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MAY 25, 2018


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Skimm'd from the roof


"You're not supposed to take videos, grandma" – Blue Ivy, getting sassy about breaking the rules. Sorry, Tina.


The Story

Today, Ireland is voting on whether to repeal one of the world's strictest abortion laws.


Ireland is a historically conservative Catholic country. Just in the last couple decades, contraception and divorce both became legal. The constitution's Eighth Amendment recognizes the "right to life of the unborn" – making abortion almost entirely illegal, even in cases of rape, incest, and deadly fetal abnormalities. It was added to the constitution in the '80s, a decade after Roe v Wade gave women the right to an abortion in the US.

Why now?

A few years ago, a pregnant woman was admitted to a hospital for back pain. Doctors said she was miscarrying, but they couldn't legally give her an abortion. Her husband says this might have saved her life. Ireland later passed a law to allow abortions if the mom's life is at risk. Many thought that didn't go nearly far enough.

What do supporters of the amendment say?

This is about human rights – and that includes fetuses.

What do critics of the amendment say?

This is about freedom for women – and this amendment is archaic.

What's going to happen?

Unclear. Polls show that almost one in five voters are still undecided. So it could still go in any direction.


Today's vote is a huge moment in Ireland's history and for women's rights. Thousands of Irish citizens living around the world are even going #HomeToVote to make sure their voices are heard.


What to say when you'd rather crash on your couch tonight…

Time to cancel my plans. Yesterday, President Trump pulled out of a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Recently – after years of weapons tests and threats – North Korea seemed ready to put down its nuclear weapons and talk things out with the US. The date was set for a June 12 summit between Trump and Kim. Then...hold the cake. The North threatened to cancel. And said something about a "nuclear showdown." Yesterday, Trump wrote a strongly worded letter saying he's canceling the summit because of all the "open hostility." But he left the door slightly open. So did North Korea. So, TBD. Meanwhile, it may comfort you to know that the troops in charge of guarding US nuclear missiles apparently took LSD and other drugs. So...yep.

What to say when you send the meeting agenda...

Here's what's happening. Today, Harvey Weinstein is expected to surrender to authorities on charges that he raped one woman and forced another to perform oral sex on him. Eight women have accused Morgan Freeman of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. He has apologized "to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected." Ronan Farrow is still standing by his sister Dylan after their brother Moses claimed she wasn't sexually assaulted by Woody Allen. Jessica Walter said that Jeffrey Tambor had verbally abused her on the set of "Arrested Development." Last year, Tambor was accused of sexual harassment. Co-stars Jason Bateman and Tony Hale defended Tambor, but then said 'whoops, sorry' after getting some flak. And a former "Bachelorette" star has come forward to say she was drugged and sexually assaulted during the 2003 production of the show.

What to say while scrolling through your feed...

Things are changing. Twitter and Facebook are taking a red pen to their policies for political ads. This is in response to Russia's attack on the 2016 election. You might have heard about it. Twitter will make advertisers running political ads for federal elections prove they are located in the US. And candidates and committees will have to provide their FEC identification. Facebook is launching a searchable archive of US political ads and showing you who's paying for them. Slow clap.

What people are talking about…

Jack Johnson. Yesterday, President Trump pardoned the late boxer – who was the first black heavyweight champion. He was convicted in 1913 by an all-white jury for violating the Mann Act, which made it illegal to take women across state lines "for immoral purposes." It was supposed to stop prostitution, but the language made it open to interpretation. He served about a year in federal prison. Last month, Trump said he was considering the pardon after getting a call about it from actor Sylvester Stallone. Now, Trump's clearing Johnson's name. In other legal news, a jury in Georgia awarded $1 billion to a young woman who was raped by an armed security guard in 2012. The woman – now 20 – filed a civil lawsuit against the company that employed the man who raped her when she was 14. The security guard has already started serving a 20-year prison sentence for statutory rape. The woman is not expected to get the $1 billion in full. But many consider this to be a symbolic victory for survivors of sexual assault.

What to say when you see Michelle Obama's book cover

And have you seen John Mayer's new video?


You keep getting emails from list servs about their new privacy policies. You can thank GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulation. That's the EU's strict new privacy rules that are set to go into Here's your Skimm on what it is, and how it affects you.


For when your alarm goes off early…

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For when you're already ready for a drink…

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For when your friend says the weekend house "needs a reality show"...

Inspo ahead. "The Favorite Sister" by Jessica Knoll is this week's Skimm Read. It's about a reality show called "Goal Diggers." It's a whodunnit murder mystery that's a little bit like if "Real Housewives" and "Shark Tank" had a reality baby. Get it here.

For when you're wondering why you don't see us on Monday...

Skimm HQ is observing Memorial Day. Meaning no Daily Skimm on Monday. See you in back in your inbox on Tuesday.

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