Skimm'd while syncing our cals with the big primary elections

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APRIL 23, 2018


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Skimm'd while syncing our cals with the big primary elections


"Ladies always get shy in front of me" – Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on why he's impressed with a fan's promposal. I'm not blushing you're blushing.



The Story

Yesterday, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega scrapped changes to the social security system after at least 25 people were killed in anti-government protests.

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Last week, Ortega announced he wanted to increase what workers are paying into social security...but cut down on what retirees are getting in return. That set off nationwide protests, with accusations of some rioting and looting. The police cracked down hard, apparently using tear gas and shooting protesters. One journalist covering the protests was shot and killed. Yesterday, Ortega said he's canceling the planned changes.


Nicaragua's social security system could run out of cash as early as next year. This problem will come back sooner rather than later.


The Story

Yesterday, a suicide bomber killed at least 57 people and injured more than 100 at a voter registration center in Kabul.

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For years, Afghanistan's parliamentary elections have been delayed. They're finally scheduled to happen in October. Voter registration kicked off earlier this month, but not that many people have showed up. That might be because there have been attacks on the registration centers. Like this latest one in the country's capital. ISIS claimed responsibility.

Anything else?

Another bomb detonated in northern Afghanistan near another registration center, killing at least five people. No one has claimed responsibility.


These attacks are threatening Afghanistan's already-fragile democracy.


What to say when you hear Mitt Romney's still trying to get a GOP nomination…

In it for the long haul. Yesterday, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he'd write a $4.5 million check to help the US keep its commitment to the Paris climate agreement. Back in 2015, almost every single country on the planet agreed on a joint plan to fight global warming. Last year, President Trump said he's pulling the US out of the deal. He said the agreement unfairly restricts the US's coal industry but gives China a pass. Now, Bloomberg's saying he'll fill the funding gap from the US withdrawing. He's hoping Trump will change his mind, stay in the Paris agreement, and foot the bill next year.

What to say to your friend with the tropical house playlist…

Still thinking about this. On Friday, Avicii was found dead while on vacation in Oman. He was 28. It's unclear how the Swedish DJ – whose real name was Tim Bergling – died. But authorities have ruled out anything criminal. You know Avicii for "Levels" and "Wake Me Up" and on and on. He made EDM more mainstream, and became one of the world's biggest DJs in the process. But Avicii dealt with mental and physical health struggles, including anxiety and pancreatitis, which he blamed on heavy drinking. Two years ago, he stopped performing live music to focus on his health. RIP.

What to say while watching the "Westworld" premiere…

I choose to see the beauty. French President Emmanuel Macron wants the US to see the beauty in the Iran nuclear deal. Back in 2015, the US and several other countries shook on a deal to get Iran's nuclear program in check. But President Trump thinks the deal needs edits and has threatened to pull out altogether. Today, Macron's coming to Washington, DC. On the agenda: trying to keep the deal intact. Guess who's paying attention? North Korea. Over the weekend, the country said it was ending its missile and nuclear tests – and shutting down its testing site. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's prepping to meet with Trump in the next couple of weeks and potentially talk about dropping the country's nuclear program.

What to say when the door greeter asks if you're on the list...

Sure am. But the long-nosed bat isn't anymore. It just got off the endangered species list. For decades, it was threatened by people in the US and Mexico messing with its favorite food source: agave. That's until one guy worked hard to save the bats by getting tequila farmers to agree to let the bats feed on a portion of the agave plants used for their tequila production. Last week, the bat was taken off of the US endangered species list. It's the first bat species to do so. Cheers.

What to say while watching the Kensington Palace Twitter feed…

Looks like Pippa's next.


Last year, the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality. Today, that repeal officially begins. If you need a refresher on what this debate is, and why it's so important, we've Skimm'd it for you.


For when your friend says they're going to skip the polls this year...

No Excuses. It's an election year, and a lot happens before the November midterms. We made you a calendar so you know when all the major primaries are happening, and more about the candidates on the ballot. And we're making it free for all Skimm'rs. Get it here.

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