Skimm'd while making mental health a priority

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MAY 01, 2018


Learn About Mental Health Struggles...

Skimm'd while making mental health a priority


"Not available for tracking per request from the owner" – A flight-tracking website. Apparently, people have been obsessively watching where Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's private jet is – in an attempt to figure out where the second HQ will be. Dun dun dun.


The Story

President Trump is keeping some US allies on their toes.


Earlier this year, Trump said he's hiking tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to protect American jobs from foreign competition. This raised the possibility of trade wars – especially with China. And put US markets on edge. Then the Trump administration temporarily delayed the tariffs for allies like the EU and Australia to give them more time to negotiate new trade deals.

What's the latest?

Trump had until today to decide whether US allies got a permanent pass on these tariffs. But the admin hit 'snooze' for another 30 days to give them more time to talk things out. And focus on upcoming trade talks with China.

Tell me about that.

This week, White House officials are headed to Beijing to try and negotiate a trade deal. And try to smooth things over after both countries have been threatening each other with steep tariffs for the last couple months. So things could get a little awkward.


Whatever happens over the next few weeks could affect US businesses, the stock market, relationships with allies, and so on.


What to say when your roommate denies eating your leftovers...

Lies. Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of lying to the international community about its nuclear plans. Iran has always claimed it's not interested in nuclear weapons – just nuclear energy. To which everyone else said 'suuuuure.' In 2015, after years of negotiations, Iran, the US, and five other world powers agreed to roll back sanctions. In exchange, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear weapons program. President Trump has been threatening to pull the US out of the deal. Next week is his deadline to do it. Now, Netanyahu – who sees Iran as Israel's biggest enemy – is calling Iran's bluff. He says Israeli spies got their hands on 100,000 files – like blueprints and photos – that show Iran's 'peaceful nuclear energy' bit wasn't true. Gasp. And that back in '15, Iran had plans to ignore the deal and keep on developing nuclear weapons. Now, he's calling on the US to pull out of a deal "based on lies." Trump is hint-hinting that he just might.

What to say when John Kelly may or may not have opinions about his boss...

Robert Mueller has questions for him. New reports say that special counsel Mueller gave President Trump's lawyers some Qs he wants answered. In case you've been living under a rock, Mueller's been leading the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation. He's even gotten some ex-Trump associates to cooperate in the process. Now, we're learning what questions Mueller has for the prez. Looks like he wants to cover four main topics: situations surrounding former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the Trump campaign's apparent ties to Russia.

What to say to your friend who left her credit card at home…

I got you. Australia's investing hundreds of millions of dollars to protect the Great Barrier Reef. For years, warming ocean temperatures have caused crucial algae on the reef to disappear. Without it, the coral loses its source of food and protection against disease. Now, Australia's saying it's time to throw this coral reef a lifeboat. It's sending cash money to a foundation that works to reduce pollution and give the reef some TLC – like trying to fight off starfish attacks – so it can remain ecologically diverse. But some scientists say 'let's stay focused.' And that the way to save the reef is to stop climate change by seriously reducing the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

What to say when you hear Ashley Judd is suing Harvey Weinstein...

Time's Up. Speaking of, Time's Up is officially calling on the music industry to cut ties with R&B singer R Kelly. For years, Kelly's been accused of things like statutory rape and possession of child pornography – again and again. He was cleared of child pornography charges. Last year, a report came out that Kelly was also basically running a cult – controlling when women living with him could eat and go to the bathroom. Now, a Time's Up committee is saying 'enough.' Yesterday, the group signed a letter supporting the #MuteRKelly campaign and calling on the music industry to cut ties. It's also calling for further investigations into the allegations against him. Kelly released a statement saying Time's Up doesn't have the facts and called the #MuteRKelly campaign a "public lynching."

What to say when your tag is still on...

You need to cut it. Just like the CDC director's salary.

What to say when a coworker talks over you in a meeting…

Where's my water spray bottle?


Rabbit, rabbit. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We're marking it this week by getting into what mental health actually means, how millennial women are doing, how to combat stigma, and more.

Today's about the different types of mental health conditions people face. Not totally sure what the difference between anxiety and depression is? We break down that and more here.

PS: We also have it available in Spanish.


For when you still haven't gotten mom a present...

Pay it forward. Then get paid back. Ebates lets you get cash back for shopping. And you get even more cash back as part of a special Mother's Day deal. Mom would be proud. Ready, set, shop.*

For when "Blue Crush" is on TV…

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