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MAY 29, 2018


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Skimm'd while playing a game. Keep reading...


"It's amazing how Donald Glover and Childish Gambino look soo much alike" - Cardi B.



The Story

This weekend, about 5,000 supporters of a German nationalist party marched through Berlin to protest Chancellor Merkel's pro-immigration policies – especially her open door policy towards refugees. This anti-immigration, anti-EU, anti-Muslim party has been gaining support for years and is now the third largest in Germany's coalition gov. But not everyone's into it. 25,000 counter-protesters showed up.


The migrant crisis has many countries in Europe doubling down on nationalism and far-right politics in recent years. This shows that people are ready to show up for the other side.

North Korea

The Story

The US has reportedly decided not to dish out new sanctions against North Korea this week. US officials are still trying to stay on North Korea's good side juuust in case President Trump and Kim Jong Un decide to meet up for that historic summit after all.


Trump and Kim had a lunch date scheduled for June 12th. Then, last week, Trump said 'nvm.' Over the weekend, he said plans for the lunch are still on. Try to keep up.


The Story

Irish voters overwhelmingly voted to get rid of the country's decades-old abortion law – one of the world's strictest. This is a huge win for women's rights in a traditionally Catholic, deeply conservative country. Ireland's prime minister promised to introduce legislation to make abortion legal by the end of the year.


The result of this vote shows the Catholic Church's influence has dropped dramatically. It's also putting pressure on UK PM Theresa May to make some changes to Northern Ireland's very conservative abortion laws. TBD what happens next.


What to say when you're working on a project down to the wire…

Power through. Over the weekend, Will Power won the Indy 500. This is his first Indy win. And he clinched it in the last few laps. Speaking of winners, LeBron James. He and the Cleveland Cavaliers advanced to the NBA Finals over the weekend. They'll face off against the Golden State Warriors...for the fourth year in a row. The series starts on Thursday. Meanwhile, hockey. The Vegas Golden Knights and the Washington Capitals made it to the Stanley Cup Final. This is the Golden Knights' first season. Ever. Last night, they took the big W in Game 1. They'll be back on the ice for Game 2 tomorrow.

What people are talking about…

#WhereAreTheChildren. You might have seen it trending over the weekend. Refresher: last month, an official with the Department of Health and Human Services said the dept lost track of nearly 1,500 children last year. These children illegally crossed the US-Mexico border on their own and were later placed with sponsors – some of whom are relatives – in the US. By 'lost track', he meant the dept called the sponsors, and they never answered or called back. Many of these kids may be with family who don't want to come forward for fear of deportation. This story has been getting a lot more pick-up over the last few days. It could be because of Ivanka Trump's tweet. Or because last Friday was International Missing Children's Day. Or because of this op-ed. Some say it's better if the gov doesn't track these kids because it could prompt some sponsors to go off the grid to avoid deportation. Others say it's irresponsible that the gov isn't keeping an eye on these kids and making sure they're safe.

What people are watching…

Subtropical Storm Alberto. The storm hit the Gulf Coast yesterday. Two people died. Parts of Florida were hit with heavy rain and up to 50 mph winds. Overnight, Alberto weakened to a depression, but authorities say it could still cause flash flooding in parts of the South. It's the first major storm of the season – and comes just days before the Atlantic hurricane season officially kicks off. In other crazy weather news, over the weekend, Maryland's governor declared a state of emergency after major flooding in Ellicott City. It got about eight inches of rain in just a few hours. The flooding damaged buildings and washed away cars. Hundreds of people were rescued – and one person is still missing.

What to say when you find a picture of you and your ex…

Getting rid of this. The EU's trying to do the same with plastic forks.



When you don't introduce your SO to your friends and family or post about them on social media. Some people stash their late-night snacks. Others stash their relationships.


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