Skimm'd over wine and a new fave TV show

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MAY 04, 2018


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Skimm'd over wine and a new fave TV show


"My whole life has been a lie" – A Swedish tourism account, after finding out that Swedish meatballs are actually Turkish. IKEAn't believe it.


Stormy Daniels

The Story

Turns out President Trump did pay his lawyer back for that Stormy Daniels hush money.

Back up.

Porn star Stormy Daniels claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006. Trump denies it. Daniels signed an NDA days before the 2016 election. And got $130,000 to stay quiet. Earlier this year, Trump's lawyer – Michael Cohen – said he paid Daniels on his own. Now, Trump's admitting he footed the bill. But is still saying 'it wasn't me' about the affair.

Why's he admitting to it now?

Thank Rudy Giuliani. Earlier this week, the newish member of Trump's legal team said in an interview that Trump paid up. But says no one violated any campaign finance laws. It was one of just a few of Giuliani's mic drops.

Anything else?

Yesterday, reports came out that the feds tracked Cohen's phone calls.


Trump's legal team has been going through some shakeups recently. But this latest change flies in the face of Trump's messaging...for months.

Troops in South Korea

The Story

President Trump has reportedly ordered options for how to pull some US troops out of South Korea.


The US has had tens of thousands of troops there since the Korean War in the '50s. Much to the dismay of the North. In the last few months, North Korea's Kim Jong Un has been trying to make up with the US and South Korea. Even saying he'll let go of his nukes. One thing many expect Kim to ask for in return is for the US to cut down the amount of troops it has stationed in the South. Now, Trump has reportedly asked the Pentagon to look into just that.

Anything else?

As a nice pre-summit gesture, the North miiiight release three American detainees there. Though it's unclear if or when that would go down.


Trump has talked about wanting to scale back the number of troops in South Korea before. But this new directive comes weeks before he's expected to have a historic meeting with Kim. The timing has not gone unnoticed.


What to say when you hear the Academy is kicking out Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski

No Nobel literature prize this year, either. Meanwhile, dozens more women came forward to accuse Charlie Rose of sexual harassment. Rose – the legendary anchor of "CBS This Morning" and "Charlie Rose" on PBS – has been out of a job since last year. That's when several women who worked or wanted to work at PBS accused him of misconduct. Yesterday, 27 more women came forward to say 'us too.' We're also finding out that people apparently flagged issues to CBS managers as far back as the '80s. And no one did anything about it. CBS says they never got a formal complaint. And can't "corroborate or confirm" these stories. It also says it's working to improve things. So there's that. Rose responded saying "your story is unfair and inaccurate." Charlie Rose is just one of many powerful men who've been exposed for sexually harassing and assaulting women for decades – and getting awards in the process. Now, employers are in the hot seat.

What people are watching…

Northern India. This week, powerful dust storms there killed more than 100 people and injured hundreds more. The storms brought more than 80 mph winds, heavy rain, and lightning. A lot of the victims were sleeping during the storm – and were killed while their homes were being destroyed. The storms are expected to continue today, just weeks before the monsoon season there will start. Meanwhile, one of the world's most active volcanos on Hawaii's Big Island is pouring out lava. This comes after days of multiple earthquakes in parts of the island. Hundreds of residents were told to evacuate.

What to say after realizing you said something rude…

I take it back. Yesterday, the chaplain of the House of Representatives took back his resignation. The House chaplain – who members have to elect – does things like arrange the opening prayer for when the House is in session. Last week, it came out he resigned after House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) asked him to because members' "pastoral needs" weren't being met. Leaving many saying 'hmm, seems strange'. Yesterday, the chaplain said 'I want back in' and retracted his resignation. And Ryan agreed to give him a second chance. The two will meet next week to "move forward for the good of the whole House."

What to say when you finally get that raise you asked for…

About time. A new report says there's been a drop in the number of deadly police shootings of unarmed people. This issue has come to the spotlight in recent years because of people like Michael Brown, Walter Scott, and Stephon Clark – all black men who were unarmed when police shot and killed them. Back in 2015, police reportedly shot and killed 94 unarmed people. This year, that number reportedly dropped to 18 so far. And cases of unarmed black men specifically have gone down. Experts say it's not clear what changed. But we need more years of data and shooting details to understand the trends. So yes, this report is a good sign...but this is still a problem.

What to say while buying limes for Cinco de Mayo…

Don't forget whiskey for your mint julep.


For when you spend half your paycheck on dinners out...

Watch them instead. "Sweetbitter" premieres on Sunday. It's the TV version of that book with the millennial pink cover that you and everyone else read two years ago. It's all about a young 20-something working as a server at a top NYC restaurant. Drama with co-workers is also on the menu. Download the STARZ app here for a free weeklong trial and then tune in on Sunday at 8pm ET.*

For your friend who's an old soul…

"Love and Ruin" by Paula McLain gets you. About a 28-year-old journalist in Spain who unexpectedly falls in love with Hemingway. As in, Ernest. And she has to decide between her job and her relationship. The struggle is real. Get in on it here.

For the friend who takes her julep with a little mint...

Giddy up. The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday. DM us what your racing horse name is @theSkimm.

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