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APRIL 25, 2018


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Skimm'd with a colorful view


"Repetitive, self-contradictory, sententious, foolish" – GQ, explaining why the Bible is on its list of books you don't have to read. Bold move.


The Story

Yesterday, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt proposed a rule that would seriously change how the EPA makes decisions.

Tell me more.

This new rule would prevent the EPA from using scientific studies where the underlying data is not available to the public. Seems straightforward. It's not.

What do critics say?

That this would make decades of studies on things like the health impact of air pollution and pesticides unusable. That's because in many of those studies, researchers had confidentiality agreements with their subjects. Meaning the underlying data is not available to the public.

What do supporters say?

That this will help transparency. If Americans have access to the data, they'll have more trust in the EPA's decisions.

So...Scott Pruitt?

Still here. Pruitt's been under fire since it came out that he used America's credit card on first-class plane tickets, had a sweet condo rental from an energy lobbyist's wife, and ordered a $43,000 soundproof phone booth. Btw, he's going to be answering some Qs from Congress this week.


This move will likely cut back on government regulation for things like carbon emissions. The fossil fuel industry and some conservatives are saying 'finally.' But environmental groups are saying 'not cool at all.' The public has 30 days to submit comments on the rule before it goes into effect.


What people are watching…

DACA. Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the Trump administration has to start accepting new DACA applications. DACA: the Obama-era program that protects hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants from being deported. Trump said he wanted to get rid of DACA. Then changed his mind. Then started phasing out the program – and gave Congress a deadline to save it. Spoiler alert: Congress didn't save it. Meanwhile, two judges ruled against the Trump admin's decision to end the program. Yesterday, a third judge said 'same.' And is giving the admin 90 days to try and change his mind. Otherwise, he says it's time to process new applications.

What to say the next time you visit your doctor…

How 'bout I review your records this time? President Trump's pick to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs is in the hot seat. Trump recommended White House doctor Ronny Jackson for the job. This week, Senators postponed Jackson's confirmation hearing…indefinitely. Now we know why. There have been allegations that Jackson was an abusive boss. And that he drank on the job and over-prescribed drugs. Yikes. Yesterday, Trump said he wouldn't blame Jackson if he didn't want to face the "ugly" confirmation process. Many took this as his way of giving Jackson an easy out. But then the White House said 'jk we love Jackson.' And called his record as White House doctor "impeccable." Signals, crossed.

What to say to your friend who has a "Free Meek Mill" shirt…

Wish, granted. Yesterday, Meek Mill was released from prison. Years ago, the rapper was convicted on gun and drug charges. He served a few months in prison and was put on probation. Last year, he violated his probation and was sentenced to two to four years in prison. Fans and musicians called for his release, and said the judge gave him an unreasonably long sentence. Now, Pennsylvania's Supreme Court ordered his release on bail. That's because one of the officers who was a witness in his original case had "credibility issues." Mill plans to fight to overturn his conviction. And fight for other people of color whose cases might be getting the same treatment. Until then, you can find him front row at the 76ers' game.

What people are talking about…

Mexico. Yesterday, authorities gave an update about three film students who went missing. It wasn't good. Last month, they disappeared in Jalisco, a part of Mexico with a ton of gang violence. Thousands of people protested, with hashtags like "it's not three, it's all of us." That's because this is not an isolated incident – the students are part of thousands of people who've gone missing there in recent years. And many have called out the Mexican gov for not doing enough to solve those crimes (like with the 2014 disappearance of over 40 students). Now, after major protests for the students' safe return, authorities shared the bad news. They said it looks like a gang confused them with rival gang members. And that the students were likely kidnapped, tortured, and killed. They gave gruesome details.

What to say when you can't stop looking at Melania's hat...

Amazon can deliver it to your trunk.



Paint's version of an espresso. It's a shot of concentrated color that can be added to paints to change their depth or shade. Here's how to find the color that's juuuust right.

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For when you're online shopping in a meeting...

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For your friend who thinks a 'runway' only refers to planes…

OG supermodel Tyra Banks is here to help. Watch here to see her Skimm modeling terms and teach you how to smize.

For when you want to make a difference...

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