Skimm'd while guessing the royal baby name

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APRIL 24, 2018


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Skimm'd while guessing the royal baby name


"Peaceful mood for the meeting" – South Korea stopped blasting K-Pop at the border ahead of its meeting with North Korea. And the award for good neighbor goes to...


The Story

Yesterday, a driver ran into a crowd on a busy street in Toronto – killing 10 and injuring 15.

What happened?

The attack happened during lunchtime on Yonge Street – a main street in Toronto. Police say the driver – a 25-year-old Canadian man – appears to have driven into the crowd deliberately. The driver is in custody and due in court today. And police are still investigating. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the attack "tragic and senseless."


Authorities say this doesn't appear to be terrorism-related. But it's still reminding people of similar attacks in places like Nice, Berlin, London, and Barcelona.


What to say when your family likes your new SO…

Seal of approval. Yesterday, a Senate committee voted to recommend CIA Director Mike Pompeo as secretary of state. He's President Trump's pick to replace Rex Tillerson. The committee was expected to vote 'nay.' But after some down-to-the-wire drama, it gave him a lukewarm thumbs up. The rest of the Senate is expected to vote this week to give him the official go-ahead. This process has been more partisan than ever, at a time when the US is facing a major diplomatic talk with North Korea. In other news on Capitol Hill, the Senate has postponed the confirmation hearing for Ronny Jackson – Trump's personal doctor and pick to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. Lawmakers are concerned about his qualifications and allegations of improper behavior. Jackson would be replacing David Shulkin, who Trump kicked out last month.

What people are watching…

George HW Bush. Yesterday, a family spokesman said the former president was hospitalized for an infection that spread to his blood, but that it looks like he's recovering. Last week, his wife – former first lady Barbara Bush – died at age 92. He was admitted to the hospital the day after attending her funeral over the weekend. Bush has a form of Parkinson's disease. And has been hospitalized multiple times over the past few years for things like pneumonia and respiratory problems.

What people are talking about…

Armenia. Yesterday, the country's prime minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned after less than a week on the job. Sargsyan served two five-year terms as president and couldn't get reelected. Because, term limits. In 2015, voters approved a constitutional change that moved a lot of powers from the president to the prime minister. Sargsyan denied wanting the PM position…until recently. This month, he finished his second term as prez. Then got parliamentary approval to rule as PM. Cue protests saying 'this feels like a power grab.' Now, Sargsyan is saying 'oops nvm.' And resigned. The previous PM is stepping back in for now. In other protest news, the US is pulling some of its embassy staff and their families out of Nicaragua after days of deadly protests there.

What to say when you hear J Cole broke streaming records

Play it again, while the EU hits 'pause.' Yesterday, the European Commission announced an investigation into Apple's planned acquisition of Shazam. Apple Music has been working to catch up to other music-streaming services (cough, Spotify). Late last year, the Fruit said it was looking to buy British company Shazam for possibly $400 million. Now, European regulators are saying they're concerned that this would limit competition with Apple's rivals (cough, cough, Spotify). The EU has until later this year to decide whether to block or approve the deal.

What to say when your co-worker says they're expecting…

Congrats. Also, royal baby no. 3 is here. And his big sis made history.


For when your puffy coat is still here...

Why can't I quit you? This will help. We've got five days at Playa del Carmen with you and a plus one. Plus meals, drinks, airfare, etc. Spring into summer here.

For when you want a drink for dessert…

You can have both. This negroni sorbet is the perfect spring nightcap.


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