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MAY 22, 2018


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Skimm'd over frozen yogurt


"$885" – French lawmakers want catcallers to pay a fine. Oui agree.


The Story

The US has a list of demands for a new nuclear deal with Iran.

Remind me?

Earlier this month, President Trump pulled the US from the Iran nuclear deal. The Obama-era agreement that lifted economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for restrictions on the country's nuclear weapons program. Trump didn't think it went far enough to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon, and says he wants to renegotiate. Now, Sec of State Mike Pompeo has the new terms.

What's on it?

12 demands. Iran needs to stop all uranium enrichment. And give more access to nuclear inspectors. And stop interfering in regional conflicts like in Syria and Yemen. And a lot more. If Iran doesn't agree, the US will impose "the strongest sanctions in history." Chances are Iran won't agree to any of the conditions.

Anything else?

Today, Trump is meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in ahead of next month's planned summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The one that the North is now threatening to back out of. The South is apparently blaming National Security Adviser John Bolton for giving the North cold feet. That's because he said North Korea should follow the "Libya model" – as in when former dictator Muammar Gaddafi ended his nuclear weapons program in exchange for sanctions relief. Things didn't end so great for him. So maybe not the best example.


It took the Obama admin 20 months of negotiations to reach the Iran deal. Now, the Trump admin is trying to renegotiate that...and cut a deal to get Kim to part ways with his nuclear weapons program at the same time. No pressure.


What to say when you finish everything on your to-do list…

Taking care of business(es). Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that businesses can stop employees from banding together in class action lawsuits. This goes back to three separate cases about a number of employees who sued because they were underpaid. Their employers said they should take the issue up individually with private negotiations outside the courtroom. The cases made their way up to the Supremes. Who ruled 5-4 that companies do, in fact, hold the power. And can force employees to handle legal issues in private. Pro-business advocates and the Trump admin say this will keep companies from getting sucked into endless, expensive lawsuits. Civil rights advocates say this will keep important disputes like racial and pay discrimination under the radar – and disproportionately affect non-union, low-wage workers.

What people are talking about…

Ariana Kukors Smith. Yesterday, the Olympic swimmer sued USA Swimming for allegedly protecting her former coach who she says sexually abused her. She claims that the organization knew about the abuse, and allowed it to continue "by doing nothing." This comes after accusations that USA Gymnastics looked the other way while Dr. Larry Nassar abused hundreds of athletes. Meanwhile, lawmakers are asking Uber and other ride-sharing companies to hand over details about how they handle sexual assault accusations against drivers. Last month, a CNN investigation found that more than 100 Uber drivers in the US had been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing passengers in recent years. Now, lawmakers want to know things like if they keep records of these accusations, if they make them public, and if they share the intel with other ride-sharing companies.

What to say when you hear female activists still have it tough in Saudi Arabia...

What happened to progress? Here's some. A gay man says Pope Francis told him "God made you like this and loves you like this and I don't care." This differs from the Catholic Church's official position, which is that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered." But Pope Francis has been nudging over into more tolerant territory. Back in 2013, he said "who am I to judge" while referring to gay Catholics. And now, this. The man is a victim and whistleblower of a Chilean church sex abuse scandal who was invited to the Vatican to talk about what happened to him. In other news about the Church, an Australian archbishop was convicted of covering up child sex abuse back in the '70s – making him the most senior Catholic cleric to be charged. He has Alzheimer's and apparently doesn't remember two victims coming forward to him with the claims. Now, he may face up to two years in prison.

What people are watching...

This Border Patrol agent. He detained and questioned two US citizens in Montana who were speaking Spanish because it's "very unheard of" to hear that there. And it was caught on video. Yikes.

What to say when you see the official royal wedding pics

It's fine, Obama's replacing Harry with Netflix.



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