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MAY 15, 2018


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Skimm'd while simplifying our space


"We regret the decision to have live animals at our prom" – The principal of the high school that somehow thought a caged tiger was a good idea.


The Story

Yesterday was the deadliest day in Gaza in years.

Hang on. Back up.

Yesterday marked the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. This was a highly charged moment in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, since the city's status is a key issue in on-again, off-again peace talks. And for Palestinians, this suggests that the US – which has always aimed to be a neutral mediator in those talks – is clearly siding with Israel.

So what happened?

Tens of thousands of Palestinians protested along the border that Israel shares with Gaza. Many set tires on fire. Some are accused of shooting at soldiers and planting or hurling bombs. Palestinian officials say Israeli troops killed at least 58 people and injured more than 2,700 others. There were also protests in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

What are people saying?

Israel says it has the right to defend its borders. It holds Hamas – the Islamist militant group that runs Gaza – responsible for the violence. The White House agrees. The UN says Israel and Hamas need to keep their cool. And Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas says that yesterday's killings were a "massacre." Protests are expected to continue today.


The opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem served as a stark contrast to the violence happening only miles away.


What to say to your friend who's more excited for the Preakness than the royal wedding...

Place your bets. Yesterday, the Supreme Court cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting. In 1992, Congress passed a law prohibiting state-authorized sports gambling with one exception: Nevada. Because Vegas baby. Some states have said 'boooo' because the gambling could encourage tourism and tax revenue. In 2011, New Jersey voters approved a measure to legalize sports betting. But the law was challenged by the NCAA, NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA because it threatened the "character and integrity" of sporting events. The case made its way to the Supremes. Now, SCOTUS is taking a side. It says that states that want to offer sports betting can make changes ASAP. Good news for places like New Jersey. Bad news for some of the sports leagues.

What to say when you don't agree with your boss...

I vote you off the island. Yesterday, CBS sued its controlling shareholder Shari Redstone for trying to make a merge with Viacom happen. CBS and Viacom used to be one company. Over a decade ago, Redstone's father Sumner – the billionaire media mogul – decided to split them up so Viacom (which runs MTV and Comedy Central) could thrive on its own. But CBS was the one that did well post-breakup. In recent years, the Redstone family has been toying with the idea of CBS and Viacom getting back together. But CBS CEO Leslie Moonves and its board of directors aren't fans of the potential merger. They're going for a "nuclear option" that takes away some of Redstone's voting power and gives it to shareholders. And requesting a temporary restraining order to keep her from making what they think are bad decisions for the company. The Redstones called the lawsuit "outrageous." Expect more drama. A crucial board meeting and a hearing about the restraining order are both happening later this week.

What to say when you hear one of Jupiter's moon might have alien life…

Out of this world, just like this study. Scientists say they have taken the memories of some sea snails...and transferred them to other sea snails. Bear with us. First, they trained some sea snails to develop a reaction to shocks. Then, scientists inserted their RNA – a form of genetic info – into untrained sea snails. Who now suddenly reacted as though they had been trained themselves. Scientists believe the experiment shows how parts of the snails' memory are stored in the RNA. It's unclear what this means for us non-slimey creatures. But the study's author said this info could one day help us fight memory-related illnesses like Alzheimer's and PTSD.

What to say when it's already a crazy week and it's only Tuesday…

Tell that to Canada. Human feet keep washing up on beaches in western Canada. It's been happening since 2007. And over the weekend, a man found foot no. 14. No one is really sure why it keeps happening but authorities have an idea. You don't want to know more.

What to say when you hear "Project Runway" is coming back to Bravo

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle's dad might RSVP 'nein' to the royal wedding.

What to say to say when you bump someone on your morning commute…

Sorry. Gap is saying the same.


30-Day List

Your 'do not buy until' list. Sometimes life gets cluttered because you're buying too much sh*t. Next time you have the urge to shop in bed when you can't fall asleep, put it on your 30-day list. If the item's still there after 30 days, it means you really want it...and can rest easy knowing you didn't just spend your paycheck on something you don't need. Here are more tips to declutter. Ready, set, clean.


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For when you feel like you need a vacation…

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