Skimm'd while checking out these royal rings

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MAY 18, 2018


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Skimm'd while checking out these royal rings


"Truly inexcusable" – A Japanese railway company after a train conductor left the station 25 seconds early. Apology not accepted.


The Story

In case you somehow missed it, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married tomorrow. Bright and early.

Brilliant. When and where?

At St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. It's about 20 miles west of London. Ceremony starts at 7am ET. You can pre-game by watching the guests show up in their fascinators at 4:30am ET.

Who's gonna be there?

A team of tiny bridesmaids and page boys. Priyanka Chopra and some "Suits" stars. Maybe George and Amal. Maybe Serena Williams. Maybe some Spice Girls.

Who's not?

Her dad. For real this time.

What do we know?

Prince William's the best man. There's no maid of honor. But Meghan's got her mom. And Prince Charles, who's walking her down the aisle. There will be a gospel choir and teenage cellist. And lemon elderflower cake. You don't get any.

What don't we know?

Who designed the dress. And what title the Queen is giving them as a wedding present.

Why does everyone care so much?

Not everyone does. Brits are being super British about it: about two-thirds of them apparently couldn't care less. And around one in five apparently want to do away with the monarchy. Americans disagree.


This marriage doesn't really affect who will eventually sit on the British throne – considering Harry is sixth in line. But as a divorced, biracial American actress, Meghan is bringing some much-needed change and diversity to a centuries-old institution not known for its ability to adapt to the times.

Our app gives subscribers audio deep dives on everything you need to know. Including the royal wedding. But we're feeling the royal love, so we made this ep free here.


What to say when your co-worker missed some drama…

Let's catch you up. Yesterday, the Senate confirmed Gina Haspel to be the first female CIA director, even though there were some Qs about her stance on torture. President Trump gave away his latest paycheck to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The White House is doubling down on calling some immigrants "animals." Trump said if reports are true that the FBI spied on him during his campaign it would be "bigger than Watergate." Trump's personal lawyer reportedly tried to score $1 million from the government of Qatar...around the time that a Qatari leader met with Trump associates at Trump Tower. And since life is morphing into one big reality show, there are talks of a TV show starring former WH communications director Anthony Scaramucci and Stormy Daniels's lawyer.

What to say when you take the remote from your SO…

I'm running things now. Yesterday, Catalonia swore in its new president. Catalonia is the semi-autonomous part of Spain that includes Barcelona. Last year, the region voted to break up with Spain. Spain responded by firing the regional gov, then Catalonia's president fled the country. Earlier this week, Catalonia's new parliament voted in a new one vote. He's for Catalan's independence and has described anyone who's against Catalan culture as "beasts in human form." Spain's not thrilled. And is considering charging him with hate speech. Meanwhile, Venezuela's president is expected to win re-election this weekend. Reminder: Venezuela has been in full crisis mode for years, thanks in big part to a collapse in global oil prices. There's hyperinflation and a shortage of food and medicine. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the country. But key opposition leaders are barred from running in the election. Some people are expected to boycott the vote. And there are worries that the election could be tampered with.

What to say when you're really strapped for cash…

You're not alone. A new study reportedly shows that almost half of all of US families – 51 million households – can't afford basics like food and rent. Traditionally, people look at the unemployment rate as a way to gauge how the economy is doing. But unemployment is at a 17-year low. And people are still struggling. Meaning, unemployment isn't the only thing to consider anymore – it's also about wages and the cost of living. Meanwhile, the US birth rate is the lowest it's been in 30 years. Experts say it has to do with things like changing attitudes toward motherhood. Women are using birth control in higher numbers and pushing off having babies. Only women in their 40s saw an uptick in birth rates last year.

What people are watching…

The Democratic Republic of Congo. There's been an Ebola outbreak there, with dozens of reported cases so far. More than 20 people have died. And health officials just confirmed the first Ebola case in a major city there – with a population of more than a million people.

What to say when someone's not like you thought they were…

I feel catfished. MTV's pausing production on "Catfish" while it investigates host Nev Schulman for sexual misconduct claims. He denies any wrongdoing.

What to say when you hear Starbucks is in hot water again...

So is this lawyer.


It's here, it's finally here. Skimm HQ is royally excited for the royal wedding. Here's what we are getting into to celebrate...

For when you zoom in on a picture of Meghan's ring...

Royally frosted. Skimm HQ is busy designing our own on the James Allen website, with inspo from the royals. No pressure, other halves. Design yours and check out royal ring look-alikes here.

For when you go to a veryyy early viewing breakfast…

Hey ladies. This book "Hey Ladies" by Caroline Moss and Michelle Markowitz is all about women planning a bachelorette party via emails. Warning: will make you laugh out loud.

For when you wish you were picking out a royal wedding dress…

Draw one instead. The Harry and Meghan coloring book will let you de-stress while filling in a fascinator. Go wild.

For when you're wondering how much this all costs…

A lot. We broke down details about the royal wedding in a Skimm Notes episode – everything from the price tag to the guests to iconic moments in royal wedding history. We also talked to a royals expert (hi, dream job). It's bloody great. Listen here.


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