Skimm'd while wedding planning

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MAY 23, 2018


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Skimm'd while wedding planning


"It is awkward" – The 30-year-old man whose parents are suing him to move out.


The Story

President Trump may or may not have a deal to save Chinese phone-maker ZTE.

Back up.

ZTE is one of China's largest tech companies – and one of the US's top smartphone suppliers. Last year, ZTE pleaded guilty to violating sanctions by shipping US equipment to Iran and North Korea. And never followed through on its settlement deal. So the US banned American companies from making some biz deals with ZTE until 2025. This month, ZTE shut down its main operations, putting thousands of Chinese jobs at risk. But...


Trump said he'd help ZTE get back on its feet as part of ongoing talks to avoid a US-China trade war. The one that's been looming since earlier this year when Trump put new tariffs on Chinese products.

So what's the latest?

A couple things. At first, it looked like Trump and China agreed on a deal to save ZTE. Then Trump said 'not yet' – because he's not happy with how trade talks are going with the country. Oh but even if they had come up with a deal, a Senate committee wants it to pass through Congress first.

Anything else?

Trump's working lunch with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might not happen anymore. Trump blames China. So...mixed messages.


There's a lot of complicated relationships at stake. There's the US and China. There's the US and North Korea. And then there's Trump and his voter base – which elected him in part on his promise to be tough on trade with China. It's delicate.


What people are talking about…

Philip Roth. Yesterday, the famous author died from congestive heart failure. He was 85. For decades, Roth raised eyebrows and made a name for himself for the way he wrote about things like sex and life as a Jew. You know him for books like "Portnoy's Complaint" and "American Pastoral." He also won pretty much every literary award out there – including the Pulitzer, the National Book Award, and the Man Booker International Prize. Write on.

What to say when you hear R Kelly's been sued for sexual assault…

Ugh. Speaking of, 200 USC professors are calling on the university's president to resign. Since the '90s, students and staff have been complaining about the university's gynecologist. Their claims include that he had patients get entirely naked for exams and molested them. Last year, the school finally got rid of him after a nurse reported him to a rape crisis center. But the school gave him a nice severance check on his way out the door. And didn't immediately report him to any medical board. Last week, USC acknowledged it had received multiple complaints about the doctor over the years. Earlier this week, several women sued the school for failing to protect them. Now, hundreds of professors are saying it's time for the university's president to resign.

What to say when someone stands too close to you in the elevator…

Can I get some privacy? Yesterday, dozens of civil rights organizations called on Amazon to stop selling facial recognition software to US law enforcement. Some local police departments have been buying the software on the cheap to help ID suspects. Amazon says the software could help them find missing people. But these groups are throwing up their 'Big Brother' flags. And saying 'how about we don't open the door to even more mass government surveillance.' They worry this will lead to tracking already-vulnerable people – like undocumented immigrants or civil rights activists.

What to say when your friend reminds you of something embarrassing you did in college…

If I could turn back time. Yesterday, the House approved a bill to roll back Dodd-Frank. The 2010 law is designed to keep banks from repeating the risky business that got the US into its 2008 financial crisis. Under Dodd-Frank, banks that are considered especially big and important get extra regulations. Now, Congress is raising the standard for how big those banks need to be. This would reportedly leave less than 10 banks on the list for some extra regs. Republicans say Dodd-Frank ended up hurting small banks, too – and that this bill will give the little guys a much-needed break. Some Dems agreed. Others are ringing alarm bells – and saying this is part of the Trump administration's bigger effort to deregulate the financial industry. Now the bill heads to President Trump, who's expected to sign it.

What to say when you hear a high school teacher won a Kentucky primary...

One for the books. Just like the US's first black woman to become a major party's nominee for governor.

What to say when you see an old photo of yourself…

Do I look like that? No, soccer champ Brandi Chastain, you do not.



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