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MAY 07, 2018


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Skimm'd from Omaha


"The atmosphere was very nice" – A nudist after a French art museum opened its doors to nudists for a day. Just letting them all hang out.



The Story

Over the weekend, more than 1,000 people were arrested during anti-Kremlin protests in Russia.


Russian President Vladimir Putin won a fourth term in office earlier this year. He didn't have much competition since his main opponent Alexei Navalny was conveniently banned from running. And Putin reportedly had some help from people stuffing ballots. He was sworn in to his fourth term today.

What happened this weekend?

Thousands turned out across the country to protest Putin's continued grip on power. And chanted things like "Putin is a thief." About 1,600 people were detained, including Navalny, who's been released.


Putin is Russia's longest-serving leader since Joseph Stalin.


The Story

Yesterday, Lebanon held its first national election in almost a decade.


Saudi Arabia is the dominant Sunni power in the Middle East. Iran is the dominant Shiite power. For years, they have been locked in a power struggle that has played out in proxy battles across the region. Including in Lebanon. Now, after years of delays, voters finally hit the ballot boxes.

What can we expect?

Some of the main concerns for voters are the failing economy and a surge of Syrian refugees. The Saudi-backed Prime Minister Saad Hariri is expected to stay in power. He's the one that almost resigned last year over some political in-fighting between Saudi Arabia and Hezbollah – an Iran-backed militant group that's also part of the coalition gov. The group is expected to gain more seats in parliament, potentially giving them even more control in the already-vulnerable country.

Anything else?

Over the weekend, Tunisia held its first local elections since the Arab Spring began in 2011.


Lebanon is already dealing with a complicated relationship with its neighbors. This election's results could make things even messier in the region.


What to say when your coworkers are in a fight...

I'll sit this one out. Current CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel tried to withdraw her nomination as the next CIA director. Haspel has worked for the CIA for 33 years. At one point, she oversaw a prison in Thailand where terrorism suspects were interrogated. Think: things like waterboarding. Last week, Haspel offered to step aside to avoid Qs from Congress about her role in the interrogation program. Her confirmation hearing to take over for Sec of State Mike Pompeo is this week. Also, special counsel Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia probe might have to go into hiding for the midterm elections. Even though Mueller doesn't have a deadline for the investigation, the DOJ may ask him to go dark so that he doesn't appear to be trying to sway voters. In other midterm news, there might not be any Republican candidates for governor or US senator in California in November.

What to say when you're done with the latest true-crime podcast…

Here's a new one. Last week, Connecticut's Supreme Court threw out a murder conviction for Michael Skakel. In 2002, Skakel – a cousin of the Kennedy's – was convicted of killing his neighbor Martha Moxley in 1975 when they were 15 years old. He was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. A few years ago, a judge decided his lawyer didn't do a great job in representing him and let him out on bail. Prosecutors appealed. Late 2016, the state's Supreme Court reinstated the conviction. Skakel's lawyers asked 'are you sure?' Now, the court's saying 'ok, fine.' It says his attorney didn't call on a witness who could have given Skakel an alibi. The court has ordered a new trial. Dun dun.

What to say when you hear Nestlé and Starbucks are teaming up...

Making changes. The Trump administration is saying 'same.' Last week, the Homeland Security Dept said it's ending protections for about 57,000 Hondurans who have lived in the US for about two decades. This is about Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which is given to people from some countries who can't go back home safely. In 1999, some Hondurans got TPS after a devastating hurricane hit the year before. Now, the Trump administration is saying it's time for them to go back. The admin has made a habit of this over the last year. And is sending more than 300,000 people from Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Nepal back to their countries. Now, Hondurans join the list. They will have 18 months to either leave the country or get legal status.

What people are watching…

Hawaii. The volcano on the Big Island is causing a big problem: poisonous gas. Last week, the volcano started erupting. Then two major earthquakes added to the threat. Hundreds of residents were forced to flee. The volcano briefly calmed down, but continues to be a threat. Another big concern is sulfur dioxide gas – which can lead to breathing and other health problems. So most residents aren't being allowed to come home just yet.

What people are talking about…

Junot Díaz. Several woman have accused the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist of sexual misconduct and verbal abuse – weeks after he said he was raped as a kid. Last week, he was apparently called out by one of the alleged victims. In person. And she later tweeted about the alleged incident. Other writers said '#MeToo.' Díaz said he takes responsibility for his past actions, but didn't address any specific allegations.

What to say when you're excited about your OOTD...

So are all your fave celebs. The Met Gala's tonight.

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