Skimm'd while learning about our brains and social media

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APRIL 30, 2018


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Skimm'd while learning about our brains and social media


"We may have come of age, but the song is new" – ABBA, on reuniting after 35 years to release some new music. See, 2018 isn't so bad.


North Korea

The Story

North Korea says it'll give up its nuclear weapons under some conditions.

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On Friday, North and South Korean leaders met for the first time in more than 10 years. They agreed to try and end their almost 70-year-old Korean War. And yesterday, we learned this: the South says the North agreed to drop its nuclear weapons if the US helps end the war and promises not to invade. Which North Korea has warned its people could happen at any time. The North apparently will also shut down its nuclear testing site in May. And invite experts and journalists to watch.

What's the US say?

We'll believe it when we see it.


Months ago, the idea of the North giving up nuclear weapons sounded way too good to be true. It's still TBD if it is.

PS: Want to know more about North Korea, its nukes, and its complicated relationships? We Skimm'd it all for you here.

Central American Migrants

The Story

Yesterday, dozens of Central American migrants were stopped at the US border.

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Every year, a group organizes a trek of migrants to travel together and raise awareness about the dangers they face. Last month, more than 1,000 people from places like El Salvador and Honduras joined. And started traveling through Mexico by foot, bus, and train. For many, the goal is to seek asylum in the US – and avoid persecution, poverty, and violence back home. President Trump has been tweeting about the group for weeks. He told Mexico to block them from coming in and brought in the National Guard to help. Less than half finished the trek to the border.

Now what?

Many want to turn themselves over to authorities and seek asylum in San Diego. But they can't. US officials said they'd "reached capacity" to process people coming through that crossing – and that migrants will need to stay in Mexico for now.

Anything else?

This weekend, Trump said he's willing to shut down the gov later this year if he doesn't get funding for his border wall. It would be the third shutdown this year.


Trump promised a wall, didn't get it, and the midterm elections are coming up. It's no surprise he's not a fan of this latest development.

PS: Want to go deep on the immigration debate? We Skimm'd it all for you here.


What people are watching…

Afghanistan. This morning, two suicide bombers in the country's capital carried out coordinated attacks, killing 25 people and injuring dozens more. The second attack seemed designed to target journalists and others responding to the first one. ISIS claimed responsibility.

What to say when your sibling has a new SO…

T-Mobile and Sprint might get together too. The two companies have agreed to a $26.5 billion merger deal. If this sounds familiar, that's because they tried this back in 2014. But scrapped the deal after Obama-era antitrust regulators said 'not the best idea.' Now the companies are hoping this deal will have a different ending. That's because the US is low-key obsessed with 5G. Aka a new wireless system that would make things like your smartphone or car connect to the Internet really quickly. T-Mobile and Sprint say this merger would help make it happen and give the US a lead over China...which is already way ahead. If regulators sign off, there would only be three major wireless companies in the US (hi, Verizon and AT&T). The new company would be called...T-Mobile. Now it's up to the Justice Dept and the FCC to give their blessing. Meanwhile, MoviePass is changing some rules. And taking away the "unlimited" from its sales pitch. Now, new customers can only see four movies a month. Bummer.

What to say when you finish all your work before vacation…

My work here is done. On Friday, the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee released its final report on its Russia investigation. This was one of the committees looking into Russia's attacks on the 2016 US election and whether President Trump and his campaign were involved. The Republicans on the committee say Trump and his team didn't work with Russia. But that they made some bad judgment calls – like that Trump Tower meeting. They also criticized the US intelligence community and disagreed with its assessment that Russian President Putin wanted to help Trump win. Democrats say Republicans didn't even look into major parts of the probe or interview key witnesses. And are continuing their own investigation.

What to say to your co-worker who went to a bachelorette party over the weekend…

DC had an eventful weekend too. Michelle Wolf hosted the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Some people did not like the jokes. was a typical White House Correspondents' Dinner.

What to say when your friend was MIA all weekend…

Were you with this missing tree?


This year, we're digging into some of the topics that hit closer to home. Like your money, and your health. This week is all about mental health: what it means, the stigma around it, and how to maintain good mental health.

We're starting with what 'mental health' actually means – and how millennial women are doing. That's all right here.

PS: We also have it available in Spanish.


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