the site of this month's suspected chemical weapons attack. A couple weeks ago, Syrian President Assad's forces allegedly carried out a chemical and nerve weapons attack on a rebel-held area. Dozens of civilians were killed. The UN security team was sent to the site to make sure it was safe before inspectors could go and analyze evidence. Protesters were reportedly waiting for the security team when they arrived. They were attacked – though it's still unclear by whom – and forced to make a U-turn. Adding to concerns that evidence may disintegrate or be tampered with before the inspectors can take a look.

What to say when you're over your roommate hogging the TV...

Putting my foot down. So is Gov. Andrew Cuomo (NY-D). Yesterday, he signed an executive order that'll give felons on parole their voting rights back. Some states have laws on the books that take away a person's right to vote until they finish a prison sentence, including probation or parole. Cuomo's been trying to take NY off that list, but the state legislature hasn't been down. Now, he's taking a page out of Virginia's book and handling it himself. NY's not the only state with voting rights on its agenda. In November, Florida votes on whether ex-felons can get their voting rights back. The current state law says they can't vote unless they petition and get the thumbs up from the state government. That rarely happens. If this gets enough support, it could restore voting rights to more than one million people.

What to say when you hear the Queen's last corgi died

End of an era. Speaking of, Olivia Pope is hanging up her white hat tonight.



How your med school friends say 'hangover.' It comes from the Norwegian word 'kveis' – which literally translates to uneasiness following debauchery. One way to help prevent one is eating before drinking. When your stomach is full, it takes longer for your body to absorb the alcohol. Slow and steady wins the race. This app shows you how certain foods affect your body when you drink. Check it out, then prep yourself for happy hour.


For when you're wearing an old Greek life shirt to bed…

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For when you go into Sephora to buy one thing and come out with 10...

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For when your white noise machine breaks…

This playlist will help put you to sleep instead. Rest easy.

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