Skimm'd while decluttering the mind. Omm.

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MAY 16, 2018


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Skimm'd while decluttering the mind. Omm.


"Unnecessary and it's criminal" – A local police chief, after one woman added a secret ingredient to the brownies she made for her co-worker's going-away party. It was laxatives. She was...let go.



The Story

Amazon is threatening to move jobs out of Seattle over a new tax on big companies. The tax is supposed to help address the city's homelessness crisis. Amazon and Starbucks are not amused.


Seattle has seen a huge boom in growth thanks to companies like Starbucks and Amazon parking businesses there. It's also seen a huge leap in the city's cost of living and homelessness. Cities bidding for Amazon's second HQ will want to take both into account.


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Uber is ending its policy of forcing riders, drivers, and employees into private negotiations when they are sexually harassed or assaulted. The company's agreements often forced people to waive their rights to take Uber to court. And those who settle with Uber have had to sign NDAs. Not anymore. Lyft's falling in line, too.


This is after a report found dozens of Uber drivers had been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers who may have been silenced. And comes as the company prepares to go public next year.

The Trump Organization

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A Chinese state-owned construction company is reportedly loaning up to $500 million to help build an Indonesian resort that includes Trump-branded hotels and a golf course.


This deal has gotten a lot more attention since President Trump said he wants to revisit penalties on Chinese tech company ZTE. And raises Qs about what it means to have a sitting US president that also has a for-profit company operating under his name...with his children in charge.


What to say when your credit card bill is high this month...

Could have seen that coming. North Korea is threatening to cancel the summit between leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump scheduled for next month. Reminder: North Korea has been playing nice with the US and South Korea for the past few months. No one really knows why, but many people are skeptical since the country has a history of disappointing. Earlier this week, the US and South Korea started joint military drills. The US State Department said Kim had previously said he was cool with ongoing military exercises. Apparently not. Now, North Korea is canceling today's planned talks with South Korea. And threatening to cancel its upcoming meeting with Trump which it's now calling "one-sided." Classic.

What to say when pulling out your white jeans…

Tom Wolfe wore white best. This week, the legendary reporter-turned-novelist died after being hospitalized with an infection. He was 88 years old. Wolfe grew up in Virginia and got his PhD at Yale. In the '60s, he wrote for outlets like The Washington Post, The New York Herald Tribune, and Esquire. He was one of the pioneers of New Journalism – a style of non-fiction writing influenced by fiction techniques. Like describing the subjects of articles as if they're characters in a novel. He brought you phrases like "radical chic," "the Me Decade," and "pushing the envelope." He also wrote a bunch of classics like "The Bonfire of the Vanities," "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test," and "The Right Stuff." And was known for his three-piece white suits – a look he called "neo-pretentious."

What to say when the train doors shut in your face…

Blocked. Yesterday, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU sued Iowa to try and block its new abortion law. Earlier this month, Iowa banned most cases of abortion at the first signs of a fetal heartbeat. That can come around six weeks into a pregnancy – making this law the strictest in the US. Critics say this bans abortion before some women even know they're pregnant. And that it's unconstitutional. Supporters of the law say it's protecting human life. And are hoping this legal fight will go all the way to the Supreme Court. That's because President Trump appointed Justice Gorsuch and now some conservatives think there may be a chance to overturn Roe v Wade – the case that decided women have the right to an abortion, but let the states regulate it in the second and third trimesters. This law's scheduled to go into effect on July 1.

What to say when you hear how much money Ecuador's reportedly dropped on Julian Assange…

Speaking of. The US has a suspect who it thinks shared CIA hacking tools with WikiLeaks. Last year, WikiLeaks posted that the CIA was using special software to hack into iPhones and spy through people's smart TVs. Aka your paranoid friend who has a Post-It on her camera was right all along. Now, we're learning that the US has a prime suspect in that case – a former CIA employee in his twenties…who was charged last year for having child pornography. He hasn't been charged with the leaks though, since authorities apparently can't find enough evidence to indict him yet. In other CIA news, Gina Haspel – President Trump's pick to lead the agency – said she thinks the CIA's history with torture is wrong after all. Which it seems will get her enough votes in the Senate to be confirmed as CIA director. That vote's happening today.

What to say when your coworker gets a similar haircut...

You copying me? Guatemala just opened its embassy in Jerusalem...two days after the US did.

What to say when you can't keep up with Meghan Markle's dad…

At least Meghan's bridesmaids and page boys will be there.


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